Let's pway!

Marron yawned as she slowly opened her eyes. She felt her mother shift in her sleep. 'Momma's still sleeping' she thought. 'I go see if daddy making breakfast yet'

She slowly got out of the bed knowing that if she moved her mother she might wake up. She got down and was kneeling on the bed.

"Mommy stay asleep." the 4 year old girl whispered, kissing her mom on the cheek.

She looked out the window just in time to see her dad fly away. She pouted.

"Where is papa going?" she wondered aloud as she stared out the window waiting for him to return. She was soo busy staring out the window she didn't notice the old turtle hermit sneak into the room. She was soo quiet that he didn't notice her. He quietly opened her mother's draw(you can guess which one) and pulled out a pink undergarment.

'heheheh' he thought ' I got one and Oolong will be so jea-' his thoughts were interrupted by a little girls hushed voice.

"M'ster Roshi? Was' you doing with My mama's thing. She said don't touch"

"ehh hehehh" 'why didn't I notice her before?' thought Roshi

"M'ster Roshi you know where Papa went to?" The little girl questioned.

"ehh.. Ohh umm Krillin went off to see the Sons. Ahh can you… umm… not tell your mom abo-"

Marron pouted. "How come Papa don't take me. I wanna see Goten." She whined.

"ehh well-"

"M'ster Roshi makes me breakfast?"

"ehh sure just don't tell your mama I took these" he said holding up the undies.

"umm…" Marron then smiled, not a good smile either.

"I don't tell, if you play slave with me"

"Ehh what's that?" Roshi asked having a few ideas… none comforting.

"Mr. Vegeta taught me. You be da slave and does was' I say and I be the Slave keeper and you call me m'ster"

"Marron, I think you spend too much time at the Briefs-"


"Ok!" Roshi said covering her mouth. "I give in, I'll play."

"Ok we go pway!" Said Marron leading the way.

"Ehh what about Breakfast"

"NO! I wanna pway!" Yelled Marron

"Okay okay! Just don't wake 18, she'll kill me for sure."

"Ok" said Marron batting her eyes with an, I'm-so-adorable-face.

"Furst we pway with mama's make-up."

Marron put pink eyeliner and blue lip-gloss all over Roshi's face. He put red eyeliner and lip gloss on her. Marron thought he wasn't pretty enough and decorated his face with glitter….. Glitter-glue that is.

"look M'ster Roshi you look so pwety!" Roshi nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw himself.

"ahhh Marron what did you do to me?"

"ohhh! Mr. Vegeta didn't like it when me and Twunks did this either. Sooo then we pwayed tag!" with that she jumped off the couch and ran screaming "M'ster Roshi come get me!"


About an hour later Krillin came back. His wife, 18, was walking down the stairs too. They both noticed the same thing… the house was a mess and their was glitter and make up every where. They both stopped in front of the couch where a sleeping Marron was sucking her thumb…. And a glitter covered turtle hermit was unconscious.

18 slowly picked up her daughter. Marron's eye's fluttered open sleepily.

"Mwmmy. He took your undies but shhhh I didn't tell" she said drifting back to sleep.

… Roshi woke up underwater that day…. And slept outside….. For three weeks.