Tai thought he was happy with Sora. So when Mimi introduced them to her new boyfriend, Matt, he certainly didn't expect anything to develop between them. Yamachi, WIP.

A/N: I tend to write Tai as a reluctant-uke a LOT! & it's fun but I want to try writing him more as a willing participant with Matt where it's not just Matt deciding that he wants Tai and then raping him or coercing him in some way.

This was also a weird chapter for me to write 'cus I'm a woman & I was writing from a very heterosexual male perspective. I'm sure there are tons of way too girly things in the writing but I felt like I needed to write from Tai's perspective because I tried writing it from omni-present perspective first and it really felt dry to me. I've attached an incomplete copy of the omni-present POV as the second chapter – tell me what you think of it.

The story starts of as Taiora and Mimato. I am going to try to keep this PG13/T-rated so it will not be graphic but Tai starts out as very heterosexual it's implied that he has slept with Sora and other women before. Matt is also very heterosexual and will have slept with Mimi and other women.

As always, this is Yamachi. As always, this will probably remain a WIP forever unless I am inspired to write.


"Tai, quit it!" Sora laughed, trying to pull away from me but I had a good grip around her waist & she had challenged me into this telling me that I couldn't make her laugh – even if she was joking, that was an insult I couldn't let slide. I wasn't going to stop until she peed herself laughing. I didn't even mind the curious looks we got from other people walking into Tokyo Disney – it was a beautiful Saturday morning and we were waiting for our friends to show up for a day of hot-dogs, roller-coasters and throwing up – in that order.

"Sora, Tai!" That was Mimi's high-pitched voice coming from across the courtyard outside Tokyo Disney. We were standing near the entrance and she was excitedly walking towards us from the direction of the parking lot, pulling a tall blond man behind her by the wrist.

"Hey Mimi! Mimi's friend!" I yelled back as I finally let Sora go, promising her doom later on. She may have managed to escape my clutches right now… but I assured her with my evil smirk that it was temporary.

We both turned our attention to the other couple approaching us – Mimi looked hot in her short-shorts and white t. She's always been gorgeous – she was working on a double-scoop cone of butterscotch ice-cream. It's remarkable how much that girl could eat – my girlfriends, including Sora, were all finicky eaters but I've seen Mimi put away a whole steak without blinking an eye. Pretty impressive for a woman who was on her way to becoming Japan's top model.

I got a better look at the guy she was dragging behind her as they got closer. Now I'm a red-blooded, heterosexual male; lord knows I love me some titties but I'd have to be blind to not notice that this guy was an Adonis - I could tell he must be a male model or something. He was tall and broad-shoulder – easily dwarfing Mimi's 5'8 inches. He had most of his blond hair tucked under a baseball cap and a pair of large sunglasses covered his face so I couldn't get a good look at his eyes. But he had that air of pale-exoticness that so many Japanese women went crazy over.

Well, just as long as Sora doesn't lose it over this guy – I cringed inwardly at my own thoughts and slapped a grin on my face. Sora loves me – she's told me she does. I've got nothing to worry about.

"So we finally get to meet your man, eh Mimi?" Sora teased.

"This is Matt, guys!" Mimi grinned happily. She's been telling us stories about her mysterious but wonderfully romantic boyfriend for weeks now – well, she's been telling Sora more than me but Sora & I live together so I got to hear a bunch of the gory details. And then I got to hear them again whenever Sora felt I wasn't being a good boyfriend.

Still, the guy looked cool so I slapped my hand good-naturedly on his shoulder. "Hey Matt – Mimi's been barfing up stories about your greatness for atleast a month so it's good to finally put a face to the name."

He smirked back at me in response. "It's good to meet you too … When Mimi told me she was good friends with so many guys, I got a little curious. Glad to see I won't have to worry about much competition from you atleast."

Huh? Did the guy just insult me? Or was he saying that I was cool 'cus I already had Sora? I decided to let the comment slide – I could've misinterpreted it and I didn't want to start shit and kill our day at the park. I'm forgiving like that.

