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Chapter Twenty: The Love in the Hearts

'Martin, my initial assessment of you was incorrect and I am sorry. You have proved very helpful in this case, and I am grateful for the help you provided me,' Brennan said, extending her hand to shake Martin's. Smiling, he shook it.

'It's been an honour working with you, Dr Brennan. You have certainly lived up to your reputation,'

He let her hand go, and turned to Booth. Booth grinned at him, also extending his hand.

'Thanks for the help, Agent Booth. It's been educational. Learning about the American way of doing things, and all that.'

Booth nodded appreciatively. 'And it's been interesting seeing how you Aussie's do things, too,'

Martin hid his smile, shaking his head at another of Booth's attempt to integrate Australian speak into his language.

'When are you guys heading back? Going to go and see the sights, explore this fine land of ours?'

'That depends on whether our team needs us back at home,' Brennan said, ducking into the conversation.

Martin nodded, crossing his arms. 'Well, I wish all the best for you both – in all areas of your life.' He grinned, before turning to go.

'Are you going to take some time off now, Martin?' Booth called out, wondering about the man's holiday season.

Martin turned to them, grinning. 'Well, I've just started paternity leave,' he said, winking at Booth before disappearing down the hallway.

Booth grinned, putting his hand around Brennan's waist before exiting the building.

Looks like it was a happy story.


'I should probably ring Angela,' Brennan said, as they leisurely walked down the street, hand in hand. Booth was surprised by how tactile she was letting him be, but he was glad.

'We couldn't just enjoy the afternoon?' He asked, turning to look at her somewhat pleadingly.

Brennan paused a moment, as though she were considering his answer. 'I think that I would enjoy the afternoon more knowing if we were needed back in DC, or not.'

He shrugged. He supposed that made sense, and not in one of her annoyingly over-rational kind of ways.

She pulled her phone out of her pocket, pressing the speed dial, and placing the phone to her ear.

'Do you think we should tell her about us now, Booth?' She asked, looking at him tentatively.

He wasn't sure. It wasn't something he really wanted to have their friends find out so impersonally over the phone. Too him, it felt like something that should be celebrated with fireworks and a parade. But he also felt private about it, like maybe he wanted to keep it to himself.

What's ours is ours.

She was considering his thoughtful look and she knew what he wanted, and found that it was what she wanted, too.

'We'll tell them when we see them. I think that would be the wisest choice.'

She waited for his reaction, and knew she'd made the right decision by the way he smiled and leaned down to peck her cheek.

Smiling, she pressed the call button, and waited for Angela to pick up.

It didn't take long for her to pick up; beside the different time zone or the fact it was an international call.

'Angela? It's Brennan.'

They continued to walk down the street, and Booth could almost imagine Angela's replies.

Sweetie! I'm so glad you called!

'Oh, really? Why?'

Because I'm glad to hear from you, Bren. My best friend?

'Well I suppose that's understandable. How are things with you?'

There was a short reply, and Booth had stopped paying as much attention. Until he heard her sigh, and look up at him apologetically.

Looks like they were going back home.


She hung up the phone, before squeezing his hand.

'I'm sorry, Booth,' she said, sounding rather saddened. 'I know you didn't want to go home yet. But we're the lynchpins, and... you know how things don't really function quite so well without us around to hold it all together,' she said, turning to look at him.

He smiled at her reassuringly. He didn't mind going back home, not really. They had the entire world to travel, to explore Australia – and any other country they picked.

'As long as I'm with you, Bones, I'll be happy.'

She smiled at him broadly, before pulling him into a kiss.


'You're going back to America?' Ella asked, pouncing onto Booth's lap, staring up at her with her big blue eyes.

'Yes,' he said, yet again. The little girl seemed to be unable to grasp the concept that he and Brennan were leaving.

'But you just got here,' she said, crossing her arms and pouting.

Al and Sarah walked into the room, smiling apologetically at Booth.

'Come on, Ella, they've got family and friends at home they have to go back too,' Al said, sitting down and pulling Josephine into his lap.

Ella looked somewhat hurt, before turning to peer directly into Booth's eyes.

