Synopsis: Brennan brings Booth to Australia with her in an effort to cheer him up after his break up with Hannah. It's Christmastime, they've a case to solve, and they're in Australia. The dynamic duo is back – along with a whole lot of sexual tension.

AN: Set after the sixth season, and sort of pretending whatever happens in the sixth season isn't happening because I live in Australia and Channel 7 is being cruel and unusual and showed us the first 3-4 episodes of the sixth and then decided 'hey, wouldn't it be a great idea if we showed re-runs from season four!' And Bones fan scream 'noooo' but those TV executives did not hear our cry. Hope you enjoy the story – the idea came from me trying to write a story about the two in America, and then I realised I know nothing about America. And I mean, Oprah is here, why not Booth and Brennan? Please mind my lack of knowledge about FBI procedure, Sydney Justice Department Procedure, and also forensic procedure. Obviously my forensic anthropology knowledge is extremely limited, so the dénouement of the story is probably going to be Brennan going 'A-HA! The victim was stabbed by someone LEFT HANDED! Therefore, Suspect #1 did it, as they are left handed! Case solved!' So don't crucify me for it, you've been forewarned! And now, too the story!

Oh, and italics mean that it's the thought of either Brennan or Booth, and whose thought it is should be obvious by the placement of it in the story.

FR: T, and maybe M for later chapters. We'll see how the story progresses.

Chapter One: The Surprise in the Pocket

She stood outside his office for a moment, watching him closely. Ever since he'd broken up with Hannah, he'd looked so... dejected, like he'd lost something precious. While she tended not to be one for the use of metaphor, she couldn't help but think he looked like a lost puppy. She hoped her news would help to cheer him up. She walked into the office, standing before him. He looked up and his face broke into a smile, almost all traces of sadness gone. She had previously noticed that she seemed to have this affect on him, and it made her happy to know that just her presence could seemingly have such a positive effect on him, though she didn't really know why. She used to understand Booth so well, and now things seemed so unclear. She shrugged, reminding herself that she wasn't here to mull over Booth's mood.

'I've been invited to Australia, Booth.'

His smile faltered, and then disappeared. Again, he looked like a puppy. That had been kicked.

'What? I thought you were happy here! Now you're leaving again? Now, of all times?' He stood up, coming around from behind his desk to stand before her, looking hurt. 'Is this another Mamaluka thing? Gees, Bones, I thought you'd decided your talents were best used fighting crime.'

'It was the Maluku Islands, Booth. And I am happy here!' She said, looking confused at his reaction.

'Then why are you leaving?' His brown eyes bore into hers, looking somewhat betrayed. 'I thought things were good between us. I thought... you know. With Hannah gone, things could go back to normal.' He looked at her wistfully, the look of loss returning to his face. Brennan peered at him intently, confused by his reaction but also the emotion on his face. She shrugged, crossing her arms.

'Booth... Hannah's leaving has nothing to do with me being invited to Australia. And things were normal between us with Hannah here.' Brennan paused, hearing the slight falter in her voice. She really was terrible at lying. 'You know I'm saddened by both of you breaking up. I liked Hannah, and I hate to see you so sad.' Brennan's voice had softened, and she leaned forward to pat Booth on the arm, somewhat awkwardly. 'And I know you've been going through a hard time, but I don't understand you're rather emotional reaction to this news. Don't you like Australia?'

He leaned back, sitting on his desk. 'Wether I like Australia has nothing to do with it, Bones! Didn't you think about how I'd feel? You're my partner! I know things haven't been so great between us, lately, could have at least talked to me about it.'

She saw the hurt on his face, and she felt it as if it were her own pain. She didn't understand his aversion to Australia. Maybe it had something to do with Hannah? Maybe it had been her favourite place to visit? Maybe they'd be planning to go there? She didn't usually guess like this, but she felt that logically, there could be no other explanation, considering the circumstances. She sighed, pulling the plane tickets out of her jacket pocket.

Booth was looking at her face in disbelief, before he noticed the two tickets. She held out her hand, offering them too him. He took them, looking them over.