"So Matt, are you a model too? Mimi was saying you guys met on a photo-shoot." Leave it to my girl to sense weirdness and try to diffuse the situation – she looked at him expectantly with a smile. Sora's 5'5 - tall for a Japanese girl but Matt must've cleared 6'0 easy so she had to tilt her chin back to get a better look at him. I could see her brows furrow before her eyes widened as if she recognized him.

"Wa… wait a second… are you… bu- but you can't be!"

Eh? What was going on? Had she seen his picture in some magazine before?

She quickly pulled Mimi a little distance away from us and then began to whisper furiously at the other woman – gesturing emphatically at Matt in periodic intervals. I only caught bits of their conversation – but nothing made sense 'cus they were talking about "rock-star" and "the teenage wolves".


I shook my head and turned to Matt. "Any clue why they're doing that?"

That shit-eating grin came back on the guy's face as he turned his attention towards me. If he kept this up, Mimi wouldn't be able to hold me responsible for decking him soon. What did she see in this jerk anyway?

"You don't know?" One blond eyebrow raised itself over the rim of his sunglass. He tilted his chin down, making me aware that at 5'9 I was quite a bit shorter than him too.

I scowled at him, annoyed. "No, I don't." What the hell? Did this idiot think I followed some teen fashion magazine as closely as my girlfriend? I wasn't expecting it when he lifted his hands to his face and pulled his sunglasses off.

The next second, I was captivated by electric blue eyes. It was like an out of body experience. I've never seen eyes like those before – the color was hypnotic and something you'd see in the bluest ocean but it was more than that; there was something about the way he was looking at me. His stare had too much familiarity, a strange possessiveness. The unfamiliar sensation of blood rushing up to my cheeks confused made it even worse, and I had to lower my gaze down from his. I was happy to escape those eyes but I could still feel his gaze running over my body, almost as if it were his hands touching me.

"You guys – why'd you move without telling me?"

Instantly, whatever weirdness had come over me was gone. Joe came huffing from near the gates.

"I've been looking for you for 10minutes now!" Joe bent over at the waist, trying to catch his breath.

"I'm sorry dude," I apologized sincerely, although I was having a hard time controlling my laughter at his red face. Joe's a great guy but he's always had a low tolerance for the unexpected. I've known him since he was a senior in highschool and I was a junior who badly needed tutoring in everything. Except soccer, that is. Joe was nice enough to do it without making my life miserable and he's been one of my best friends every since. Now he shares a house with me and Sora. But he's a second year in medschool and has recently started dating my sister's friend, Yolei – so he's not home often and I don't get to see him as much as I'd like.

"Joe!" Mimi and Sora came up to stand beside us. Apparently they were done discussing whatever the hell they had to talk about. Sora kept glancing over at Matt, who had slipped the shades back on his face. She looked like she wanted to ask him something but she and Mimi were doing the telepathic girl-thing and she kept her mouth shut.

"You okay?" Mimi asked, rubbing her hands soothingly over Joe's back. They'd gone out back in high-school – it was a relief for the rest of us when they'd managed to work things out as friends after their relationship failed.

"Yea – I'm good." Joe straightened up again. "Just had a mild case of a panic-attack."

I grinned at Mimi. "Once we'd parked, he took one look at that new Hulk roller-coaster, turned green, and took off to find a toilet to throw up his heart-healthy breakfast in."

Joe turned slightly red in face. "You guys – there are atleast 10 deaths reported world-wide from roller-coaster related crashes each year! I don't know about you but I don't want my head taken off by one of those carts coming at me at 200 miles an hour!"

I was surprised when I heard Matt respond. "Heh … don't worry about it buddy. I'm pretty sure once we actually get in there, you and I are gonna be having a competition to see who can be the biggest chicken-shit around. I'm Matt, by the way." The grin on his face was easy and genuine as he held out his hand to Joe for a shake.

What the hell? The guy had done a total 180 – he actually seemed cool now. I couldn't make sense of him and didn't have the time to try as Sora started herding us towards the park.

And that was how I met Matt. If I had known back then how he would change my life, I would've run for the hills that same morning. But I couldn't have know…