Ever felt like you were just some average person? I mean it's not a crime to be average. Hell, I believe I'm as average as it gets. But still with being average I can fill a book or ten with someone the interesting things that go on through my life. I'm Danielle, and this is my average life.

Every day I get up, get dressed, and head off to school where I meet up every morning with one of my best friends, Katie. Katie is a 5' 4" Korean/white girl who has that look that she is defiantly pretty but she also reminds you of a little girl. Katie isn't super skinny but she's just right. She has light curves in all the right places...I'm completely jealous. I'm your the girl whose 5'3" ( wears heels everyday to make herself look taller) has long brown hair, Brown eyes, and well I'm curvy. I'm not fat...and not skinny. I guess I'm just confusing.

Anyways, after i meet up with Katie we always head to the lunch room where we meet up with the group. (aka.-Doug, Mike, Tim, Scott, Ben, Kevin, and Greg). And that's how our day just begins...but somehow there always ends up being new drama everyday...for instance today...

But 1st i think i should catch you up.


so last summer i spent it losing weight and becoming a new person. it helped. because this summer i had decided to get my flirt going...well only because i wanted revenge. see there was this guy (lets call him the D) u see i spent all of my 9th grade yr trying to just forget guys and focus on other things but then i met theD and well...i got the crush :P all his friends told me he liked me but i needed to hear it from him. i waited lyk a full 6th months for him to tell me that he liked me and on the last week of scholl he finally got the guts to do it ... his exact words " i really like you but its summer and we will never get to see eachother cause im going away but if i feel the same in September we can go out." THIS GUY EXPECTED ME TO WAIT LONGER FOR HIM! no. so i decided to enjoy my summer...who knew that one fun summer would cause so many problems...

[Hope you enjoyed it. :D I'm so sorry its super short but I had a little bit of time and really wanted to get started! i promise more is to come and I will try my hardest to keep the story getting better and better ...and remember everything in this story actually happened I swear! (names and places have been changed though) please stay tuned] :D first page = done :) plz comment so i know wht i can do better and if to continue or just quit :)