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What your name means

" What are they, exactly?"

Wendy was sitting at a table in the guild hall while pointing at one of the dolls that were flying over her head. At her table, there was Wakaba and Macao, playing a card game, Reedus who was drawing on his pad and Charle. The owner of the dolls was sitting on the table itself, grinning at the little girl's curiosity:

" They are my babies but the real name of their shape is tomman."

The sky goddess tilted her head side-way, trying to understand the strange flying dolls.

" Are they alive?"

" Kinda."

" Are you the one that makes them fly?"

" Hehe, no, my babies fly by themselves 'cause there's souls inside them."

The tommans flew around the group in joy, chipping with their tiny voices. They were making some kind of show, flying in circles with acrobatic figures. Wendy was looking at them with awe, very impressed by the things while her cat friend was finding them simply annoying.

The little girl was excited about the dolls and was eager to know more about them:

" Do they have names?"

" Of course they do!" Bixlow beckoned the dolls to form a line in front of him, obviously proud to have someone interested in them.

" This one is Pappa", He pointed the one with the round eyes and a smile, " Puppu", the one with a smile in V, " Poppo", the one that looked angry with a mouth in O, " Peppe", the one that was sad-looking, " and finally, Pippi", the one that was angrily showing teeth.

A loud snort echoed at the table. Everyone turned their head toward the source of the noise and, surprisingly, ended up looking at the man that was the least expected to speak up from the gang. Reedus was trying to avoid smiling behind his hand but he was failing miserably.

Bixlow, even tho no one could tell, was glaring at the artist:

" Something's funny?"

Reedus cleared his throat, embarrassed, and made a gesture with his hand that meant to not pay attention to him:

" Non, it's nothing."

The soul puppeteer didn't buy the excuse because he bended forward to get his face closer to the shy man:

" Nah, really, Reedus, tell us what's so funny about my babies?"

The man sensed the rising anger from the Raijinshuu member and quickly shook his head.

" There's nothing wrong, Bixlow, really, je le jure. It's just..."

" It's just?"

All eyes were fixed on the poor man who didn't really have other choice than explain:

" Well, it's just that, in French, Pippi means urine."

Bixlow's mouth looked like a perfect donut so much he was stunned. Wakaba and Macao started laughing loudly, holding their stomach and hitting their knees. Charle raised an eyebrow at the situation, not really caring about it, but Wendy smiled while starring at the doll with the funny name.

The four other flying dolls were all snickering at Pippi, chanting the word "Urine" over and over. The unfortunate tomman dropped on the table on its side, looking depressed to have such a humiliating name.

Bixlow growled at the artist while picking up the doll and hugging it close to his face. He caressed it in a soothing manner and spoke to it like one would do to ease a child:

" No, baby, it's not true, don't listen to him."

End notes: hehehe, really, when i read the opening page 108 and I saw that one of them was named Pippi, I loled :D My inner 2 years old thought it was very funny. BTW je le jure means I swear, just so you guys know :3