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"Do you think Kurt will say yes?" Puck asked Maxxie as he smiled warmly at the lady behind the counter. The two of them were currently shopping for engagement rings. Puck was shocked when Maxxie offered to accompany him to shop for the ring. He was supposed to do it by himself but Maxxie being, well, Maxxie, he decided that it was better if he had someone to do it with.

"What kind of question is that?" Maxxie answered and gave him a "what the fuck are you thinking look." Maxxie pointed at a simple band and the saleslady fished it out for him. "Kurt loves you because if he doesn't love you, he's already long gone." He added as he examined the ring thoughtfully and nodded as if a good thought came to him.

"What if he said no?" Puck asked. He needed someone to play devil's advocate. What if Kurt said no? What if Kurt was not yet ready to marry him? Mackenzie was only five months old and what if Kurt wanted Mackenzie to grow older first before they get married? Puck had a lot of questions in his mind and he didn't have answers for them.

Maxxie rolled his eyes as he slipped the ring on his ring finger and admired the effect it had on his hand. Somehow, Puck wondered if they were shopping for his engagement rings or Tony and Maxxie's engagement rings. Those two were inseparable nowadays. "Puckerman, you got to stop thinking like that. Kurt will say yes. Period." He said in a tired tone. "And what's with you? Kurt was supposed to be the one experiencing post-partum but I'm starting to have doubts." The blonde added meaningfully as he took off the ring and handed it over again to the saleslady.

"I don't know, maybe he's not yet ready or something." Puck said, gnawing at his lower lip. He was supposed to be confident because he knew that Kurt loved him without a doubt. But somehow he couldn't help but feel less optimistic. This was no longer child's play. Asking Kurt's hand for marriage was a serious thing. He was snapped out of his reverie when Maxxie grabbed his shoulders and shook him.

"Kurt would be more than happy to marry you. Snap out of it." Maxxie said in an exasperated tone then he turned his attention back to the saleslady. "We'll take the silver band." Maxxie told the saleslady and Puck just nodded in agreement. "And by the way, is there a return policy just in case my best friend said no?"

Puck's eyes widened and he coughed involuntarily. Maxxie slapped him hard on the back. "Just kidding!" He said, followed by a loud laugh.


"Mmm, God I missed this." Kurt said after his first sip of his caramel macchiato. He and Tony were inside the latter's favorite coffee shop. They decided to take a break from shopping to get his precious coffee. He wanted to pass the coffee so he could get home early. Rosa was a great babysitter but he didn't want to leave Mackenzie to her for a long time but sweet Lord, he really missed his coffee.

He heard Tony snickered at him but Kurt could care less. The coffee tasted so good and he wondered how he survived nine months without it.

"So your dad and stepmom are coming over?" Tony asked as he sipped his green tea frappe. He remembered how thoroughly he enjoyed that concoction while he was pregnant but now, he couldn't bring himself to taste it again.

Kurt nodded. It would be the first time that his parents were coming over. They were supposed to visit right after he gave birth but his dad suffered a severed chest pain and the doctor advised that it was best not to travel and just rest. Kurt understood and after he was fully recovered from giving birth, he had talked to his dad via Skype and showed him Mackenzie. Kurt remembered how his dad was rendered speechless and how his eyes had glued to the monitor. Somehow, Kurt knew that Mackenzie already had her grandpa wrapped around her little finger.

"They'll be here on Mac's six month. Two weeks from now." Kurt answered as he took a bite on a caramel fudge brownie. And then something occurred to him. "Where's Maxwell?" He asked. It was odd to see Tony without Maxxie because those two were always together. They even had their own apartment and were now living together.

"In his yoga class. He knows I want him flexible." Tony said meaningfully with a waggle of his eyebrows. Kurt threw him a piece of his brownie. Suddenly there was a commotion beside them. Kurt looked at the table at their left and saw three teenage girls gawking at them. "Oh crap, I know them." Tony muttered as he bowed his head to hide from the three girls.

