Ok this is my first Eyes Like Stars fic and I promise it will be longer!

Delclaimer: I don't own any of the characters but I do own the plot.

"You may have escaped me but you cannot escape the aging of time," Sedna laughed at her.

"You think the pirate lad or air-spirit will love you after your 20, 50? We're more alike then even you know, little Beatrice. Neither of us have a man who will stay."

Her eyes narrowed at memory. "Your father… after he heard about my death did he go searching the seas for me?" she looked up and met her gaze, her voice raising in fury.

"Did he sob for me? Yearn for me? I think not! Instead he impregnated your fish of a mother and what do you know? They had a guppy and lived happily ever after!" the raging sea-goddess raised her glinting dagger with nothing but malicious desire in her eyes.

Inside the berth of the caravan Beatrice Shakespeare Smith awoke, clutching the blankets to her chest, with uncontrollable drops of tears flowing.

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