Chapter Thirteen: Keeping Secrets

Hatori began separating darks from lights to throw in some laundry while he waited for Yuki to get out of class. Yuki was now in his second semester of college, and so far was a top notch student. Hatori couldn't be prouder of him, how far he'd come after all he'd been through. He gathered a pile of darks and walked to the washer, which was hidden in a closet down the hall. He tossed in shirts and various under garments, systematically checking pockets before tossing in jeans. Yuki, who was not used to having to do laundry, once left a pen in his pocket and pretty much ruined all the clothes in that load. Hatori grabbed the last pair of jeans from the basket, they were Yuki's. His hand closed around something in the front pocket, and he looked down at it as he tossed the jeans in the wash.

He raised his eyebrows. So apparently Yuki had been keeping secrets. He wondered why he hadn't noticed before, but of course he would have never expected it from Yuki. It seemed that there was a discussion that was going to commence as soon as Yuki stepped through the door.

Yuki sighed as he came through the door, class had been long and boring. He hated the professors who droned on and on for three hours. He hung up his coat and dropped his bag on its customary spot on the floor while kicking off his shoes. He went to the fridge and grabbed a bottled water, cracking off the cap and taking a really long swig. Ice cold water was one of the best things the Gods gave man. Realizing as he wiped his mouth and put the water back that the house was really quiet, he set off to find Hatori.

Yuki entered into the dark living room and flipped on the light, nearly jumping out of his skin to see Hatori leaning against the opposite wall across the room that lead to the hallway. Yuki wanted to take some time to appreciate the sight before him, but he quickly picked up the aura in the air indicating something was not right. He eyed the man before him, suddenly nervous.

"Welcome home, Yuki," Hatori said, his arms crossed tightly across his chest. "You and I have to have a little talk, I'm afraid." He lifted his head as he said that, and Yuki caught the dangerous glint that shone in his boyfriend's good eye. Yuki swallowed hard. What had he done? He thought frantically trying to figure it out.

Hatori abandoned the wall and uncrossed his arms, holding out his left hand, which was clenched, holding something in his palm. "Would you care to explain to me why this was in your pants pocket?"

The long fingers uncurled to reveal a little plastic bag. Yuki's eyes widened.


"It's not mine, I was holding it for a friend. I completely forgot I had it," Yuki laughed nervously.

Hatori threw the bag down on the coffee table and re-crossed his arms. "How long have you been smoking that?"

"I'm not smoking!"

Hatori raised his eyebrow. "I would certainly hope not, not with your asthma condition! It's stupid to get mixed up with that kind of stuff, Yuki. You could lose your scholarship or even worse, get kicked out of school. Whoever these friends are, they don't sound like good role models for you."

Yuki felt his blood boil, Hatori was acting like he never did stuff like that when he was younger. "Well, it'd be no different from how you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, blackening your lungs, slowly killing yourself over some stupid girl you can't have even though you are suppose to be with me!" His tone was the deadly calm he used to use when arguing with Kyo, yet his words were clipped and aimed for the heart. By the expression on Hatori's face, he knew he hit his mark.

Hatori reached in his shirt pocket and took out his pack, dumping the remaining cigarettes out into his palm. Yuki watched as he snapped them all in half and threw them on the floor, stamping on them angrily.

"There," he snapped. "I can't believe you'd say something so heartless, Yuki. Believe me, the next time we have to have an issue like this, I won't be so forgiving." Hatori's voice shook with the danger that he packed fully into his last statement, meeting Yuki's violet eyes with his own.

Yuki seethed with anger. For some reason he was getting irrational, maybe it was because he'd been in class all day and didn't want to deal with this. After all, he knew he was lying to Hatori, he had been smoking. But that wasn't the point. Yuki was too focused on what he had said.

"Oh, so now I'm heartless? You are a real bastard, Hatori. Don't you dare make threats to me, I'm not scared of you." He spun on his heel and stomped back to the door, shoving his feet into his shoes and hastily threw back on his coat. He snatched his backpack and threw open the door, storming through it and letting it slam behind him.