'I can tell my friend in Australia that I won't be coming. I realise now I should have asked you if you wanted to go, before making all these arrangements. I'd asked the FBI if they would allow you to assist me, despite their being no FBI jurisdiction in Australia, obviously, and they said the best they could do was two weeks with paid leave - but only because you'd never taken a Christmas break at your time at the FBI, and they would consider this your holiday as opposed to paid work.' She paused, her eyes sad. 'I'd just wanted to give you a nice surprise, Booth. I thought you might have appreciated a trip away, even if you were working. I see now that surprises are not really my thing. I should have just been forthright with you to avoid all this hassle. I apologise.'

Booth hadn't spoken, but he looked up from the tickets when she extended her hand towards them. He handed one back to her, looking intently at the other.

'This is my name, Bones. On a first class ticket.' He looked up at her, smiling tentatively, though his eyes were alight.

'Well, the flight to Australia is a very long one, and I know you hate flying coach. It was part of the surprise,' she said, looking at him with a frown. He didn't look upset now. She couldn't imagine his negative reaction about going to Australia had been simply about how he was going to get there?

The flight isn't that long.

'Bones, you're amazing! This is just what I need for me to kick the blues!' He jumped up off his desk, his arms outstretched. He grabbed Brennan, kissing her on the cheek before his brain really registered what he was doing. He hugged her tightly for one moment before letting her go; clearing his throat.

She looked at him with appraising eyes. She had a slight smile on her face – she was glad that he was happy, now, but was still confused as to what exactly was going on.

'Booth, I'm confused. So, you're happy to come to Australia, but only because you're flying first class?'

He looked at her, surprised. 'What? No!'

'Then I fail to see why you suddenly changed your mind about coming with me to Australia.'

He hid a smile, before turning around to go and sit back down, resting his feet on the desk.

'Brennan, the surprise is great. Perfect, in fact. I love you for it.' He cleared his throat again, looking uncomfortable for a moment. 'But you really need to improve on how you tell people your surprises.'

Brennan squinted her eyes, still trying to understand. Booth laughed quietly, looking at her and grinning.

'Bones, you told me that you'd been invited to Australia, and you didn't say how long you would be going for. You also failed to say you were planning on taking me along with you, so I thought you meant that you'd been invited to Australia and you wouldn't be coming back for awhile. I thought you were leaving me again.' He shook his head, looking at her. Brennan smiled with the realisation, nodding her head.

'I see how that might have concerned you. But, you know, I blame you for the confusion. For one, I was getting to that. I was trying to construct up your expectations –'

'Build, Bones. Build up.' He corrected, leaning back in his chair.

'Right. I was trying to build up your expectation, then. I think it's you that ruined the surprise.' She paused again, putting her hands on her hips. 'And why would you think I'd leave you? Especially, as you said, at a time like this. Honestly Booth, you don't put enough faith in me. I would never leave you, not when you're so sad.' She said, looking annoyed.

Booth looked taken aback. 'I'm not that sad!' He muttered, crossing his arms and looking at her.

At least, I'm not that sad about what you think I'm sad about.

He wasn't sad, not really. Certainly not as sad as he probably should be after a break up. Breaking up with Hannah had hurt, without doubt. He had loved her, and she'd loved him; but it was in some sort of hollow way, like both their hearts weren't truly in it. He wished his had been, because Hannah was amazing, everything a man could want in a woman. That's what he'd told himself, at any rate, and when he was in Afghanistan, he could believe it. But when he came home, and was back working with his Bones again, it got harder and harder to tell himself those things. And then Hannah was offered some amazing adventure, and she told him that she loved him, but he wasn't reason enough to stay. And he couldn't argue with her. Her absence and the reason why she left just brought his attention to the fact that he was never going to get over the woman that had just bought him first class tickets to Australia to cheer him up because he was broken hearted over her, and probably doomed to a life alone because of her commitment issues and his inability to move on.

Brennan interrupted his thoughts.

'You look sad again, Booth. Are you sure you want to come to Australia with me?' she looked at him closely, wondering if he was just trying to be nice to her but agreeing to come.

Booth shook himself, as if trying to shake the negative thoughts from his head. He and Brennan were going to Australia – alone. While he knew that nothing was about to happen while they were overseas, the thought of two weeks with Brennan made him happy, even if they'd be somewhat excruciating for him.

Really no more excruciating than things already are, though.

'Course I want to come with you, Bones.' He grinned at her, before clapping his hands together. 'So, what's the case we'll be working on?'

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