"Reeve, I swear, your the best!" Matt said, pulling me towards him and hugging me tight. I'd rushed around town; driving Faith home, getting Matt's pads, having a very weird conversation with his mom about her garden, and going back to Gwynion to change into some shorts and a War Hawks jersey (Matt's team). Oh, and stopped at the QuickTrip for some gum, because I couldn't have bad breath. Ever. I was almost known for my obsession with teeth and breath. But I mean, seriously, gross teeth/breath was a big turn-off! Man, life was a hassle.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Now hurry up and change so you can go kick some ass, you goober." I said, but he only pulled me closer, arms tightening around me. I had nowhere else to put my hands but around his neck.

"I'm serious, Reeve, your the best. You don't know how great you are. You're always here for me." He mumbled, his breath warming my lips. His lips touched mine, and I felt my gut twist like it always did when I was around Matt. And I loved that feeling; like I was about to literally melt in his arms. I'd loved it so much. Maybe I'd confused that intoxicating feeling for love, and that was why I wasn't happy. Maybe I was so drugged-up by his intoxicating presence that I couldn't tell if the feeling was love or not. And since I was always drugged-up around him, I could never tell until I was away, when it didn't matter. Sigh...

Well, anyway, for now, I was in Matt's arms, my lips moving against his, and I was Okay. I broke off the kiss, not wanting to make him any more late than he already was.
"I love you." He whispered, pecking me sweetly. That was the second time he'd said that. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted to shoot someone. Ah, hell, I wanted to make-out with him, badly! What the hell had the world come to!

"I love you, too." I sighed, stepping out of his arms.

"Matt, you're starting today, so you might wanna..." A guy a didn't recognize trailed off, eyes grazing over me. "This your girl?"

"Yeah, my girl." Matt said, walking over to him.

"Hey, man, I was just looking-" He said, putting his hands up in mock surrender.

"Mhm," Matt muttered as they did a little fist-pound. Wow. Guys...

"Freshman?" The guy asked, staring pointedly at me.

"Yeah..." I said, picking up my purse, which had dropped while I was kissing Matt.

"Mmm, that's too bad. 'Cause if you were older, I would do so much to you..." He drank me in, all five foot five of me. Matt just did a little laugh. I glanced away from his intimate gaze, glad to see Velvet, my other best friend, pulling into the student lot.

"I'll see you after the game, Reeve." Matt called as him and his douche friend walked away, guffawing like idiots.

"Yeah, see ya." I mumbled, though he was already out of hearing range.

"Whatsup lezbo?" Velvet said, sliding her arms around my waist from behind.

"Oh, just another day in paradise of hiding all my thoughts, feelings, and emotions behind that fake, cheesy smile. You know, the usual."

"Ahw, I love you, you know that?" She said, unwrapping her arms from around me. I felt the tension roll off of me, and I actually felt good. Velvet could do that to a person. Make you feel worry-free, laid-back, and totally chill. "Ohmygod, guess what!"


"Erin finally flipped off that damn Mrs. Annabelle! But, I mean, she had it comin'. She was all, "Get outta my class!" and shit. Oh, man, it was great. Hey, speaking of, can I borrow your notes from that Baptist 101 class?"

I laughed despite myself. "It's not called Baptist 101, Velvet. Although we're totally bad-ass, and are in a different religion, we have to respect the school's."

"Yeah, yeah, what the hell ever. Can I borrow the notes, or what?" Sighing, I reach into my purse and flip open my phone, adding "Give Velvet Notes" into my calendar, which was already almost full. Ugh. "And, I know I'm bringing this up again, but really. I've been Christian half my life. It's not completely terrible, so don't talk so much crap—" I started, but she cut me off by waving it away and rolling her eyes.

"Save the speech, Reeve. I've heard it, what, a billion times before from you?" She said, sitting on the closest bleachers and shuffling through her purse. I give up on the "speech", knowing she was too stubborn to really listen. Instead, I occupy myself by flipping through one of her Teen Magazines. "Anyway," She said in her normal gossip-girl tone. "Look at Courtney Hoe Sanders down there, flirting it up with Paul." I followed her gaze to the side of the football field, where the cheerleaders hung out before the game. And there she was, messing with Paul Fowlers collar.

"Wait. Hoe-Sanders?" I bursted out laughing, thinking about just how true that nickname was. She really was a hoe, or at least she was when we went to school together in Junior High. You know, that blonde girl who is quite possibly the most dramatic person ever, has weird-shaped eyes, but everything else perfect to make up for it? Yeah, that was Courtney for you. When the hysteria was over, I looked down to see Velvet grinning as well.

