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Valentine's Day

The sun was shining bright on this beautiful day of February, a special day for lovers from all over the kingdom. A white fluffy blanket was covering the ground and a light snow was falling from the sky, like a blessing from above.

It was also a special day for the Fairy Tail mages. There were decorations hanging everywhere, Cana was giving love fortunes for a small fee or alcohol, Mirajane offered special drinks and Happy had been chosen as the one who would play Cupid and would deliver love letters and V-day cards to other members. It had all started good for the blue cat until his serious lack of tact made him do stupid things like adding embarrassing comments or playing pranks on the addressees. Useless to say that his life quickly became endangered and that was even before he decided to give Charle a dozen fishes with heart-printed bows on them.

Levy was sitting at the bar with her most recently bought novel open in front of her. She was literally devouring it, barely taking her eyes out of its pages to sip on her mint-flavored mocha. All around her, her fellow friends were partying and having fun, the girls distributing chocolates to their friends and potential crushes while guys gave flowers or gifts. The small fairy had already given her chocolate to her friends and received some in exchange.

Looking at the little chocolate bags that were resting beside her book, the bluenette couldn't help but think about a certain man that she hadn't seen for the past two days sine he was on a job outside town. The man she was currently in a relationship with, a romance that no one knew about, not even Lu-chan. A man that, even if no one would think it possible, was able to make her heart race like crazy with just one toothy grin and a subtle tongue against her neck.

Levy plunged her eyes back inside her book as she fought a slight blush, not wanting to draw Mirajane's attention on her. Her love for her boyfriend was hidden for a few reasons but the main one was that what was going on between them was special and precious and they didn't want to share it with the others. Having people's knowing stares on their back, whispers floating around them and embarrassing questions asked, it was all those things they wished to avoid.

She was fine with their secret romance, there were a lot of advantages and it sure felt special to be loved without anyone knowing. However, there were some bad points to a hidden relationship, the kind of bad points that were more obvious on days like today.

While her friends would receive flowers, gifts and have romantic diners, she would stay by herself with her books, condemned to not being openly spoiled by her lover to avoid being found out. For the sake of their secret, they would act like simple friends whenever someone else was there.

The young woman had a little laugh: even if their relationship was actually known by their nakamas, he would probably never give her flowers or do anything romantic, anyway. It was simply not his style to give gifts or to show affection in public. Not that he was never sweet with her, quite the contrary, but it was always happening behind closed doors. It was also usually more about actions than words.

Feeling tired, Levy closed her book and packed her things in her shoulder bag. She thanked Mirajane for the drink, put back her winter coat and waved goodbyes to her friends before making her way back home. The sky was still clear but night time was on its way and she didn't want to be caught by the darkness.

It didn't take long for her to arrive at destination and even if the temperature was quite comfortable, her nose and ears had taken a pink color. Trading her snow boots for slippers, Levy crossed her bookcases-filled room to reach her sleeping area, as she called it, where there was a single bed, her closet, a comfortable chair near a window and a door that led to her bathroom. She was about to get clean clothes and take a shower when she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

On her bed, a little red box was neatly resting on the covers. The solid script mage raised her eyebrows in surprise as she came closer and took the box that was barely bigger than her hand and light as a feather. A smile crept on her lips as she thought about who could have given her a gift. Even if he wasn't the type to give her presents, logic would say that her lover was the one who had put the box here. Which meant he was back from his job. She gave a look around to see if the man was hiding in her room, waiting to surprise her, but after checking everywhere, even under the bed and in the bathroom, she didn't find anyone and that made her pout pensively.

She finally lifted the cover of the box and peered inside. Her eyes fell on a single white sheet of paper that she took and unfolded, her mind slowly taken over by curiosity. There was only a few words on the note, written in black ink.

Dress up warmly and come outside.

Levy was really getting curious, now. She didn't doubt that he had written those words, since she had recognized his handwriting, but all this setup was so mysterious, so unlike him, that she felt her heart flutter in excitement. With a huge grin on her face, it took her barely a minute to dress up warmly, to put her snow boots, her big coat, her scarf, her mittens and her tuque before she flew outside with a speed that would make Jet jealous.

The sun was slowly sinking and the sky was still white with snow clouds when she came out of Fairy Hills. She fought against her instinct to run down the path while her eyes searched for a wild mane of black hair that belonged to the man she loved. Not too far away, where the path became one of the town's street, Levy noticed the one she was looking for: a tall man with long hair, leaning on a building, with many piercing on his face, a pair of red eyes that were fixed on her and a corner of his mouth lifted in a smirk. She quickly scanned around her to see if someone she knew was nearby but when she saw no one, she allowed herself a sprint toward the one she had missed so much for the last forty-eight hours.

The bluenette literally jumped in her lover's arms, her hands immediately finding his hair as her mouth reached for his with longing, relishing the sensation of his addicting kisses. He held her as close as possible, his strong arms circling her waist and keeping her from running away, not that she had any intention to leave, in the first place. They shared a long kiss that was only broken by their need for oxygen, their foggy breathes mixing together as they smiled.

