A/n from Jessica: Okay this may not be a very long chapter, but it was just a wrap up. You guys all know that last one was the real ending :)


Alex grinned to himself as he kept his eye out for his beau, Mike. After what had happened in the locker room the previous day, Alex could barely contain his excitement. He had wanted Miz to be his for so long, practically since he had met the man, and now he was finally going to be able to have him without any annoyances in the way.

Alex's smile drooped a bit as he heard laughter over his shoulder. He turned to the source coming face to face with Randy Orton.

"What are you laughing at?" Alex asked angrily; the Viper was going to ruin his dinner date.

"Oh nothing," Randy said plopping into the seat opposite Riley. "This is a nice restaurant here, huh?"

"Would you stop?" Alex batted away Randy's hand which had been trying to make off with one of the free bread sticks. "This is supposed to be a date between me and Mike. That means you aren't invited. So leave. Now."

Randy just chuckled, munching on the end of a fresh breadstick despite Riley's protests, "Is that right? You and Mike are on a date?"

"That's right; he promised he'd be here. He requested it as a matter of fact."

"Really?" Randy looked surprised. "I certainly didn't know that. Well tell me this A-Ry. If Mike requested this date…where is he?"

Alex's sure and arrogant smile slipped away from him a bit, "He'll be here. He's just late or something. I told him what time the reservation was."

"Oh, you did?" Randy asked, helping himself to another bread stick and the wine drink Alex had ordered for Mike.

"Yeah I did." Alex said, scrunching his nose up in irritation at Randy's presence. "Well I didn't tell him directly, but I left him a voicemail."

"Hmm…when'd you leave the voicemail, Alex?"

Alex paused to think, "Uhh…this morning? Around nine or so."

"Uh-huh," Randy took a sip of the rich red wine, seemingly thinking something over. "Well would you like to know why it was exactly Miz didn't answer his phone? Cause I know why."

Alex glared at Randy, completely un-amused by his entire performance. "Sure Randy, please tell me why. Maybe then you'll leave."

Randy smiled in response, "I wouldn't count on it. You know just how much I love spending time with you A-Ry."

Alex groaned, practically slamming his head down on the finely set table in frustration. "My God, will you just say your peace and leave?"

Randy prolonged his response, looking down at an invisible watch, "Well I guess, if that's what you really want…"

"Do I want you to leave? Let me think: YES!"

Randy held his hands up in faux defensiveness, "All right son, cool your jets. Fine. The reason Mr. Mizanin was unable to come to the phone and take your call was because he was otherwise occupied with fucking John Morrison."

Alex's jaw dropped in complete shock, "He WHAT?"

Randy nodded wisely, "Yes my friend—you heard right. They were having sex, fucking, doing it, bumping uglies, doing the horizontal tango, butt-fucking—"

"I GOT IT!" Alex yelled flustered, tears practically streaming down his face in anger and embarrassment.

"Yep…well, I guess I better be on my way." Randy downed Alex's glass of wine before rising to his feet, clapping his hand on his shoulder in what he attempted to be a comforting gesture. "It'll be okay pal. Oh, and in case you didn't get the point, Miz won't be joining you for dinner tonight…or ever for that matter. Have a nice meal."

Randy walked off and out of the building, leaving Alex to process the new information.

Alex sat in his chair stunned, half wanting to jump up and confront Mike in his hotel room right then, half wanting to go by a pint of Rocky Road and watch a romantic comedy.

He jumped in surprise as his phone rang, blaring 'I Came to Play' loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear.

"Mike?" Alex answered frantically, hope swelling in his heart.

"Yeah, try again."

Alex gasped, recognizing the low, mellow voice immediately, "You mother fucking bitch! What did you do to Michael? Did you brainwash him you fucking whore?"

John laughed low in his throat, utterly amused at the pissed off rookie, "Nah, I'm just amazing in bed. Which reminds me. I'm sure Randy's already told you to piss off…I suggest you listen to him."

"Oh yeah?" Alex challenged, raising his voice, "Or what? What if I don't want to leave him alone?"

"Then I suggest you find another meal ticket."

Holy shit! That was his Mike!

"Mike, look I don't what he's told you or done to you, but I swear it's all right—I forgive you 100% baby!"

"Yeah, I don't think so. Please leave us alone. We don't want this to be awkward do we Alex?"


"Okay bitch, get this through your head," that was Morrison's voice now. "Mike's mine. He's never wanted you and he never will. So leave us the fuck alone or I'll kick your mother fucking ass."

Alex bit off a comeback as he was hung up on, the dial tone ringing in his ears.

His eyes narrowed in anger—this would never be over. He'd never give up on having Mike.

A/n from Jessica: What the fuck when did A-Ry turn into the chick from fatal attraction? Lol. I have no idea where THAT came from but I may offer a spin off for this…maybe being the key word. Don't hold me to that, I have a disease known as extreme laziness.