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Kurt woke up, a bit frightened by what was going on. Dave was holding him, also asleep. Kurt pushed himself out of his arms. Dave woke up, smiling.

"Please don't hurt me," Kurt whimpered, hiding behind a pillow. David's face twisted into a look of disgust and anger. Kurt backed up farther away from him.

"Kurt… I would never hurt you. I'm over that. Its ok, it's safe. I'll never hurt you anymore," Dave explained. "I really care about you." Kurt moved in a bit closer. This was all very new to him. He hadn't even kissed another guy before Karofsky. Kurt was so nervous about what would happen.

He had to look inside himself.

Kurt really did care about David too, even though Dave had abused him all throughout his high school career. Dave didn't want what he wanted. Kurt wanted to be loved, to be cared for. Dave maybe wanted a good fuck, maybe make out a few times, go back to girls in college. Kurt wanted to be in love.

"Dave," Kurt moved a bit closer to Dave, and began playing with Dave's fingers. "Dave… What do you want from this relationship… If I was to be with you…"

"Kurt," Dave gently pushed Kurt's chin, so their eyes met, "I want to be with you forever. We can take this at your pace; I just want to be with you."

Kurt was still skeptical about Dave's plea. He took a deep breath. "I don't want to be with you if all you want to do is fuck me." Dave sighed. He seemed unhappy, which made Kurt nervous. Kurt was used to disappointing people, getting hurt, but still, Kurt cringed at the sigh.

"Kurt Elizabeth Hummel, I don't want to fuck you. When you're ready, I want to make love to you, and I don't plan to be doing that for a while. I just want you, with me, forever."

"Forever isn't high school."

"I don't plan for it to be."

Everything was silent for a while. It was a nice silent, the sound of everything settling. Dave gently pushed his lips to Kurt's. He felt horrible, kissing Kurt just reminded him that only a month ago, he was pushing his new love into lockers, making a personal hell for him. Dave suddenly pushed away.

"I'm sorry for hurting you," Dave started. He needed to get this out of his system. "I hurt you so bad, I was mostly mad at myself for hurting you." His voice quivered.

Kurt curled back up in Dave's arms.

"I don't care about the past; all we have to too forward to is the future." Kurt mumbled.

"I might love you."

"I might love you too."


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