'Aren't I your friend?' She asked, her voice trembling slightly.

Booth grinned at her, vaguely amused by her dramatics.

'Of course I am, Ella. But I have to go back home to my little boy,' he said, watching her as she clambered out of his lap, plopping herself down in between Booth and Brennan.

'Fine,' she said, crossing her arms again. 'But why does Temp-rance have to go home?' She said, now looking hopefully up at Brennan.

Josephine piped up, sounding slightly frustrated.

'I already told you, Ella. Because they love each other. And when you love someone you don't leave them behind.'

Booth smiled fondly over at Josephine. She was a wise little kid.


The girls had gone to bed after they had said good bye to Brennan and Booth. They were leaving early in the morning, and Booth had thought it would be a good idea if they just said good bye that night.

Now the adults sat around on the verandah, sharing a bottle of wine and watching the sparkling night.

'You have no idea how grateful I am to you, Tempe,' Al said, his voice thick with emotion.

'I've gotten my life back, now,' He added, and Booth heard the clink of a glass being placed down on the table.

'I would do almost anything for you, Al, you know that. I'm glad things are better for you both now.'

They were all silent for awhile, before Booth quietly asked a question.

'Do you think you'll adopt another child?'

There was a pause before anyone spoke.

'Absolutely mental idea,' Al said, and Booth could hear the smile in his voice. 'Did you see how much of a handful Ella was tonight?'

The mood of the night changed, and the rest of the evening was light.


Their alarm clocked buzzed, and Brennan woke quickly, her eyes bright. She quickly hit the alarm to stop the incessant buzzing, before resting her head on Booth's arm again, enjoying the warmth of his body, the way she felt so safe with him. She knew it was a silly concept, that she had nothing to fear. Yet she couldn't deny this feeling of safety.

She shifted so that she could kiss him awake, loving the way she felt him smile into her kiss.

She leaned back, looking at him.

'Good morning, Booth.'

'Morning, Bones. Sleep well?' He asked, leaning up to kiss her again.

'Very well,' she replied. She looked into his eyes, and she wanted to tell him those words. But he interrupted his train of thought.

'Do we have enough time for a repeat of yesterday?' He asked, referring to their shower escapades yesterday.

She just grinned, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of bed, leading him to the shower.

'You're insatiable,' she said over her shoulder.

He grinned, putting his hands around her hips and picking her up, nuzzling his mouth into her neck, before whispering in her ear –

'And you love it,'

He was right. She did.


There flight was called over the sound system, and yawning, Booth and Brennan got out of the uncomfortable seats, turning to face Al, who had driven them to the airport.

He didn't say anything, just reached for Brennan and gave her a huge hug.

'Thank you again, Tempe. And please, come visit us all again soon.'

Brennan kissed his cheek, smiling at her old friend.

'I'll try, Al,' she said, before gathering up her coat and handbag.

Al smiled at her again, before turning to Booth, his hand extended.

'And you too, are welcome back anytime, Seeley. Thanks for everything you've done for my family,'

Booth smiled, shaking Al's hand. 'I hope to see you soon, Al.'

Al grinned, letting Booth gather his things and watching them as they walked away. Before they disappeared into the terminal, they turned to give him one last wave.


They settled themselves on their first class seats, and for once Booth was slightly put out by the roominess of the cabin. He wasn't really going to be able to snuggle up to Brennan on the trip home due to the distance between the seats.

He reached out for her hand, and she turned to smile at him.

She looked thoughtful for a moment, and Booth knew better than to distract her when she was looking thoughtful.

Finally, she broke out of her reverie by lifting her hand to his face, and stroking his cheek with such tenderness he just wanted to scoop her up in his arms and hold her tight to him.

'I just wanted to tell you, that I do... love you, Seeley. I love you.'

He was taken aback, but couldn't have felt better. He held her hand, bringing her fingers to his lips to kiss.

'I know, Bones.'

She sat back, looking proud of herself. And Booth was more proud, and overjoyed than he could have ever imagined possible.

He grinned to himself, sitting back a moment before he leaned over to her, kissing her on the cheek.

'I love you too, Temperance.'

The End.

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