His eyes were shining with affection, lust and a bit of mischief:

" Missed me, woman? "

" And you? " she replied with humor, giving him another kiss that was gladly returned.

He broke contact with her before an enigmatic smirk appeared on his lips:

" Come, " was all he said as he took her hand and brought her on a secluded trail behind the buildings. There was a couple of trees boarding that trail, a route that it wasn't very wise to take at night, when you were a woman. More precisely, when you're name wasn't Erza Scarlet.

" Where are we going? " she sped up to walk at his side, her eyes roaming around them. The sunlight wasn't reaching the trail and she admitted that she wasn't feeling secure about walking here, even with him at her side. He must have noticed her nervousness because he gave her a confident look that told her that everything would be alright.

" You'll see. "

To change her mind, he told her about the job he had done with Lily, they had taken down a huge golem in a nearby town. She gladly listened to his every words while she let him guide her through the vegetation, his voice sounding so excited and proud that it brought a smile on her lips.

After a short walk, the black-haired man squeezed softly her hand to get her attention. When she looked up at him, he made a gesture of the head that pointed in front of them. Levy followed his line of sight and gasped at what she saw, her eyes not big enough to take the whole scene in front of her. The trail had led them to a small clearing where a frozen pond was surrounded by trees. All around the pond, hundreds of candles had been lit, making a circle of light that reflected on the frozen surface, making it shine like a mirror and seemed to double the numbers of lights, like tiny stars.

" Wow... " the bluenette whispered, both hands hovering over her mouth in amazement, " Gazille, it's so... "

The iron dragonslayer laughed:

" Ya like it? "

She could only nod since her voice was stuck in her throat. All this was so unexpected. Her lover took her hand again and brought her at the right side of the pond where she noticed a bench. She blinked in confusion:

" Why would there be a bench in the middle of the forest? "

" I might have borrowed it from the park, " Gazille grinned like only he could. She gave him a disapproving pout.

" What? " he raised both hands and rolled of the eyes. " I'll bring it back, later. "

The young woman shook her head, a smile back on her lips. This was so the kind of thing he would do.

" You're impossible. "

" As if you didn't like that, " he said with a smirk. It was true that he could prove himself to be quite unpredictable but she loved it. And if all this wasn't something unpredictable, she was ready to eat her biggest book.

" This is beautiful, Gazille, " she gestured to the pond, the candles and the view. " All of this, it's amazing. "

The man rubbed the back of his neck while avoiding her eyes, if there had been more light, she would have seen a light blush crossing his cheeks. To fight his embarrassement, he walked toward the bench were she saw a large white box and gestured for her to come.

" A gift? " Levy asked. He just nodded with a smirk while she sat on the bench and was about to open the box.

" Careful not to cut yourself. "

The small fairy gave him a curious look: what kind of gift could cut you? She lifted the lid and saw two long and thin oval-shaped plates with sharp blades welded underneath and two belts tied to each, those objects obviously hand-made. She picked one up by a belt and couldn't help thinking that it looked like a sandal. That was when she realized what she was holding:

" Ice skates, " she beamed at him like a kid on Christmas Eve, " you made me ice skates. "

Gazille snorted at her reaction as he knelt in front of her, took the other ice skate and helped her put it on. He placed her boot over the plate and used the belts to secure it tightly under her feet, to be sure it wouldn't move. The same was done with the other boot before he helped her on her feet.

" Where are yours? " Levy asked as she pointed at his regular boots. She gave herself a mental slap on the forehead when he lifted one boot and a iron blade appeared under it. Obviously, he could make his own skates.

The iron dragonslayer offered her his hand:

" Let's try 'em. "

Gingerly, the couple approached the frozen pond and carefully tested their blades, the bluenette bent almost in two to keep her balance since she hadn't done ice skating in years. After a few adjustments and almost falling flat on their butts, they were both able to stand tall and to glide on the surface, hand in hand and huge smiles on their face.

The candle lights were shining bright around them, like a holy ring surrounding them. The sky had grown dark and the wind was slightly colder but the two mages were having so much fun that they couldn't feel the cold on their skins nor the fear in their hearts.

They skated in circle, one in front of the other, as if they were dancing a waltz. Levy's eyes met Gazille's, her own brow orbs growing shiny because of unshed tears of happiness. What more could she seriously want, after all this? He pulled her closer and brought his mouth on hers, the contact sending waves of fire all over their bodies. Their lips danced slowly, their tongues caressing without licking too much to avoid feeling cold in the face and little moans escaped their throat at the pleasant sensations of their union.

When they pulled out, both of them were panting but that didn't prevent huge grins to take over their faces. With his arms around her waist and hers around his neck, Gazille bent slightly lower to whisper in her ear:

" Would you have preferred flowers and chocolate? "

Levy pretended to think about it for a few seconds:

" Nah, " she replied with a smile. " This is ten time better. "

As they kept skating, the small fairy thought that, even if there was some bad side to their secret romance, she wouldn't trade what they had for anything else. She had no reasons to want their love to be known, as long as they had each other, she was happy.

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