Hatori pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. That had not gone well at all. He didn't understand how that boy brought the dragon fury out of him so easily. He desperately wanted a cigarette, which unfortunately were all ground into the carpet at his feet. Damn it all to hell. He'd have a shot of whiskey and go to bed. He'd clean this mess up in the morning.

Haru answered the incessant knocking at the door, wondering who the hell was beating down his door at eleven o'clock at night. He was surprised to see Yuki standing there.

"Hey Haru. Mind if I stay the night? Hatori and I had a fight."

Haru stood back, admitting Yuki inside and closing the door, making sure the locks were in place. He eyed the silver haired boy curiously, Yuki never fought with anybody but Kyo.

"Are you ok? What happened?" Haru asked as they walked into the living room and sat on the couch.

"He found a small bag of weed in my pocket when he was doing laundry and completely flipped out."

"Oh shit," said Haru. "You didn't tell him why you had it, did you?"

"No, I wouldn't do that," Yuki said, smiling slightly at Haru. "But you are going to have to pick up your own stuff from now on, I'm so busy with school that I'm slipping up. You can come meet me after class to walk home with me on Wednesdays, that way you can still meet up with Aoki and get what you need."

"Thanks Yuki, for not ratting me out to Hatori. He'd kill me if he knew I was smoking pot to keep my Black side at bay."

"It's no big deal," Yuki said.

Haru reached in his pocket and pulled out a joint. "Do you want to share? It'll help you sleep."

Hatori's threat rang in his ears, but Yuki figured he was already in a lot of trouble when he went home, so why not add another offense to the list?

"Oi!" said Kyo, shaking Yuki's shoulder roughly. Yuki cracked his eyes open and glared at the carrot top, furious at being rudely awakened. Kyo knew he hated that.

"It's eleven in the morning, don't you think you should get off your lazy ass and go make up with your boyfriend?

"I see love hasn't taught you manners, cat," Yuki said, pushing himself up into a sitting position.

Kyo blushed a little and snorted.

"Yeah, well I want to spend some quality time with my boyfriend, so if you want a show, you're welcome to stay, but I'd much rather you leave."

Yuki wrinkled his nose and pretended to gag as he got up and folding the blanket he'd used neatly.

"Like I'd want to listen to Haru make mince meat out of your ass," he commented nonchalantly as he gathered his belongings and headed for the door.

"Wait, what? Who I said I was bottom?" Kyo said angrily, following Yuki to the door.

Yuki grinned as he opened the door, turning to Kyo with innocent eyes.

Kyo sputtered, "He, he wasn't talking to you about that, was he?"

Yuki's grin only widened.

"Oh Kyo," he sighed, "I don't need Haru to tell me. You are so the uke. It's all in the personality, and I'm afraid Haru's got you beat. He may have his Black side mellowed out a bit, but you still are no match for him."

Kyo stuck his tongue out at Yuki, who chuckled. What was he, 5? Yuki was glad to see this playful side of Kyo that he hadn't knew existed.

As he turned to go, Kyo called, "Hey rat!"

Yuki paused, not turning around.

"I'm sorry you and Hatori got in a fight because of us."

Yuki just shrugged and waved over his shoulder as he walked home. There wasn't much he wouldn't do to help the ones he loved.

Yuki came home to an empty apartment. He was kind of glad about that, he wasn't quite ready to face Hatori yet. Plus, he needed to eat and take a shower. He found some leftover leek soup in the refrigerator, that would work. He heated it in the microwave and took it out on the balcony to eat. Yuki watched the cars and people pass by from above and knew he was going to have to swallow his pride and apologize to Tori. After all, he only said what he did because he cared about Yuki, and Yuki knew he was right. He needed to quit smoking, it would irate his asthma. And he didn't want to get kicked out of school either. That would be embarrassing and a lot of people made great sacrifices to get him here, he didn't want those efforts to be for nothing.