"Omigod, it's raven!" One of the three girls gushed, pointing at Tony. "Where's blondie?"

Kurt's eyebrows shot up. Raven? It was probably Tony. And then Blondie. He was sure the girl was talking about Maxxie. What's going on? "Excuse me? Is there anything we can help you with?" Kurt asked. For the life of him, the three girls were acting like fan girls or something.

The girl rolled her eyes and then fished out her mobile phone. Kurt watched as she tapped on it several times and then handed it over to him. It was a YouTube video posted seven months ago. For a second, Kurt was scared that it was like some pornographic video featuring Tony but he breathed a sigh of relief as the video played. It was a video of Tony and Maxxie. Tony was leaning towards Maxxie, his tongue darting out to lick the whipped cream on the corner of Maxxie's lips. After said licking, Tony kissed Maxxie and then the video stopped right there.

"Wow, it got five hundred thousand hits." Kurt said in awe. Tony grabbed the phone from him and watched it while he shook his head in the process.

"You got this on record?" Tony asked one of the girls. He had an incredulous look on his handsome face. The girl nodded happily and her two friends mirrored her reaction. "And then you posted it on YouTube. Unbelievable." Kurt laughed out loud.

"And Tone, you're both known as the Raven and the Blondie." Kurt said in between giggles. That's what the two got for constantly having PDA's. It was an old video but it still showed that the two were always engaging intimacy even at public places.

"You two also have a Facebook page." One of the girls said cheerfully.

And Kurt laughed harder.


"Ahhhh shit baby." Tony said breathlessly as he watched his cock disappeared in and out of Maxxie. The blonde was currently on top of him, his head thrown back in pleasure as he bounced up and down on his throbbing cock. Maxxie's chest was heaving and his mouth was parted as tiny moans came out of it. Tony couldn't take it anymore so he leaned up and grabbed Maxxie's head and kissed the blonde fiercely. He hurriedly changed their position and Maxxie was now lying on his back, his right leg wrapped around Tony's hips.

"Fuck me harder." Maxxie moaned as he bit his lower lip. Tony pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back in, hitting the bundle of nerves that made Maxxie fall apart and beg for more "Nnnh oh god, do it again." The blonde sobbed as his fingernails dug deep on Tony's shoulder blades. Tony thrust in and out as he leaned down and lapped on Maxxie's left nipple. The pink nub hardened as he sucked it between his teeth and then prodded it with the tip of his tongue. Maxxie was now babbling incoherently beneath him. He slipped an arm under Maxxie and he quickly brought him up so they were now almost in a sitting position. He continued to thrust upward as he licked Maxxie's neck and made small bites on the blonde's shoulder blades.

"You always feel so good baby." Tony whispered on Maxxie's left ear as he licked the delicate shell. He continued his upward thrusting in a manic pace. He could feel the tingling sensation in his stomach and he knew he wouldn't last long. "And such a slut for my cock."

"Mmmm, mmm, yeah, yeah," Maxxie said as he tightened his grip around Tony's shoulders. "Don't stop, I'm so close," he added breathlessly. Tony tightened his hold around Maxxie's slender waist as he thrust upward, making sure that each thrust was directed on the blonde's sweet spot. "Ohhh..oh..I can't…." Maxxie trailed off as he came hard between them, throwing back his head in the process. Tony followed soon after, filling Maxxie to the rim. One good thing about their sex life was Maxxie always let him do it bareback. And that made the sex ten times hotter.

Maxxie fell flatly on the bed, chest heaving from the aftermath. The blonde looked so breathtakingly beautiful and it made Tony wonder why he hadn't met Maxxie earlier. He gently pulled out of Maxxie and some of the white substance came dribbling out of the blonde's puffy entrance. And damn that was sexy. Tony swallowed hard. He had just came seconds ago but he was starting to get hard again. He shook his head as if to erase the thought as he made a quick grab of the pillows beside Maxxie and gently lifted the blonde's hips and pushed the pillows under him.

"What are you doing?" Maxxie asked incredulously as he grabbed the pillows under him and tossed it aside.

