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Kakashi's POV

"Ah, what a nice day!" I said. It was a beautiful sunny morning in Konaha and I was on my way to the Hokage's tower to receive my mission. Then I saw something that made my heart skip a beat, it ws the girl of my dreams. It was Hinata.

The beautiful Hyuuga heiress always makes my heart flutter. Her beautiful lavender eyes, her long-flowing hair, and the surprising strength always makes me feel happy. And the way she moves. She's so graceful, always working her hardest to become stronger.

She was busy training with her teammates Shino and Kiba. I was jealous that they got to spend time with her everyday. They were so lucky and they probably didn't even realize it.

"H-hi Kakashi!"

I suddenly stood up straight when I heard her call to me.

"Yo!" I called back

Uhg! What a stupid thing to say! When I looked over I was expecting her to be training with her again but when I looked she wasn't. She was staring at the ground. Is she blushing? Yes, she is! I made her blush! Does that mean she feels the same way about me that I feel about her?

Hinata's POV

It was a beautiful morning in the village and my teammates and I decided that we would go to our training area which is a meadow just off the main road that leads to the Hokage's tower. Kiba and I were just about to spar when Kakashi walked by.

He is so cool. I wish he was our sensei. Not saying that there's anything wrong with Kurenai sensei, but I still wish he was our sensei. I think he's cute and the only people who know that are Kiba and Shino. So when they saw me looking at him Kiba whispered in my ear, " Why don't you say hi."

" I don't know. What if I stutter?" I asked

" Just say hi." Shino said in a cool voice.

"H-hi Kakashi!" I called.

Damnit! I stuttered! He probably thinks that I'm scared of him now! Nice going Hinata! Idiot!

"Yo!" Kakashi replied.

He actually answered back! Crap! Now I'm blushing! I looked up expecting him to be on his way but he was just standing there looking at me! I can tell he's smiling! I must be the only one who can tell his facial expression! I wonder why he's smiling at me. Maybe I'm making him laugh? Or, is it because he likes me? I wish I could tell what he's thinking. It made me smile to think that I could what he's feeling.

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