"Guess we're back to this, huh?"


"Does this mean I'm gonna have to put up with more bullshit 'facts' likely all taken out of context or completely false?"

"That is correct."

"And have to be put through the same repetitive jokes that have already likely lost their humor before they even got a chance to be amusing?"


"Shut up Matsuda," the detectives simultaneously replied on instinct, not bothering to pay attention to whatever it was he said in the first place. As was tradition.

"Yes, Light-kun, there is at least a 93% chance of that occurring."


"Quite. Hopefully the actions which take place in the variety of wacky shenanigans we will proceed to participate in will be of some mild amusement to anyone who so happens to view the video footage on the cameras I've recently put back into place around the building."

"Why did you take those down anyway? Won't people be irritated to have missed over a year of the happenings around this place?"

"Well, the batteries gradually died, Light-kun. Which is why less and less notable activities were recorded as time went on. However, now that this fact has been brought to my attention, and I've replaced the batteries, our lives will continue to be documented."

"Well, I guess it's a good thing that we had a year free of recording, anyway. So many embarrassing things happened. Like that Christmas vacation with Mello, and he got the Rubix cube stuck in—BAHAHAAA," Light broke out into a fit of giggles at the memory. Raindeers would never be the same for poor Near, though. And Matt still couldn't look at anything resembling a pinecone without bursting into hysterical laughter, followed by a swift kick to the shin by the leather-wearing blonde.

"And last Autumn, with the pogo stick, the calico cat, and 30 bottles of diet pepsi."

"I remember that! SpaghettiO's and car tires were everywhere. Geeze, that took months to clean up…"

"Indeed. I don't think anyone that saw that will ever be able to drink orange juice ever again."

"Ugh, I can't even look at the stuff anymore… Well, either way, we should get back to work now."

"Agreed. The less we talk about fruit juice, the better."

And with that, the detectives resumed their once more recorded lives.


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