He washed his dish and spoon and put them away and went to shower. When Hatori got home, Yuki would do whatever he could to make it up to him.

Hatori skipped out of work early. He wanted to know if Yuki was home or not; his head and heart just weren't dedicated to what he was trying to do. It was good practice for his intern anyway. He got home and the smell of leek soup lingered in the kitchen. He could hear the shower running in the bathroom that was off from the bedroom. Good, that meant Yuki was home.

Hatori went in the bedroom and picked up the clothes from where Yuki had dropped them on the floor. He wasn't surprised that they reeked of reefer, but it really pissed him off that Yuki had gone out and done exactly what they had been in a fight over. He supposed this is what he deserved for being with someone ten years younger than him. Hatori had got to have his experimentation phase, which was extremely brief. Yuki could experiment all he wanted, he just didn't like have to lie about it.

The shower shut off, and Hatori grinned. Well, he did make a promise to Yuki about what would happen the next time he got caught using drugs, and he fully intended to deliver on it. Hatori stood pressed up against the wall on the right side of the bathroom door. Yuki came out wearing nothing but a towel, his silver hair mussed from being towel dried. Hatori could smell his strawberry shampoo. Very stealthily, Hatori peeled his frame from the wall and grabbed one of Yuki's wrists, twisting it behind his back and used his element of surprise to slam Yuki chest first into the wall.

Yuki used his free hand to catch himself so that his face wasn't bashed into the wall. He twisted his head frantically, seeing his attacker was his boyfriend.

"What the hell, Tori? You about gave me a heart attack. I thought you were some perverted rapist."

Hatori tightened his grip on Yuki's wrist and leaned in to Yuki's ear.

"You didn't think wrong, Yuki. I made you a promise that I intend to keep, since you went off and got high last night. I could smell it all over your clothes."

Yuki glared at the wall as if it was the wall's fault Hatori had come home early and found out his secret. This was the last time he left his clothes just laying around. He shivered as Hatori's fingers glided down his spine, and wondered just what sort of punishment he was in for. Hatori added his mouth into the equation, kissing the back of Yuki's neck and shoulders, nipping and sucking at the tender flesh. Yuki could feel goose bumps rising all over his heated skin but kept his mouth shut, there was no way he was giving in to Hatori without a fight.

Hatori grinned. He knew what this prideful boy was trying to do. Well, he could remedy that. Simultaneously, he bit down on Yuki's neck and dragged his fingernails roughly down his spine.

"Augh, y-you bastard!" cried Yuki, his breath catching as he arched into the wall. Angry red trails blossomed marking where the dragon's nails had been, and a glorious red circle stained Yuki's creamy skin on his neck. Recently having discovered his uke's masochistic side, Hatori had every intention of exploiting it to its fullest extent.

"Let's move this to the bed, shall we?" whispered Hatori into Yuki's shoulder. Still holding Yuki's wrist captive, Hatori pivoted around, turning Yuki and walking him to the bed, almost like a cop except Yuki had one free hand, which was clutching his towel in place. Hatori released his hold on Yuki and commanded him to lie on the bed, arms above his head. Yuki complied, wondering what was going on.

Hatori reached in a box beneath their bed and Yuki could hear the chink of metal. What the hell? Grinning sadistically, Hatori dangled two pair of silver handcuffs from his fingers for Yuki to see, who's eyes widened in surprise. No way would he have ever thought Hatori was into this stuff. Yuki could feel himself completely harden as he fantasized about the fun they could have with those.

"This is your brother's idea of a good birthday present," commented Hatori as he slapped the one of the metal rings on each of Yuki's wrists, securing the other to the slats of the headboard. Yuki gave an experimental tug, finding Tori had left him no slack whatsoever.

"What was the present, the cuffs or his little brother?" Yuki asked with a devious grin.

