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I wana be made!

"Sometimes I wish I could be the party type. Wear a pony tail and sing karaoke." Gwen grumbled to Geoff as they continued on with the challenge. The screen showing this clip got snowy and soon turned black. Chris McClain standing in front of the plasma with his trademark smile chuckled.

"Seriously, It's a great idea." He said. The group of business people sitting at the large meeting desk whispered to each other. "It'll be perfect, you need ratings, and I need something to give my teens a bigger fan base." He finished off.

Lately in the total drama world there's been a problem. The originals loved and adored by the fans, such as Gwen, Trent, Heather, Courtney, and all the other finalist from season one have been declining in a fan base, meaning the shows have as well. As well as the series "I wana be Made" by MTV. On this show they take a teen who wants to be something else and in a matter of three months make their dream come true through hard worked and dedication. It was Chris's idea for 'Mades' newest member, Gwen.

Total Drama's once beloved Goth girl now losing popularity and gaining hatred. Although that didn't bother the host, he felt if Gwen had another side to her, her fan base would increase and he'd have more reasons to keep her for future torment.

"It won't take three months to make her pretty and popular. A makeover, and a party and she's done." One of the MTV heads said as the others nodded in agreement.

"Is a makeover all she needs? This girl is full on Goth, she won't let go of that. You need to find away to make her a more loveable Goth. The kind that Trent saw in her, the one that died in season two. Make her dark and creepy but approachable and fun. That's the three month challenge." Chris said with an evil grim.

The bored continued to discuss amongst themselves for a few more minutes.

"The idea is wonderful, and it would help both of us beautifully. However there is one problem." The tall man in the front said standing up. "She has to want it." He said putting emphasis on 'she'. "If she refuses, and won't put forth the effort, we can't do anything. The point of this show is for the teens to change themselves with out help and guidance. Not force them." He walked up to Chris and took a deep breath. "Get her to agree to it and say 'I want to be madeā€¦' and then we have a show." He extended his hand to the host who shook on it.

The host and his friend the chef walked back to his limo. "So how do you plan to get her to agree? You said yourself; she holds on to her Goth self tightly." The large muscular man said.

"I'll think of something. I'm Chris McClain for crying out loud." He laughed getting into the dark limo followed by his friend.