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Assistant Director of the FBI John Pollock greeted agent Nicole Scott, Missing Person's Division, by slamming a file on her desk. She jumped a little, and looked up into his dark, unfathomable gaze.

"Hello to you, too, sir."

He wore a bored expression. "Agent," he nodded.

"Why yes, I'm doing fine, what about you?" she said sardonically.

"Me? Oh, I'm fine. I'm not the one who's missing. That would be a Mrs. Loretta Rayson, aged fifty-four, from North Olmsted, Ohio. She disappeared on July 24th. Gather up Mastriani and Cortez for your briefing in the conference room." He paused and started walking away. Pollock looked back, and said in a monotone voice, "Oh, and Agent?" Nicole looked up. "Good morning."

Jess stifled a yawn and forced her eyes open. Pollock paid her no attention and continued. "Ms. Rayson's children are worried. You three are to board a plane in," he paused to check his watch, "one hour and twenty minutes." He glanced up at his agents' faces. Or rather, two of them. Jess was snoring lightly into the wooden table. "Mastriani?" She didn't respond. He snapped his fingers. "Mastriani."

Nicole shook her shoulder. "Jess!" she hissed, but her partner was still fast asleep. "Sir, I'm sorry, but…" she trailed off.

"Her apartment building," supplied Antonio. "They've been doing renovations and construction across the street; she hasn't been getting any sleep, sir."

Pollock looked over at the peacefully slumbering agent again. "Alright, she's briefed and on that plane in an hour, understand?"

"Yes, sir," smiled Nicole. It wasn't often that Pollock showed human-like qualities. He left the room without another word.

Antonio sighed. "Where should we start?"

Wish you were with me now,

Yeah, I'm here holding it down,

And in the dark there's no illusion.

Weighed my options out,

Seen through every shroud,

Of truth,

It's my conclusion:

Time will stand still,

I will find you,

Know you're out there,

I will find you.

We will find you…

"Jess?" Nicole shook her partner's arm. "Jess, it's time to wake up," she said gently. "C'mon, you can sleep on the plane."

"Plane?" asked Jess groggily.

"Yes, we have a new case. We need to go to Ohio." Jess groaned, but she allowed Nicole to lead her to the Bureau's jet.

"Okay, so she goes to church, says goodbye to her kids, and heads out for an errand. Loretta never returned from Wrajevski's Goods. She left at approximately 6:25, and was reported missing at ten o'clock the next morning."

Jess frowned. "That's it? Don't we have anything else?"

"No," Nicole sighed.

"Yes," said Antonio as he walked by, "we do." He sat next to Nicole with his laptop in front of him. "I have the surveillance from the mart." He looked up. "She wasn't there. The tapes came up empty."

"So she lied?" asked Jess.

"Not necessarily, she may have been taken before she made it there," Nicole replied.

"But—" Jess started, before she was pulled into a vision.

A woman was standing in the middle of a sea, endless in all directions. The water nipped at her calves, writhing and licking her skin. "Oh, help me!" she pleaded. She raised her hand and said, "It's going to kill me!" The water started twitching, and it rose up like a huge monster and devoured her. The unfortunate woman's last words were faint. "Godspeed," she breathed, before she was sucked under. She didn't surface again. The water calmed, and everything was silent.

Jess gasped, her mind reeling with shock. She tried to make sense of the vision, but it was hopeless.

"Jess?" Nicole asked.

She shook her head. "It still gets me every time," she said wryly.

"What did you see?" asked Nicole.

"This woman…she was in the water, and then the water sort of …I don't know, overcame her, and then she was gone."

"Okay," Nicole said, wracking his brains. "Did she say anything that could help us?"

Jess thought hard. "She was mainly begging me to help her, but in the end, she wished me 'Godspeed'. I don't know what that means, though…"

"Wait," Antonio started. "What do you mean by, 'The water overcame her'?"

"It was like the water was alive or something," Jess replied. "It sort of reared up and covered her."

"Okay," Antonio thought aloud. "So it was alive?"

"Well, no, because it's water, but maybe it's symbolic?" Jess guessed.

"All right, so we have water that is alive and 'Godspeed'. Any guesses for the other clue?" Nicole asked.

"Maybe 'God' has something to do with religion. A church?" Antonio replied.

"Well the report said that she attended a service at her church, before coming home…" mused Nicole.

"Yeah, but what about the 'speed' part?" Jess asked. "She could have just held up a cross or something, but she mentioned 'speed'."

They were all quiet.

"I'll try searching without 'speed' first, then I'll put it in," Antonio finally decided. He typed in "water", "alive", and "church". Immediately, hits started appearing. "Well, in Columbus, Ohio, there is a 'Living Water Church of Christ'".

Nicole nodded. "That fits. Pull up a map."

He did, and grinned. "Hey, what do you know, Northeast Freeway 90 runs right past it."

"That speed part was important. Ha!" cackled Jess. Her teammates stared at her. "Sorry, I'm tired," she said quietly. Laughing, the three agents got off the plane and started driving to their destination.

The agents knocked on the door and waited for an answer. It was a quaint little neighborhood, but in no way was it a model situation. The homes had a bit of a grungy look to them, and the lawns were dry and unkempt.

A woman in her mid-twenties opened the door. "I'm sorry, but I don't have the time nor money for whatever you're selling," she said apologetically.

Nicole stuck the steel toe of her boot into the doorway so the harried woman couldn't shut it. "Alecia Stuart?" The woman nodded. Nicole flashed her badge. "Nicole Scott, FBI. This is my partner, Jess Mastriani—"

"Hi!" piped in Jess.

"And we'd like to help find your mother," Nicole finished.

Alecia sighed with relief. "Thank goodness! I was wondering if you'd come at all!" She ushered them into the living room. "What can I do?" she asked.

Jess was staring intently at a vase on the coffee table. Nicole subtly elbowed her.

"We'd just like to ask you some—" Nicole was cut off.

"Where'd you get that vase?" Jess asked. Alecia was confused.

"Uh, at my church's craft show?" she answered, as if she was unsure of herself.

"And what church is that?" Jess questioned, unfazed.

"Living Water—"

"Church of Christ," Jess finished. "Excuse me," she said as she whipped out her phone and stepped into the hallway.

Alecia and Nicole stared at her retreating back. "I'm sorry…" Nicole tried to explain Jess's actions. "She's been under a lot of stress lately." Alecia still looked frightened. "So, when was the last time you saw your mother?"

"Antonio?" Jess had to tell the forensics specialist what she had found.

"What's up, Jess?" he asked.

"Okay, remember my vision?" she inquired.

"How could I forget it?" he replied.

"Yeah, I found another tie to it. There was a pattern in the water in my vision, and I saw it again in the daughter's house. She bought in form her church, and guess what that is?"

"No," he exclaimed.

"Oh, yeah, it's true. I think we need to check there."

"On it," he said. "Oh, and Jess?"


"The missing woman—I checked her files. She's diabetic. If she goes into a shock, that would be bad. Really bad."

"Oh my God!" Jess breathed. "We need to find her!"