Kiri: Hi! This is Kiri-Kiri-tan!

Kukai: *comes out* What's going on?

Ringo: Kukai! *glomps Kukai*

Ikuto: *jumps down from ceiling* Yo.

Ringo: Ikuto! *glomps Ikuto*

Nagihiko: What's with all the noise?

Ringo: Nothing much, Nagi-niisan. Anyways… *glomps Nagihiko*

Kiri: *sweatdrops* Ringo and I do not own Shugo Chara, etc. If I did, I would make Nagi and Nade two different people.

Amu's POV

I slumped down in my seat backstage, my eyelids drooping, half closed. I was exhausted from being onstage, standing perfectly still for half an hour! I probably was going to faint if Nagihiko hadn't come in just then.

"Hi Amu-chan!"

I fell over. How did he manage to stay so energetic after that monster of an assembly?

"Tsukasa wants you." Nagi left.

"Let's go," Rima stood up, and Tadase did the same. They both left, too.

"Hurry up, Amu-chan!" Ran, my first chara, urged. I ignored her, the call of sleep lulling me.

"Chara change!"

I shot up like a bullet, streaking past Tadase and Rima, making it to Tsukasa's office even before Nagihiko.

"4.86 seconds!" cheered Ran as she undid the chara change.

"Ran…." I felt murderous. Ran gulped. Lucky for her, my anger was interrupted by the arrival of Rima, with Tadase trailing behind.

"I wonder why we were called here," I mused out loud. All of us turned to look expectantly at Nagihiko. He shrugged absentmindedly.

"How should I know? Tsukasa just told me to call you guys."

I sweatdropped. Trust Nagihiko to do something without asking why he had to.

"Gomenesai, I'm late." Tsukasa told us sheepishly as he came in, sitting down behind his huge desk.

"So. Can you hurry up and tell us what you called us for?" Rima asked in a bored tone.

"Ah, Rima-chan, I was just getting to that." Tsukasa took out a stack of papers, arranging them neatly in front of him.

"I have enrolled you in an important, private academy," Tsukasa explained. "All graduating guardians attend this school, even though the grades at the school start from kindergarten. You are boarding there, and all your parents have agreed. You just need to sign these forms."

Tsukasa placed a form in front of us all, each one already filled in by the academy. I scanned the page, blushing when I saw this:

Habits:Drinking milk after taking a bath, calling Mr. Ikuto Tsukiyomi a pervert

Ran, Miki, and Suu flew beside me, and read that line too.

"How do they know that, Amu-chan?" Miki questioned. Blushing again, I shrugged and skipped to the end. There, filling an entire page, was a lengthy list of regulations and requirements. I looked at the others.

Rima was trying to look bored and hide her curiosity as she, not bothering to read the list, signed her name.

Nagihiko scanned the whole thing in a flash.


Tadase, on the other hand, was reading it slowly and carefully.

I sighed. At least I wasn't the slowest.

The only strange thing was that it said that we couldn't tell anyone about Academy, even thought it said nothing about it anyway. I decided that wasn't important and signed my name at the bottom, unaware of the shocking news that was soon to be revealed.

Kiri: Liked it?

Ikuto: No. I wasn't in it.

Kiri: You're so mean. Anyway, where's Ringo?

Ikuto: Chasing Kukai.

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