"Nothing." Tony muttered as he averted his eyes away from Maxxie's glare.

Maxxie raised himself from the bed and swung his feet over the edge. "I know what you're doing. You're trying to get me pregnant Tony." The blonde said in a flat voice.

Tony opened his mouth to reply but Maxxie quickly cut him off with a wave of a hand. "Remind me Anthony. When did we stop using condom?" Maxxie asked with an eyebrow raised. Tony scrunched his forehead but before he could answer, Maxxie continued. "It was when Mac turned two months and she smiled at you, showing off her dimples. You didn't stop raving about it for two days. At first, I thought you are just too happy or something and then I slowly realize that maybe, just maybe, you want to have a kid too. That pillow under my hips? That was a dead giveaway."

Tony snapped his eyes shut. Maxxie was right. He was the one who initiated not to use protection when they had sex. When his niece smiled her toothless smile at him, it made him realized that it would be really great to have a kid of his own. He couldn't bring to say it to Maxxie because the blonde had told him enough times that he was not a carrier like his best friend. Well, he was the kind who believed in miracles so why not try making one? And so they started doing the deed without the rubber. They'd been doing it for three months now but Maxxie still showed no signs of being pregnant. Slowly, he was starting to believe that Maxxie wasn't really a carrier like he had told him. On his part, he knew he had no problems. His doctor assured him from last month's check up that his sperms were fine and he could create an army if he wanted too. And then one time, he happened upon an article in Google about long time married couples not having children of their own. That was where he read about the technique where after the ejaculation, the hips of the receiving partner should be elevated to help the sperm do their job.

"Why don't we just try?" Tony asked in a low voice. He knew not to argue with Maxxie about this. Somehow, he knew that Maxxie was insecure about the topic of pregnancy. Something at the back of his head told him that Maxxie was secretly wishing that he could bear a child too. He had seen how Maxxie looked at Mackenzie with twinkling eyes and how happy the blonde was every time Mackenzie was in the room.

"How many times will I tell you that I'm not a carrier like Kurt?" Maxxie asked and Tony could feel the hurt in his voice. "I…I can't get pregnant like him," he added, lower lip trembling. Tony wanted to hug him and tell him that it was okay but he somehow couldn't bring himself to do those.

"We can go to the doctor. You told me that you and Kurt were only seventeen when you got tested, What if the doctor was wrong with his diagnosis?"

Maxxie looked at him with a blank expression on his face. Tony hated it when he couldn't read what Maxxie was thinking. Blank expression was always a defense mechanism for Maxxie. Tony knew that Maxxie was trying hard not to cry. But they had to talk about this. It was now or never.

"The doctor told Kurt that he can get pregnant and he turned out to be right." Maxxie said in a tired tone. Tony couldn't tell if Maxxie was angry or not. "What makes you think he's wrong about me?" With that being said, Maxxie stood up from the bed and quickly made his way to their bathroom and slammed the door shut.

Tony didn't follow.


"Are you okay?" Kurt asked as he watched his best friend played with Mackenzie. Mackenzie was inside her crib and Maxxie was leaning inside and making cooing noises. He could hear his baby giggling. Despite the smile on Maxxie's face while he played with Mac, Kurt could sense that something was bothering Maxxie.

Maxxie turned his attention to him and nodded. Kurt wasn't convinced.

"Maxwell, we're friends since kindergarten and I know when something is bothering you." Kurt said as he walked to Mac's cribs and leaned inside to give her the feeding bottle. Mac's tiny fist quickly attached to the bottle as her little mouth latched on the nipple.

Maxxie sighed deeply. "It's Tony," he started as he fiddled with the small knobs on Mac's cribs. "He wants to have a kid with me and you know that I'm not like you but he still wants to try. He thinks that the doctor who tested us made a mistake on his diagnosis."

"Oh Maxxie." Kurt said as he dropped to the seat next to Maxxie and draped an arm around the blonde.

"What if he leaves me because I can't give him a kid?" Maxxie asked, voice trembling and eyes moistening with unshed tears. Kurt tightened his hold around Maxxie.

