Summary: Dean decides he hates Christmas. Crack!fic to ease season 6 tension. Set in season 2.

Challenge WOW: Bite (bit)

Word Count: 100

Bah Humbug!

He bit down on the belt, yelling into it.


"Sorry." Sam said, dropping the bloodied piece of wood on the table. The elder Winchester breathed heavily, holding his shoulder. He took the belt from his lips.

"I hate Christmas," he grumbled, taking a long swig of whiskey, grabbing the sewing needle. Sam smiled.

"You do not," he said, tossing him his bag.

"I do too!" He snarled, pouting mostly. Sam laughed.

"Don't be a Scrooge because you got your ass kicked by a possessed snowman."

Dean sulked. "No one said what Frosty used that broom for."