AN: For those of you who have read the book, you know what the story is about. This is on how Alison and Tom should've gotten together in room 308 while they were visiting Chad, who happened to be in a coma at the time. Before X interrupted them. Enjoy.

Summary: What would happen if Alison and Tom had a moment in room 308? What if X hadn't come in when they were leaning in? This is a one-shot on how it should've gone.

Disclaimer: I do not own Little Secrets, Emily Blake does.

Tom squeezed Alison back, letting the tears come he hadn't known it would feel so good yet so terrible to cry. Nor had he had known, until now, how it would feel to hold Alison. That was good and terrible, too.

"I'm sorry." Tom pulled away, wiping his face. He had not meant for anyone to see him that way, especially Alison. But Alison didn't look freaked at all. She looked him with her sweet blue eyes and an expression that seemed to say "I know."

"This morning it was all getting to me." Tom explained. "So, I was talking to Chad. . . ." Tom forced a laugh. He hoped he didn't sound like an idiot-spilling his guts to a guy who couldn't even hear him.

"I talked to him, too," Alison confided. "He's a good listener."

She was making this easy, Tom realized. Alison was a good listener, too-even better than Audra had been. Cuter, and a lot less freaky. "It's the guilt," he said. "I can't shake it. I feel it's all my fault. The coma. Audra. All of it."

"There was nothing you could do," Alison said gently. "Chad is sick-not even he knew that. And Audra, well, she was sick, too."

Tom nodded. He supposed she was right. The file page he'd gotten in the mail was extra proof. Just talking about it, just having her listen, brought her relief. He'd never felt as safe as he was with Alison right now.

Tom resisted the urge to sweep her up into another hug right now. Instead he sat down and turned back to Chad.

Alison sat quietly beside him. He felt her studying his expression and wondered if she could read his mind.

"You don't have to go through this alone." She said softly. "Your sister really cares about you. You shouldn't shut Zoey out."

Tom gulped. He didn't want to cry again. He looked into Alison's caring face. She was so right. And so beautiful. . .

Without thinking, Tom reached out and touched the soft skin on the back of Alison's hand. He ran his hand over hers, turning palm up. Slowly their fingers intertwined.

Alison's eyes grew wider, but she did not move away. Tom's heart thudded as he leaned closer. They got closer and closer, soon leaving a gap the size of a penny. And after a moment, their lips closed that gap.

They shared a long, passionate kiss.

Then, the door of 308 opened, and behind it was X.

That is how I thought it should've gone. I hope that Alison and Tom get together in the final book. I have not read it yet. Anyway, please review and tell me: Do you think Alison should end up with? Tom or Chad. I vote Tom. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one-shot.