Kurt shook his head. "Don't think that way. Tony loves you. He's not going to leave you because of that." He assured. Kurt knew that Tony loved his best friend. Tony wouldn't dare leave Maxxie. He just couldn't picture one without the other.

"I don't know." Maxxie said in a low tone. "Tony always talks about Mac and how Mac looks like her daddy and he wonders how it feels to have a mini version of him. Things like that."

Kurt knew about that. He'd heard one time when Tony asked Puck what if felt like to be a dad and to have a little baby.

"Cliché as it may sound but it feels great. No matter how tired I am, just the sight of Mac energizes me."

Puck had answered.

"But you know what Max, maybe Tony's right. Maybe you should get checked again." Kurt said bravely. "What if Dr. Sullivan was wrong that time?"

Maxxie bit his lower lip and shook his head vigorously. "I..I'm scared. I don't think I can handle it if he said that I'm really not a carrier." A lone tear drop made its way on Maxxie's left cheek and Kurt felt his chest tightened. He hated seeing Maxxie miserable.

Kurt breathed deeply as he made soothing circles on Maxxie's back. "Just remember that Tony loves you and he's not going to leave you." Kurt said softly as he pulled Maxxie in a tight hug.

A quiet sobbing from Maxxie answered him.


"Is it really okay that we're not fetching your parents at the airport?" Puck asked as he leaned inside Mac's crib and took his chubby baby in his arms. Mac made a loud squeal as she flailed her pudgy arms. Puck made a quick kiss on her pink cheeks before she managed to slap him on the face. For a six-month old baby, Mac was definitely advanced.

"Yep it's fine." Kurt answered as he organized Mac's baby things in their respective drawers. Puck couldn't help but smile at the sight of Kurt. The brunet had already lost the baby weight and he's now slim like before and sexy as hell. It always took him great amount of self control not to jump on Kurt and fuck his brains out. But tonight, Kurt looked insanely hot. Puck couldn't take it anymore. He quickly stride over Kurt and planted a kiss on those pliant lips.

"What was that for?" Kurt asked, raising an eyebrow. "Did you see daddy kiss papa?," he asked Mac who just produced a gargling sound in response. Kurt giggled as he peppered Mac's face with soft kisses.

"For being so damn sexy." Puck answered briefly and with his free arm, he managed to pull Kurt close to him and leaned down for a kiss. This time, the kiss was fiery as he pushed his tongue inside Kurt's wet mouth and sucked in the latter's tongue. Kurt made a soft moan at the back of his throat and the moan went directly to his cock. They sprung apart when Mac tugged on Kurt's hair in protest.

"So my daughter is a cock-block now?" Puck asked with a smirk and Kurt smacked him playfully on the biceps. Suddenly, a knock came on the door.

"I'll get it." Kurt said as he swayed his way towards the door. Puck followed every moment. Damn, Kurt could even make walking hot and sexy.

"The butler let us in." A male voice said as soon as the door was opened.

"Dad!" Kurt squealed as he gave Burt a hug. Carole was behind Burt and she was smiling as she stepped in. Kurt released Burt from the hug and turned to Carole and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Puck blinked for a few seconds as he looked at Burt. It was surreal that he was finally seeing Kurt's old man in person. They usually just talked over Skype. Puck's face then broke into a wide a grin as he stepped forward to shake the man's hand and kiss Carole's cheek as well. Burt nodded at him and then turned his attention towards the little angel he was carrying and Puck swore to the Bible that Burt's face lightened up like a Christmas tree. Burt held out his arms in front of Mackenzie. Mac's blue eyes widened as she stared in awe at the new arrival. Suddenly, Puck was scared that Mac would just ignore her grandpa but after a few seconds, she held out her pudgy arms to Burt and the latter took her in his arms.

"Oh my angel, you look just like Kurt when he was a baby." Burt said adoringly at Mac who just gave him a toothless smile.

