One last notice, I forgot to mention a few things into the two stories I'm thinking about writing. I forgot to mention the pairing in each story. Like on the high school one, NarutoXAyame Or NarutoXSakura. For the zombie one I already got it down, it will be NarutoXMeiX (don't know a third yet). For the zombie one, I plan on making it just a "little" similar to the "High School of the Dead" (Not much). Like I've mentioned, I've got some pretty damn good ideas for these, but I don't know what you all would like to see first. I know I put the poll on chapter 5 but I will put it down once more.

Naruto: High school year (senior) NarutoXAyame Or NarutoXSakura

Naruto: Zombie Apocalypse. NarutoXMeiX ?

So, I already got one vote in, which was to the high school one. So, please, vote up I would like to see what you all want to see first. I will start working on one of them by Friday. Which means that's when the poll is up. So, get your votes in by leaving either a review or just PM me.

Note: Depending on how many votes I get in, I might just start working on it early.