"At the time, it was the cuffs," clarified Hatori, slowly unbuttoning his shirt and letting it slide off his shoulders to the floor, revealing to Yuki his broad, strong shoulders and smooth chest. Yuki's fingers twitched, longing to touch Hatori's skin and trace his muscles. Hatori cat crawled across the bed until he was looming over Yuki, straddling his hips but very careful not to come in contact with his erection that the towel did nothing to hide. He brought his lips down to Yuki's and kissed the younger boy with a heated passion.

Yuki moaned as Hatori ravished his mouth, straining at the cuffs. He wanted to run his fingers through that soft jet black hair. Their tongues danced with each other, battling for dominance and Yuki submitted to Hatori, who broke the kiss in favor of nipping at Yuki's now swollen lips. He left a trail of kisses down the left side of Yuki's jaw, tracing his tongue around the bite mark from earlier and moved down to rake his teeth over Yuki's delicate collarbones. Yuki gasped, his collarbones were just one of the many weak spots he knew that Tori was going to attack.

Hatori left his collarbones after enticing a guttural moan from the violet eyed boy and gently sucked his adam's apple before moving down his chest. His long fingers teased the flesh of Yuki's nipples as he continued his assault with his lips, moving down to the toned planes of Yuki's flat stomach. Just above Yuki's belly button was another weak spot, and Hatori sucked the flesh between his teeth while pinching and twisting Yuki's now pert nipples.

"Oh shit!" cried Yuki, the metal clinking as he writhed his pleasure, white hot electricity shooting straight to his loins. Hatori kept sucking until he left a sizable hickey on Yuki's stomach. He removed his fingers from the hardened nipples and used his nails to leave an angry trail down Yuki's ribs to his hips without warning.

Yuki's whole back arched off the bed as he screamed his pleasure in the form of the word, "MOTHERFUCKER!", through clenched teeth. Hatori grinned evilly as Yuki squeezed his eyes shut and panted, his skin on fire. His head felt like he was drunk, all clouded and hazy with an animalistic urge to have his sexual need sated. His cock was so painfully hard it felt as though it might explode if it didn't get some attention soon.

He thought he was finally going to get that relief when he felt Hatori tug the towel open. Yuki hissed as the cold air collided with his heated member. However, the dragon had other plans. He completely ignored Yuki's erection and instead slowly rolled his tongue over Yuki's left hip bone. He stroked a tantalizing pattern on Yuki's sensitive inner thighs to distract him from what he surely knew would come next. Just when Yuki was lulled into the magic Hatori's fingers were performing on his thighs, he felt teeth scraping across his hip bone, Hatori's hands holding him down.

Yuki bit his lip to keep from crying out as Hatori continued violating his hip bones, his most sensitive spot by far. He tried to squirm away but could not escape the dragon's grip. He whimpered as he tasted blood in his mouth. Finally, Hatori pulled away and Yuki grinned triumphantly. He had been able to keep relatively quiet and not give Tori the satisfaction of his screams. Unfortunately for the rat, Hatori caught that triumphant look and decided to wipe it off his face, after all, he was running this show. He held nothing back as he attacked the right side, striking quickly, leaving no time for Yuki to anticipate it.

Yuki felt the air whoosh out of his lungs as he through his head back and screamed, his whole body tense and his wrists twisting in the cuffs, leaving red marks on his skin.

"FUCK, Tori! Oh Kami, pleaseā€¦"

Hatori stopped, his hands running over Yuki's shuddering body which was now covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

"Please what?"

"Please stop," gasped Yuki, his chest heaving. "I'm sorry! I swear I'm sorry, please just stop with the torture and fuck me!"