"Dad, seriously?" Kurt asked, rolling his eyes. "She only has my eyes and everything else is Noah's," he added. Puck and Carole shared a short laugh.

"Your dad's just tired from the travel." Carole said with laughter in her voice.

Burt waved them off and completely ignored them. The old man was completely taken by his granddaughter who was currently prodding his face with her tiny fingers. Puck smiled inwardly as Burt made baby noises and cutesy faces for Mac. See, he was not the only who got under Mac's spell.

Puck and Kurt shared a look as Burt and Carole played with their daughter. Even without his mom and dad, Puck knew that his life was complete with these people around him.


It was Saturday afternoon and Puck was really nervous. Tomorrow would be Mac's six month birthday. It would also be the day to ask Kurt to marry him. He already bought the ring and that ridiculous speech Maxxie had written for him to read at the day of the proposal. He knew that everything would be fine and Maxxie had assured him enough times that Kurt would say yes but he still couldn't help but feel nervous. He knew why he was nervous. It wasn't because of the prospect that Kurt would say no. It was because of Burt. Of course, he had to ask Kurt's father first for his hand and somehow, Puck was not really excited about it. Burt looked scary and strict. When they first met through Skype, the older man had looked at him coldly. Well it was expected. The older man knew what Kurt had gone through. The father and son were in constant communication all the time.

"Carole told me that you want to see me?" Puck almost jumped a foot when he heard Burt's voice as the older man walked inside the den. Puck arranged his face into what he knew was a serious expression. There was no room for mistake. This man would be his soon-to-be father-in-law. He just had to say the right words.

"You want something to drink? Pinot Grigio." Puck offered as he walked to his mini-bar. Burt shot him a blank look. Oh shit, he forgot about Burt's heart problems. "On second thought, orange juice?" he added lamely. Crap, so this was his way to start a good conversation, pissing off the other party.

To his surprise, Burt chuckled at him. "Relax Puckerman, I'm not going to bite your head off." Burt said in amused tone. "Let's just cut to the chase. Why am I here?"

Puck cleared his throat. "I want to ask for Kurt's hand. I love your son and I want to spend the rest of my life with him." He said and he thanked heavens for letting him say the sentence without buckling. The last thing he wanted was Burt to think that he wasn't man enough to even say the words completely.

Burt took off his baseball cap and ran a hand on his thinning hair. His face was absolutely void of emotions and then after a few seconds, he sighed loudly. Puck held his breath.

"When Kurt told me that he was pregnant, I was shocked, hurt and mad all at the same time. I've raised him to be a responsible man and you must know how surprised I am when he told me that he got pregnant from a one night stand." Burt said as he slowly sunk to a seat across him. "All I wanted that time was to fly here and make you responsible for my son but Kurt stopped me. He'd told me why I can't do those things and I understand and it hurts me that my son can't be proud of being pregnant. That he had to hide it from you because of the situation."

"I'm sorry sir." Puck muttered and it was true. Every time he remembered how he'd hurt Kurt back then, it always made him want to hurt himself.

Burt shook his head. "No son, you don't have to be. It was part of the journey." The older man said and Puck was really surprised that he couldn't come up with a response to that. "I know that it made you appreciate my son more. That it made you love him more."

"Of course sir. Yes." Puck said too quickly. Burt was right. The ordeal that happened in the past had made him appreciate and love Kurt more.

"All I want to say is, yes. I would love to see my son walk down the aisle to you." Burt said finally as he stood up and held out his hand to Puck. Puck was taken aback that it took him a few seconds to shake the older man's hand.

"Thank you sir. Thank you." Puck said happily.

Burt made a short laugh. "Call me dad from now."


"Cake coming through." Kurt smiled as he watched Sam balanced the huge cake as he entered the dining room. The blonde placed it carefully on the center and then paused to admire his work.

"Where's Kelsey?" Kurt asked as he put the final touch on his seafood pasta. Kelsey was Sam's seven month old daughter from Santana. The court had given Kelsey's custody to Sam right after Santana gave birth. The latter was still serving her time in prison. Kurt was really happy that Sam had Kelsey's custody. Kelsey had changed her dad to be a much better man. Sam told him that Kelsey was with the nanny.

