"Come on, Data. There's something on the holodeck that I want you to see." Tasha grabbed Data's hand and pulled him along eagerly.

The scene on the holodeck was a movie theater from the 1980's, including an audience, theater seats, and a screen. Data and Tasha took their seats and waited expectantly for the movie to begin.

All of a sudden the audience began shouting, "Lips! Lips! Lips! Lips!"

To Data's astonishment, a pair of disembodied red lips appeared on the screen and began singing. At each pause, the audience shouted in unison at the screen.

"I do not understand. Who are they shouting at?"

"Shh! Just watch," Tasha whispered.

The scene changed, and a middle-aged man in business attire appeared.

"Where's your neck?" the audience shouted.

"Why do they shout at the screen like that? The man obviously cannot hear them, as he is merely a projected image."

"Shh! Just listen!" Tasha put her finger to her lips.

The scene changed again, this time to that of the outside of a church where a wedding had obviously just taken place. The audience threw rice at the screen.

"Why do they waste food?" Data wanted to know.

The scene changed again, and now the couple from the previous scene were in a car. It was a rainy night. The audience shot water pistols full of water at the screen. The characters' car got a flat, and they left the car to search for help.

At last they came to a castle with a light shining in a window in the attic. The characters began singing, and the audience joined in, holding lit cigarette lighters.

"Would it not be more efficient to simply turn on the lights in the theater?"

"Shh! Stop asking so many questions."

Silently, Data and Tasha watched the movie's plot unfold. Then something amazing happened. The characters in the movie started singing and dancing, and the audience rose from their seats and gathered in the aisle to join them!

"Come on, Data, they're doing the Time Warp. It's really easy to learn. Just follow the directions on the screen." Tasha grabbed Data's hand and headed for the aisle to join the others.

"It's just a jump to the left..." That part was easy.

"And then a step to the ri-yi-yi-yi-yi-yite..." The movements were faster, but Data managed to keep up with them.

"Put your hands on your hips, and bring your knees in tight..." No problem.

"And it's the pelvic thrust, that really drives you insan-yay-yay-yay-yay-yane..." The first time Data tried that, he fell right over onto his head.

Laughing, Tasha helped him up. "Don't lean quite so far over next time!"

By now the movie had moved on to another scene. As it progressed, the audience threw various items such as playing cards and toast at the screen.

"I am sorry, but I do not understand the reason for all the wastage and mess." Data looked extremely puzzled.

"Data, don't you get it? The Rocky Horror Picture Show isn't just a movie. It's an experience!"

"And the dance we were all doing is a part of that experience also?"


At the end of the movie, the song 'Time Warp' played once more. Data, determined to get it right this time, began the jump to the left and the step to the right. This time, when he got to the pelvic thrust, he did it perfectly.

"Hurray!" Tasha cheered and clapped her hands. Encouraged, Data began the dance steps once more.

"Data, did you notice that we're the only ones left in the theater? It's time to leave now. But we can come back any time you want, and next time you can Time Warp right along with everybody else."

Data looked triumphant as he and Tasha left the holodeck to go back to their respective quarters.