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Chris was hosting a Total Drama party at his house and everyone from seasons 1-3 was there and everyone was having all kinds of fun at Chris's mansion. Underage drinking was taking place in almost every room and multiple people were hooking up and having sex and it was just an all around good time.

Owen ordered 200 Pizza's and when they showed up they realized that someone had to pay. Duncan went to find Chris because someone had to pay and it sure as hell wasn't going to be him. After spending about 20 minutes looking for Chris's room he finally found it.

He walked in and found Chris laying on his back sleeping but he was under the blankets but Duncan could still tell he was on his back. He then took notice to the bathroom light being on and a shadow casting which only meant one thing. Chris hooked up and Duncan was going to see who is was so he would make sure Chris never lived it down. Duncan poked his head into the bathroom and he nearly passed out as he screamed, There hanging in the shower from a hairdryer cord was Blainley. Duncan then figured that Chris and Blainley had an argument and Chris must have got a bit too violent. Duncan went to wake Chris to confront him only to realize after shaking him that Chris was not moving. Duncan pulled the covers off of Chris to see that he had been stabbed.

"GUYS!" Duncan screamed "GET THE FUCK UP HERE NOW!"

Everyone then ran upstairs to find out what happened and when they saw the scene in front of them they all looked at Duncan.

"What the hell did you do?" Courtney yelled "You killed him?"

"It wasn't me I swear!" Duncan yelled "I found them like this!"

"You found them?" DJ asked "Who else?"

"Blainley" Duncan told them

"Thank god" Heather said "I always hated her"

"So does that mean you killed her?" Sierra looked at Heather

"I wouldn't go as far as killing her!" Heather yelled "Besides Duncan found them I say he did it"

"We have no reason to believe it was Duncan" Gwen told them "What about Bridgette?"

"Why would I?" Bridgette yelled "I have no reason!"

"Chris wouldn't let you and Geoff be on the 3rd season together" Cody told him "Perfect reason"

"What about Gwen?" Alejandro suggested "She would obviously do it because Chris showed that footage of her and Duncan"

"Guys!" Trent yelled "Enough of the blame game! What we need to do is go tell Chef"

"Who died and made you boss?" Courtney asked then realized the looks she was getting with the situation

"Chris and Blainley" Izzy told her "Whoever killed them could have been sooo much more creative!"

"Who's to say anyone here did it?" Trent asked "Someone could have snuck into the party"

"Trent is like sooo right" Katie said

"I agree with you" Sadie agreed

"Let's go find Chef" Gwen told them as they all went down to the kitchen.

When they got there they were all shocked at the sight they saw. Chef's body was laying on the floor his head completely cut off and being cooked.

"OMG!" Lindsay creamed "Who could have done this!"

"It could be anyone!" Tyler yelled grabbing Lindsay

Suddenly the lights went out and everyone screamed when the lights came on Katie and Sadie were dead. Someone had known they would have hugged each other close as could be and stabbed them both in the head with the same knife that went into Katie's head and Came out Sadie's thrown on Sadie's body was a note. Alejandro grabbed it and read it.

Hello Campers,

Having Fun? I know I am! Don't bother calling the cops as you'll all be dead soon. Why? I have my reasons and you'll find out what they are soon enough. I'm one of you in case you didn't figure it out yet. So what are you going to do for now? You can either go back to partying and wait to die or you can panic and blame each other all night and die but the point is you're all going to die no matter what happens if you stay or attempt to leave.

"Oh great!" DJ yelled "This is the last thing I need I wish mama was hereā€¦.."

"Who say's I can't leave eh?" Zeke brushed off the note "When I'm ready to leave I'm going and nobody is stopping me"

Zeke then decided this was too much for him and opened the door only to have a bolt of electricity shoot at him from the doorknob enough to go into his whole body and instantly kill him.

Everyone else started to panic.

"I think we should split up" Heather suggested "I'll go with Alejandro"

"I'll go with Cody!" Sierra quickly grabbed Cody in her clutches and Noah glared

"I'll also go with Cody" Noah told her "3 is better to face off the killer"

"Two may be company but three's a crowd" Sierra mumbled as they walked down a long hallway

"I'll take Courtney and Gwen" Duncan suggested as they went down another hallway

"I'll come with you guys" Trent suggested as he glared at Duncan

Everyone else just started walking with random people in random groups.