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Meet Allen Walker


Chapter one

A Noah and an Exorcist

The three exorcists fought the Akuma, so fiercely that Allen laughed. He was using the constant fighting and killing as his amusement and entertainment. Allen watched as the girl with blue hair soared across the sky with her dark blue-ish black boots.

"Innocence…" Allen smiled, "So you belong to the Black Order?" His voice was soft.

It's as if his voice triggered the Akuma and the exorcists. The Akuma turned to view the boy, who was sitting on top of the roof of a church. He had white hair and a scar. He wore the exorcist's uniform, but everything about him seemed wrong, the killing aura that he sent out scared the Akumas even.

"A boy?" The girl whispered in shock, "Get down from there, it's dangerous. These are Akuma, they'll kill…" She never got to finish.

"I know"

The soft voice cut through the silence.

"SO GET DOWN FROM THERE!" The boy with red hair and an eye patch screamed, "YOU'LL GET KILLED! ARE YOU AN EXORCIST?"

Allen didn't reply. The Akuma only stared, then as if on cue, all charged at the boy. He only smiled.

"HEY!" The boy in the back finally spoke, he had long dark blue hair tied in a ponytail and a sword. He looked firm and sour.

Lenalee and Lavi ran after the Akuma, trying to save the boy, who was still sitting in amusement.

"You're an idiot to come at me like that" Allen chuckled, he raised a hand, and the Akuma… vanished. Lenalee and Lavi stared, Kanda had still not moved.

"You… who are you?" Lavi backed away, "Are you an exorcist … or not?"


"Then you have innocence? Did you just use it?" It was the girl this time.

"Yes… then no"

"You have one?" Lavi confirmed, "But you didn't use it? Then the Akuma"

"Don't you want to hear the rest?" His voice was melodic but in a way, creepy, "I'm also a Noah"

This time Kanda had charged at the boy, his sword in place. "Then, we'll have to kill you"

"Hm?" Allen didn't flinch or move one bit, even though the sword was pressed against his neck. Instead he activated his Innocence: Crown Clown and in response pointed his claw toward the blue haired person. "If I would be killed to easily, would I even be here?"

"What?" Kanda twitched, "What did you say, you idiot?"

"Huh?" Allen looked genuinely surprised, "Who are you calling an idiot?"

As if he had predicted it, Allen reached up to his earring.

"ALLEN WALKER!" the earring screeched, so loud even the founder who was on the ground flinched. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"Komui?" Kanda asked, "You know him?"

"BROTHER?" Lenalee screamed.

"Ahh… it's Kanda, and my Lenalee." Komui's voice became calm, "come back to the HQ, you too, Allen."

"Che" Kanda put away his Innocence.

"Why?" Nobody questioned Komui's request but Allen.

"You are on our side right?" The calm voice seemed to waver. "Allen?"

"Who said?" Allen's voice was firm yet it was full of doubt. "I said I wasn't taking sides… didn't I?" With that he removed the earring and stuffed it in his pocket.

He waved his hand imagining a song in his head, a gate opened. "Are you coming?" Allen questioned the other 3 dumbfounded exorcists.

"To where?" Lenalee asked.

"HQ" He walked towards the gate. "So?"

"What is it?"

"The Noah's Ark"

The three backed up. "Why would we go into something like that? You're trying to trick us!" The 3 screamed together.

"Suit yourself."

And with that he disappeared through the door, which disappeared with him.

"Let's go back" Lavi advised. "Come on"

The ark's gate had appeared in front of the HQ. Allen walked out in pleasure. He neared the big gate and asked, "Can I go in?"

"You're that Noah"

"Yeah" Allen smiled. "So… can I go in?"

"Y-yeah" The door opened. Allen walked in. He smiled when he saw Komui standing behind it.

"You're fast" He commented, "Where's the other three?"

"I went by the ark." He said, "They won't come,"

"Common sense," Komui whispered.

About 2 hours later, the three finally arrived.

"Let us in" Kanda sneered at the Gate.

"You're so late" The gate said, "The Noah got here about 2 hours ago. Useful thing of his…"

"We took the train" Lenalee said quietly.

The gate opened, Allen stood there, staring at the three, and a huge grin covered his face. "I told you, if you went with the ark, you'd be here already"

"Shut up, Moyashi!" Kanda yelled.

"Where'd that come from" Allen's eyes glowed golden for a moment before they changed back to their usual grayness.

"So you're an exorcist?" Lenalee asked, and Allen nodded.

"Aren't you apart of the Noah family?" Allen didn't respond. He just stared.

Allen nodded again.

"So why are you here?" Lavi asked, "Whose side are you on?"



Allen's eyes became golden, his hair a little wavy, "I never said anything about being on this side, I only came because that guy asked me to"

"So who are you?"

Komui had walked up to Allen.

"Allen Walker"

Komui looked displeased, "General Allen Walker"

The three gasped, "He's a general?" Kanda was shocked, "But!"

"And the 14th Noah of destruction" Allen added on, "Neah"

"Are you kidding me?" Lavi gasped, "He's my age, maybe younger! He can't be a general! He's a Noah"

Allen became upset, "So what if I'm a Noah?" His skin turned dark and 7 crosses grew on his forehead.

"What will you do about it?"

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"Allen Walker," the Earl walked closer, "You will come with me, brother!"

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