Hatori smiled, secretly happy that Yuki finally broke, hell, he himself couldn't take much more of this torture. Every scream and moan of Yuki's made his cock pulse with desire, and now he was harder than a brick. He was quite sure if he didn't take off his pants soon they'd rip from the sheer force of his straining hard on. He silently striped out of his pants and boxers while Yuki watched with hungry eyes that had darkened, nearly colored black with passion. He pulled a tube of lube from the bedside drawer and slowly coated himself with a thick layer of it, groaning softly at how great it felt on his heated, hard flesh. Yuki let out a small whimper as he watched, begging Hatori with his eyes to hurry up.

Hatori climbed back on the bed, and Yuki wantonly spread his legs. Hatori could feel dick twitch at the sight of his boyfriend so lewdly displaying himself, desperate to be pounded into oblivion. Hatori positioned himself at Yuki's entrance and pushed himself in, not roughly but not slowly either. Yuki cried out at being instantly filled with no preparation, but Hatori's ears could detect the pleasure that was mixed with the pain. Hatori pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in, angling so he hit Yuki's prostate dead on.

Yuki screamed in ecstasy as Hatori continued to fuck him, relentlessly pulling out and slamming back in, quickening the pace each time until his hips found a rhythm that suited him. Yuki could see nothing but flashes of white every time Tori slammed into his prostate. He was nearly crying from the pleasure and he could feel the coil in his abdomen tighten dangerously.

Hatori was groaning now with every thrust. He usually wasn't very vocal but he couldn't help himself. Yuki's tight heat squeezed around him like it was made specifically for his pleasure. He knew Yuki was getting close to coming, he could tell by his erratic breathing and moaning. Yuki's mouth got very dirty the closer to the edge he got.

"Kami, Tori! I'm gonna cum soon, please touch me!"

Hatori sped up slightly, pulling Yuki's legs up onto his shoulders.

"No," he panted, "This is part of the punishment."

"You Bastard! Oh, you fucking sleazy bastard!" Yuki cried as Hatori slammed in and out of him deeply, tears of pleasure and frustration leaking out of his eyes. Could he come without stimulation? His head was too much of a mess to figure out how, all he could think of was Hatori assailing his ass. Tori's moans filled his ears and his fingernails of his left hand dug into his hip. Suddenly, Hatori began stroking circles on Yuki's sack and that's when he lost it.

Yuki screamed Hatori's name as he came hard, shooting his seed all over his own stomach and chest. The clenching of Yuki's muscles pulled Hatori over the edge, who poured himself inside of Yuki while biting into his calf, ignoring Yuki's yelp of pain. As soon as Hatori came down from his high, he released Yuki's legs and pulled out, thankful the towel was still beneath Yuki as his essence started leaking out. Lethargically, Hatori unlocked the cuffs, and Yuki pulled his sore wrists into his chest, rubbing the feeling back into each.

Hatori collapsed backwards into the pillows, grinning like the Cheshire cat and really wanting a cigarette. He pulled Yuki to his chest and kissed his silver head.

"So I'm a fucking sleazy bastard, huh?"

Yuki blushed furiously. "You're lucky I like you."

"Just like? Because I happen to love you, very much. So much that you make me insane. I hope you learned your lesson."

"I'd say, I'm probably going to be sore for a week so I hope that sex was good enough to last you, because you aren't coming near me for a while."

Hatori snickered. "And you are going to stop me?"

Yuki smiled up at Hatori. "Don't make threats, I'm not scared of you."

They both laughed and Yuki snuggled his face into Hatori's neck. They lay there silently for a while.

"Just so you know, I'm not going to smoke anymore, since it bothers you so much. You are right, it's bad for my health and is killing me slowly."

"I'm sorry about what I said, Tori. I should have never accused you of that. You don't have to quit until you're ready."

Hatori tightened his arms around Yuki and whispered, "I'm doing it because I love you."

Yuki fell asleep with a smile in Hatori's arms. He never would have expected to fall in love with this man, but he fell and fell hard. He had finally found a place where he belonged.

Fin. I hope you enjoyed! I know the end is a bit fluffy, but I've left this story hanging for a while and thought a fight and make up smex was a great way to end it! XD Please Review!