"Hey man what's up?" Puck asked Sam as soon as he entered the kitchen. Kurt was happy to see that Puck and Sam became friends again. He was glad that he and Puck decided not to press charges on Sam because they both knew that the blonde was just forced by Santana to do things for her. And the fact that Sam was the one who brought Santana to the police was enough proof that Sam wasn't really a bad person.

"Good. Kelsey's teething and it drives me crazy." Sam said with a smile. "How about you? Did you already ask Kurt to - ?"

"You know what Sammy, I have something to show you." Puck said, cutting off Sam. Kurt's brows knitted in confusion. Puck was definitely hiding something from him. "Baby, I'll see you later." Puck said as he leaned down and dropped a kiss on his lips. Kurt watched as Puck almost manhandled Sam out of the room. As soon as the two was out, Tony walked in carrying paper bags.

Kurt noticed Tony's faraway expression. "Is everything alright?" He asked as he wiped his hands on his flowery apron. He knew that Tony and Maxxie were not in good terms ever since the pregnancy talk. But he was expecting that the two already settled the problem. It'd been two weeks since their pseudo-fight.

"Aside from the fact that Maxxie kicked me out of the room last night, yeah I think everything's fine." Tony said flatly as he dropped the paper bags on the table. "He told me that he doesn't want to see me and that he hates my hair and I smell like apricot and he hates it."

Kurt laughed. "He told you that?"

"Yeah and then he pushed me out of the room." Tony said. "He was like having PMS or some shit. I don't know."

"Have you talked again about the pregnancy?" Kurt asked as he sat beside Tony.

Tony nodded as he ran a hand through his black hair. "I told him that I don't care if he can't get pregnant. That I will still love him and I will not leave him but your best friend can be really stubborn sometimes. He told me he doesn't believe me."

Kurt clucked his tongue. Maxxie was always the drama queen. And then a really good thought occurred to him. "Aside from saying that he hates your hair, do you notice anything strange about him?"

Tony crunched his head thoughtfully. "I don't know, it was just minor things." Tony answered.

"Like what?" Kurt prompted.

"Well, he used to love my aftershave, saying that I smell sexy when I used it but two days ago, I saw him threw it in the waste bin and when I asked why, he said he could smell the thing from a good fifty mile radius and it made him dizzy."

Kurt nodded thoughtfully.

"And then he yelled at me for watching SpongeBob, said he hated his laugh. I don't get it, he adores SpongeBob, his ring tone was SpongeBob's laugh. It's weird alright." Tony added, oblivious to Kurt's knowing smile.

"Where's your drama queen?" Kurt asked.

"In Mac's room."

"Go get him. I need to do something with him." Kurt ordered. Tony obeyed with a confused look. Well, if he was right, everything would be just fine.


"Kurt! I swear to God I'm going to kill you for making me do this!" Maxxie shouted from the bathroom. Kurt rolled his eyes at Maxxie's behavior. After much pushing, he'd finally convinced Maxxie to take the pregnancy kit. It was a good thing that he had an extra in the house. "I so hate you right now!" Maxxie continued.

Kurt tapped his foot impatiently. Maxxie could be really annoying sometimes. After a few minutes, Maxxie came out and shoved him the stick with a glare.

"I would just end up disappointed." Maxxie muttered as he crossed his arms on his chest and leaned on the bathroom door. Kurt ignored his best friend and waited for the stick to show its result. After a few seconds, the stick had the result.

"Does that thing really work?" Maxxie asked as he tried to make a grab for it but Kurt was quicker and he dodged it from Maxxie.

"Well. It seems like Dr. Sullivan was wrong after all." Kurt said happily as he showed Maxxie the stick with a smiley displaying on the small screen. "Congratulations Maxwell, you're knocked up!" Kurt squealed as he enveloped Maxxie in his arms. The latter was completely speechless and he just opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water.

