Bertie felt warm arms wrap around her on both sides. She glanced up through tear-clumped eyelashes. Nate, on one side, was glaring at Ariel as if the spirit would spontaneously combust under his oak eyes. (AN: actually I don't know his real eye color)

Ariel, on the other hand, had a look of amusement reflecting in his own spark blue ones, his eyebrows up as a look of "as-if-pirate-she's-mine". Though they made a truce while she was submerged in Sedna's wrath, it was clear from their body language that the fight for her heart was still intact. Bertie thought back to words of the twisted goddess. Do you think the pirate lad or air-spirit will still love you after your 20, 50?

She bit down on her bottom lip. It was obvious Sedna was trying to lure her into something. But what?, she thought.

The warmth of the two boys disappeared as they let go, their fierce gazes still locked.

Nate looked down at her. "Why ye cryin', lass?" He pushed back her hair in a romantic way. Nate had been written in the book as a 17 year old pirate. He couldn't age even if he wanted. Couldn't mature any taller. Couldn't die. And he can't grow that extra long beard he's always wanted, she thought silently to herself.

She glanced at Ariel. The mysterious elemental blinked at her. The same applied to him.

She turned back to Nate and chewed her bottom lip once.

"Bad dream." With that she turned away toward the door. "I'm gonna get some air.. It's too damn stuffy in here and I'm tired of listening to Moth snore." she said and without waiting for a response she closed the door on them.

It was obvious what happened to main characters whenever they went off on there own. Either they got killed or kidnapped. The Bella Swans and Persephones of the world should know.

. Bertie sighed and sat by one of the moon-enhanced rivers that led to the vast ocean.

She sighed at the thought of her father, the half-human half-bird creature. Of her ever-drowned mother, Ophelia, who just wanted freedom. Of Sedna, whose story was cruel and heartbreaking and unfair. In a way, she was in the same type of love triangle. History repeating itself.

Tears burned her eyes. No, no more crying.

As Ms. Edith would say 'Crying does nothing but complicate the situation and blind your head so that your emotions are in control, rather then your mind!'

If Sedna was going to kill her she would have found a way by now. The woman was a goddess.

She knew what I wanted most. She knows about the Theater. She knew that Nate and Ariel couldn't age. She knows about the Book! She pondered.

Is that what she wanted? The Book?

No, Beatrice, that's not what I want…

The river glowed a white and the black night engulfed her.

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