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Atobe and Jirou tumbled through the double doors of Atobe's master bedroom, limbs entwined and lips hot on the other.

Atobe skillfully kicked the doors shut behind them as they proceeded to the large bed awaiting the abuse of its springs that was sure to come.

Clothes were hastily shed while Jirou's hands busied themselves with mussing Atobe's hair as he was thoroughly stripped by the other. Atobe's pale hands slid against Jirou's bare sides, enticing wanton moans and gasps from the smaller boy.

"Keigo…I-I want you to put it in."

Now shirtless, Atobe easily complied with the request. With his smaller lover beneath his body, he allowed Jirou a chance to suck on three of his fingers in order to lubricate them.

Jirou sucked with newfound vigor, desperately panting and coating the fingers to the best of his ability. Small grunts accompanied the sound of the dirty squelching noises he produced. Atobe smirked to himself, enjoying the view and soundtrack Jirou provided. But once he thought his fingers were lubricated enough, he eased them out of Jirou's mouth; who was almost remorseful to lose the digits.

He trailed his hands down slowly, trailing Jirou's own saliva down his already sweat covered body. The blonde writhed to his touch and squirmed, moaning his captain's name.

"Aah~ Yes, please…give me moooore...!"

Atobe took Jirou's suddenly willing mood and decided he should get some form of a show out of this. "How about you ride me tonight, Akutagawa?"

Jirou clambered on top of Atobe, until he was straddling his waist, shame a thing of the past, and passion exploding with fire in his lower abdomen.

Straddling Atobe's barely clothed erection, Jirou stared down at him in a lusty haze, rocking his hips against the hardness, testing. When Atobe let out a low, throaty moan, Jirou couldn't help but smirk.

"Ne, Kei-chan, let's have some fun this beat is sick," he rocked his bare hips faster against the hot bulge beneath silk boxers. Jirou leaned forward with newfound enthusiasm and breathed into his ear, "I want to take a ride on your disco stick~"

For a moment, time seemed to have stood still and the hot atmosphere of the room froze up.

Jirou could even physically feel the hardness wither beneath him.


A vein on Atobe's head began to pulse at the thought of the dreadfully catchy tune.

"Jirou, please don't refer to Ore-sama;s cock as a disco stick."



Jk I actually like that song…sometimes.