As the news finally sunk in, Maxxie shrieked like a banshee and then he was crying and laughing at the same time. Kurt rolled his eyes. He knew that the pregnancy hormones were finally kicking in. Maxxie kissed him on the cheek and then said thank you as he excused himself to get to Tony and bring the news.

Maxxie was no more than a foot away when Kurt heard him shouted, "Anthony, I'm pregnant!" And Kurt could laugh out loud.


"Everyone, I have an announcement to make." Puck said as he tapped his fork against his champagne glass to get everybody's attention. Kurt watched his boyfriend from where he stood. Everybody focused their attention to Puck. Even the oblivious couple, Tony and Maxxie, was in full attention. The two had been making out the past couple of hours and they didn't seem to mind the people around them. Well ever since the news of Maxxie's pregnancy, Tony had been floating in the room like a helium balloon, his smile never left his face even just for a second. Kurt was really happy that the two would soon experience being a parent like him and Puck. Kurt smiled inwardly as he saw Tony hugging Maxxie from behind, his hands on top of Maxxie's stomach.

"Baby, are you with me?" Puck asked jokingly, snapping him out of reverie. Kurt blinked a few times and nodded as blood stained his cheeks. Puck thought he was not paying attention. Then his eyes grew wide as he watched Puck shoved his hand inside his jeans pocket. Kurt somehow knew what was coming. He was kind of anticipating this ever since he caught Maxxie talking to Puck in a hush voice two weeks ago. The two were like conspiring against him. Puck finally found what he was looking for and much to his disappointment, it was just a slip of paper. While Puck was perusing the paper, he felt a vibration in his pocket.

It was a text message from Maxxie.

Ohmygod :P

Kurt raised his eyebrow at Maxxie who just gave him a knowing look. The message wasn't suppose to be cryptic but it became one.

"Okay so here it is." Puck said through the microphone. Kurt suddenly wished he hadn't hired sound system for Mac's six month mini-birthday party but Maxxie insisted that it would be really cool to have a disco themed party. He somehow doubted that the sound system had nothing to do with the disco theme. "When I first met Kurt Hummel, he was just one of the many pretty faces among the crowd. That time, I thought that there was nothing extraordinary about him. I thought he was just a stereotypical pretty face but I was wrong. Kurt was anything but ordinary. He's brave, he's strong, and he's beautiful and sexy as hell." There was a murmur of appreciation in the small crowd. Kurt looked at his dad who was currently sporting a huge smile on his face as he listened to Puck's speech. Little Mackenzie was sleeping peacefully in his dad's arms.

"I admired how he carried our daughter for four months without me to be there for him. I just want to say that the next time you get pregnant again, I wouldn't mind waking up at three in the morning to get you anchovies or pickles or whatever." There was laughter in the crowd and Kurt joined them. "Well, all I want to say is," Puck paused dramatically as he fumbled again with his pocket then he slowly walked towards him. "I'm willing to be stuck with you as long as you take me too." Puck opened the box and it showed a simple silver band. Tears welled up Kurt's eyes as his breathe hitched. "Kurt Elizabeth Hummel, are you willing to take my last name and make me the happiest man in the world?"

Kurt bit his lip and nodded as he stood on his toes and gave Puck a lingering kiss. Everybody around them clapped and cat whistled. "I love you." Kurt said against Puck's lips as tears coursed their way down on his cheeks. Puck gently wiped them away as he whispered, "I love you too. So much. Both you and Mac."

"That wasn't the speech I wrote Puckerman." Maxxie said from behind them. "But congratulations anyway," he added as he gave Kurt a kiss on the cheek and a hug for Puck. Tony did the same.

"Well, it sounded like a Hallmark card." Puck joked. "Your eyes are like the ocean and your hair is as soft as cotton candy. Seriously?" Puck added which earned him a smack on the head from the blonde.

Kurt continued to watch Puck and Maxxie's antics and laughed at them. He then raised his eyes to the sky and saw a shooting star.

He didn't need a wish right now. It had already been granted that one night when he met Noah Puckerman.