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I Think She's Back

Sonny's POV

"Sonny? Sonnnnnyyy? Are you alright? You look sick." Tawni's voice worriedly asked from across the room. At this moment, I was the farthest thing from 'alright' that a person could be.

"Y-yeah." I managed, the color coming back to my face. This, however, didn't stop my mind from reeling from the information she had just disclosed to me.

He loves her?

He never told me.

He shouldn't be hers.

He was supposed to be… mine.

"Are you sure?" A louder voice piped up from behind me, snapping me from my thoughts. I jumped, only to realize that Tawni had moved over and was now leaning over my shoulder to take a look at my face.

I took a deep breath and nodded, which evidently was good enough for her since she stood up and patted down her blouse.

"Would the cast of So Random please report to the stage?" A voice called over the intercom, echoing through our dressing room.

"Yay! Rehearsal with Mandy time!" Tawni exclaimed and did a little happy dance before motioning for me to follow her out of the room and onto the set.

I groaned; the last thing I needed was another confrontation. But since when has anything ever worked out my way, after all?

Tawni lead the way as we approached the opening that lead to the So Random stage. All of my cast and Marshall were there (and to my disappointment, so was Mandy). Nico and Grady were rehearsing for a skit they had later during the show, Zora was eating yogurt in the director's chair, and Mandy was fluffing her hair in a nearby mirror. The gesture slightly reminded me of Chad, which caused me to intake a struggled breath, as if someone knocked me in my stomach. What's going on with me?

"Good, you're here!" Marshall said, patting his balding forehead with a towel. "Mandy, would you come join us, please?" He asked. The girl in the corner of the room snapped her head up at the mention of her name, a sickly sweet grin plastered on her face similar to the one she wore before.

"Of course, Marshall; anything for you!" She exclaimed in her obviously fake tone. I gulped as she strolled over to us, her expression nice but her eyes filled with evil. I took a step closer to Marshall in case Mandy were to pounce at me or anything.

"Great! I am so glad to have you here, Mandy." He smiled at the 17 year old. She grinned her stupid grin back at him. "Anyway, I was thinking that we could incorporate you into Tawni and Sonny's Check It Out Girls sketch! You could be a customer wanting to buy things and then they can work their magic!" He threw his hands in the air with excitement.

"Awesome. You know how much I love being on So Random." She replied. This girl just won't stop sucking up, will she?

I glanced over at Tawni, who wore the same ecstatic look as our producer. "This is going to be fabulous!"

"Oh, and don't forget, Mr. Condor is coming to this show so be on extra good behavior." For some reason it looked like he winked at Mandy. My stomach dropped. Is Mandy going to take my job?

Tawni and Mandy had scampered off to go practice their lines while I stayed behind; my feet planted to the ground.

"Are you okay, Sonny? You haven't spoken." Marshall observed, placing a hand on my shoulder.

I put on my famous 'Sonny Smile' and shook my head. "Yep, I think that I'm just a little hungry. Is it alright if I grab a snack from the Commissary?"

He nodded. "Sure, kiddo."

I had a lot of thinking to do.

I couldn't help but shake the worried feeling coming over me as I walked down the hallway that led to the Commissary. Mandy obviously wasn't going to stop trying to ruin my life in Hollywood like I hoped she would, and I honestly had no defense against her if she succeeded. Nico, Grady, and Zora would back me up if needed, but there isn't a whole lot they could do for me, anyway.

I was so absorbed in my own head (once again) that I didn't notice a hand pop out of the broom closet as I walked by it, the fingers grabbing my wrist and yanking me in. I didn't have time to scream or escape as the person closed the door and stood in front of it. I could hear breathing coming from the figure, but didn't recognize who it was until they switched on the light and a pair of striking blue eyes stared right at mine.

Chad. Dylan. Cooper.

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I was speechless; so taken aback by his close proximity that I didn't have anything to say.

"Sonny?" He asked, drawing his face away from mine and causing me to start breathing again.

"Yes?" I responded, a small blush rising to my cheeks. Don't do this, Sonny! Remember what he did to you last time! My conscience reprimanded.

"Are you alright? You look out of breath." He commented. This is the third person who has asked me this today and the answer has always been no.

"Yeah, 'cause you unexpectedly pulled me into a broom closet." I remarked, not disclosing the real reason I was breathless. It's because you're here. A small voice in the back of my head said.

Chad cracked a smile. "Sorry about that, but it's the only way I could think of to get you to talk to me."

My eyebrows furrowed. "You could have just asked…?"

"Could I have Sonny, could I have really?" He murmured in that smooth voice that he knows makes me melt. Just another reason to hate the boy.

"Yes, you could have. Now what is it that you want, Chad?" I snapped, a level of harshness in my voice that surprised us both.

"I never thought that you would still be this mad at me." The blonde heartthrob shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot, which was undeniably cute.

I sighed heavily and my expression softened. "I'm sorry. I've just had a… rough day." I sat down on one of the empty boxes, him copying.

"Does this have anything to do with Mandy coming to Hollywood?" His eyebrows shot up in question.

I laughed. "Psh, no!"

Chad shook his head at me. "Sonnyyyy, I know you and I know when you are lying."

The smile dropped off my face and my shoulders slumped. "Fine."

A small grin formed on his mouth and I just knew where this was going to head. "Fine."

"Good." What? I couldn't help myself.


By now we were awfully close. So close that I could feel his breath on me. All warning signs went off in my head and I was sure that even with a good conscience, I was going to lose this battle with myself to stay strong.

That is, until the door opened, and a certain redheaded actress set her gaze on the two of us.

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