A/N: This is basically going to be a story of many various unrelated oneshots, with the pairings of LxLight, MelloxMatt, and possibly MelloxNear. Each chapter will be the result of one of my ideas that aren't long or important enough to become an actual story. Oh, and this may contain spoilers, so unless you've finished the anime/manga, you probably wouldn't want to read this.


"I have something to tell Light-kun."

Light looked up from the computer screen and faced the panda-like detective. "What is it, Ryuzaki?"

"It's that I," the detective looked over to Light and then stopped what he was saying. "Nevermind."

Light sighed. "Just tell me."

L took a bite of cake as an excuse to stay quiet for a moment. "It's not important," L said, turning back to face his computer.

Light tugged on the chain connecting the two, thus pulling L over on his swivel chair. "Tell me," Light spoke, curious about what the man had to say.

L hesitated, then spoke. "I'm afraid Light-kun will become mad at me if I say it."

"You're not going to tell me that you've been Kira all this time, and just had me as a suspect to give yourself an alibi, are you?"

"No, of course not!"

"Then just tell me what it is already!" Light nearly screamed at the detective.

"Okay, okay, fine. But if Light-kun gets mad then he cannot yell at be because I clearly gave him a fair warning stating-"

"Dammit Ryuzaki, just say it already!"

L sighed. "Okay. What I wanted to tell Light-kun was that," L hesitated again, slightly fearing what Light's reaction would be. "I…I lost The Game."

And Light, keeping to his promise not to yell at L, simply slapped him across the face.