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In a room filled with darkness a man sat in a chair. Three others were watching him, after all he's there prisener. The three men weared Talon armor and the man bounded was wearing wired combat armor the legs were white and the leg armor but the top was blue like civil war armor and even one of the hats of the war. The man had pale blue hair like a icey blue and it was a bit bedheaded. His eyes were hard and a emerald green, his face was hard as well, like a cowboy as they say. "Why are you here invading our base" said one of the Talon guys said as he kicked him. The man bounded to the chair looked up and smiled and there was blood on his teeth "ha I was fucking your mom, so tight to" the man started to cough. The merc hit him again "who are you with" the man looked at him in the eyes "we The Locals you sorry son of a..." he was cut off with a hit to the head with a police bation. "You know your mother wasn't to bad the second round so I guess I'll get you a little brother you scrawny spit fuck" he smiled with blood all over his face."Little bastured how dare you say that to him" said another Talon merc. "Dont worried I fucked your mom to, man I mad them my bitches to" he started laughing.

The Talon merc grabed a combat knife from the table. "Oh im going to enjoy this you asshole"

He said as he walk to the man bounded. Yet the man smiled, "you know what partner" he said as the Talon merc put the knife to his throut. "What" he replayed. The man put his mouth to his ear and said "you should never tie some one hands behinde them because you can't see them can you, tis tis rookie" then his hands came up like lighting and adom apple puntch him. The Talon merc staggered back and he grabed the knife and stabbed him in the side of the nick and turned, with the others going for the guns. Sprinting he got one and ripped the knife down one's throut and got shot. It only scraped his arm "you should have learned how to shot befor joining a merc group" he said. Taking out the knife he rushed over and shoved it up his jaw to his brain and he fell over dead.

He walked over to the table and got his gun with was a revolver and that shot .357, two throwing knifes, Cavern shotgun, hatchet, and his pocket pistole a . he picked up his walking talking "Nucky here over" there was some stadick then "roger is the threat eliminated, over" it ask. He wipped off some swet from his forhead. "yes, over" " roger 9 Nucky, over". After that he left the room. The sun bared dowm on him and he started walking the finelly got to a town called 3rd town were there base was called it use to be a scrap yard. He went in a big house called Heaven. As he walked in he saw all the pleasure girls walking around and some were dancen on tables. He didnt like this place a whore house was a whore house. He found a man wearing power armor exept it was a dessert coma painted. "6 sweetwater" he said and the man named Sweetwater turned and saluted "ah 9 Nucky were they really hostle" he asked. As he gave his report he nodded "ok return to your duities" he said walking away. Being a bounce for a bar sucked.

A few weeks past till he got called to see Nucky. "well 6 Nucky i'm about to be promoted to rank 5 so i'm giving you your last mission with two others" he said pointing at two others. "Ok Nucky, Metal, and Jack your going to Megiton I got a report that somethen bad happen and we can make contact with them, ok now go" he said. Nucky turned and walk out with the others and soon they were on there way with Nucky pet coyote. It was easy to get there but when they did, there was somethen wrong. Nucky coyote, Dalton was growlen. when they went in some guy yelling "they stop the coming of Atom" and came runing at us. Jack shot him with his double barrel shot gun.

They scatered to get them all Nucky walked up a ramp past crater side supply and saw three people standing in front of a saloon. It was the guard from the store he past and Billy but there was a girl that was wereing troublemaker merc outfit. She had short black hair and milk chocolate eyes. She had a goldish skin colur, She was hispanic. Then the was a hostil church member behind and Nucky shot him died. "What the fuck happend Billy" Nucky asked him and he looked at Him and replayed "well this girl disarmed the bomb and they went crazy, Lucis tried to calm them and they shot him and he's geting stich up in there, if it wasn't for her we would have lost alot all more people so far it four we real lucky".

Metal came runing up and then a bullet went in his head and he droped Nucky kept shoting and havsn't missed yet. "I think that all of them" said billy. The small group walked inside and man it was crowed. Nucky saw Gob siting down with a bullet in his gut "howdy Gob" he looked up and smiled "Nucky is that you why havn't you come to see me sooner" Nucky smiled "been worken my freind" he went around and wounds were miner atleast. and got out a radio set "this is Nucky ranked 9 come in over" "we have you what happen, over" "some crazyies in the town and is stoped, what now, over" there was a silence "stay there and moniter the town try to stike a deal with the mayer, over". He put it down and whent to see Lucis.

(three days later)

every thing went well the town would pay taxes for protection and most of the mony went for the town.

The church of atom is were The Locals stayed at. then Nova came knocking on the door yelling at it. Nucky answered it. "Mam what the big deal" Nova was panting and had a scrared look on her face "its Gob he's getting beaten and well Moriarty will kill me for saying this because he knows how you stand on slavery" Nucky eyes lit up. She look around and wispered "Moriarty bought gob off of slavers and I know he's a freind please help him". Nucky face harden to the point he had a deathclaws face as some people say. he walk to the saloon and every one steped out of his way even Jerico know not to fuck with a man who had that facial expriession on. He walked in. "YOU FUCKING DEAD BEAT ZOMBIE" said Moriarty and Nucky walked up and the man stop beating him and looked over "oh, hey there your troubles..." he never finished because Nucky wiped his gun out and shot him between the eyes. Nucky took a peace of paper from the dead man and tossed it to Gob "you own this place now" he said and walked out while tighting a smoke.

At about 9:30 he went to the saloon to have a drink and insted of moriarty's saloon it was second barrel and he chucled. He walked in and saw God tuning the radio to the The Local channel and system of a down the song B.Y.O.B. "Nucky you son of a bitch git over here" as he walked up to him he saw a few girls staren at him witch made him uncomfortable. "Here on the house" and handed him a bottle of whisky. "Thanks alot man it means alot" Gob said. Nucky nodded. "Now lets party Russian style" everyone cheered.

(about half a bottle of whisky later)

He was standing outside of the saloon and that girl came out. "So i never got your name" she asked. Nucky tried not to look at her "it's Nucky" she looked at him with a smile and asked "can I have some of that" and he gave her some. "my name is Bonita" she felt uncomfortable after all he was uneasy around girls. But Bonita like him not that Nucky know that. The way he cared himself he looked good to not the best looken person but he look kind to.

"Can you walk me to my house" she asked. Even though he was nerves he nodded and walked by her side till they reached it. "You know it would be nice if you came in right" she said with some mistchif in her eyes. Even his coyote barked happlly and ran in. 'damn you asshole' he thought and walked in. "So cowboy" she said with a suductive voice and got way to close for his comfort. He jumped and turned bright red. "Mam um..."he said taking her hand off his chest "I should get going" Nucky as he walked at. 'Damn ill get you next time' thought the lone wonder.

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