"Well, she is the biggest hoe at NIHS. Seriously, she slept with the whole entire football team here .Team. Yes, gross, right?" She shook her head sadly, totally unaware of my sinking heart, because that whole entire team includes Matt Rally, the most amazing, talented guy in the universe. Oh, and he's gorgeous too. With his tropical blue-green eyes; kind of long, blonde, tousled hair that often gets in his face, making him look even more adorable; his moist, perfect lips that I had been kissing less than a minute ago. So yes, I hate that I like him; I hate that just the thought of Courtney and him sprawled all over each other makes me want to rip that Brittany Spears look-alike blonde hair of hers right out of her head. But I do and it does. "Eww. What a total hoe-bag," I said halfheartedly, as Velvet nodded in agreement while popping a gummy bear into her mouth.

"Hopefully, someday, she'll learn that guys only like her for her…well, for physical things." I added, and feeling like such a moron for saying that, I forget all about Matt.
"First of all, she knows why they like her. All hoe-bags know that sex is the only reason guys like them, but they like that, which makes them hoe-bags. And second, don't go all Hillary Duff on me, acting like you can't say sex." Ignoring her, I try to figure out how she manages to know every rumor about every school. She's, like, a walking drama-pedia! I spot John, her boyfriend, who also goes to this school, sitting close to the cheerleaders. Uh oh.

"Come on," Velvet said, pulling me up. "There is no way I'm letting Courtney anywhere near him; she might, like, seduce him." I follow her to him, despite my disappointment in her. She's so unconfident that she can't even leave her boyfriend alone with some slutty cheerleaders for a minute.

"Reeve, tell that dumb ass-hat friend of yours that if she ever messes with me again, I am gonna do a lot more than just bitch-slap her." Is what I was greeted by. Erin, another coven-buddie must have been hidden behind John or something, because she's right there next to him. "Great to see you too, Erin—who are we talking about, now?" "That damn Faith—oooh, she gets on my nerves." Erinsaid, looking like she wanted to really kill someone. She flipped her blonde curls over her back, closing her blue eyes in frustration.

"What did she do?"

"The hoe tried to fight me! Fight me, the baddest bitch in this school—"

"Excuse eh moi? I am the baddest bitch in the school, get it straight." Courtney Hoe-Sanders said,"accidentally" shouldering me. Ugh, just ugh. I really thought High School would be better; that everyone would mature and put our stupid Junior High drama away, but nope. Once a hoe-bitch, always a hoe-bitch, I guess. Whatever. I could honestly care less. I was, like, a billion times more popular than her because, well, I was cooler. And plus, unlike Junior High, we go to completely different schools so pshh.

"Next time you shoulder me, I will missile-launch your ass into next week, hater." I said as she started walking away, flocked by her group of ass-holes.

"Little girl, I do not have time for your geeky words-and Velvet, you and your cool friends-ie, not Reeve-are invited to my party." Courtney said in her annoying high-pitched voice, dismissing us with one spectacular hair-flip, and walking away.

"I wonder if she spits at her image in the mirror," John said, automatically cracking on Courtney, which always made Velvet mad. I know it doesn't make any sense that Velvet would get mad, being as she talked about Courtney all the time. Even though I never liked to admitt it to myself, Velvet could be a bit of a two-faced poser. "Oh, and ah, this is my sister, Erin." He motioned towards her. Erin didn't even crack a smile. Just stared at Velvet unpleasantly. I stared at them, mouth gaping. No way were they related! I guess it would explain why Erin was at an NIHS football game, but damn.

"Alright-y, I'm out." I murmured, starting towards our spot on the bleachers.

The game went by quick; Matt's team won, like always. They were the undefeated champs in town, and would soon start traveling the states to play. "Oh, uh, yay..." I mumbled when he told me. He was so infinitely excited though, so I pretended to be too. Really, I was, like, dying inside. Sure, it would give me a reason to dump him...but I knew that when it came down to it I could never dump him. I just can't. After a good thirty-minute make out session in my dorm back at Gwynion, he snuck back out, and I cried and hugged myself all night, with no sleep to save me from my thoughts. On Sunday I stayed in my room again, crying. Velvet came and tried to convince me to go out and eat with her and John.

"I'd rather not." I'd said.

Silence. "You sure?" I nodded, and that was it. No more company, no more trying to get me out of bed. Just me, my dorm, and the silent but sure presence of the tired entities.