AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi, umm so basically the reviews for my last HW assignmnet were "Why did Eli ruin her Flashcards?" Too be honest I have no clue. I just wrote it and it felt right, so the end to that is open-ended. (oh and no, my LE teacher did not return my HW back yet) So basically my enitre Writing Seminar class knows I'm addicted to Degrassi and we were writng scripts, I rewrote how I wanted the "I think they're dead" scene to be. I got a check+. I hope you guys like this. I mihgt post my other Writing Seminar assignment tomorrow, still debating because it's so short.

My version of a reenactment of when Eli is first introduced aka the best 36 seconds of my 14 year old life… (I meant for me, not the characters)

*The bolded words are the actual words used in the scene .(INSERT ROSE HERE)

DISCLAIMER: Me no own Degrassi, Me own my Writing Seminar assignmnet idea =)

[Clare is sitting on a bench in front of the school after just confronting Jenna about her boob job rumor. Though happy, she feels upset that no one has noticed that she no longer needed glasses because of her laser eye surgery. She is currently reading a book when Alli comes up to her.]

Alli: Clare! Oh my gosh, I heard what happened in gym. I got to say, it is oddly refreshing to see Jenna being put in her place.

Clare: Yeah, she was so shocked when I pulled the socks out of my blouse.

Alli: Yeah, where'd you think of that idea?

Clare: Darcy used to do it when my parents weren't home and she was with Peter.

Alli: Older sister Darcy has taught you well.

Clare [upset]: Yeah, she has…

Alli: Don't worry Clare-bear, she'll be back soon.

Clare: No it's not that, it's just that no one noticed how I really changed.

Alli: Yes they did, I DID.

Clare: Thanks for the consolation but I think I should go back to wearing my glasses, it's not like anyone will notice the difference.

Alli: Oh no you don't…

[Alli and Clare fight over her glasses. When Clare finally has them in her grasp, Alli slaps her hand sending them flying into the air and landing a couple of feet away from them. As Clare and Alli get up to reach for them, a boy steps on them. Not just any boy however. This boy is clad in head to toe black- black skinny jeans, studded belt, black-checkered converses, black blazer- his hair falls perfectly along his face. He reaches down to pick up the glasses he had stepped on. He stares at them before saying…]

Boy Clad in Black: I think they're dead [insert smirk here]

[Clare reaches for her glasses, as her skin makes contact with his, a shot of happiness runs through her.]

Clare [stutters]: Umm, it's ok, I umm, got umm, laser… surgery.

[Boy Clad in Black bends down to get a closer look at her eyes. He does a double-take as he stares into the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen. Clare also looks into his eyes and see's the most piercing shade of green eyes she had ever seen. Meanwhile Alli is growing bored and slightly annoyed with the exchange]

Alli: Ahem,

[Clare and Boy Clad in Black stare at her almost as if to say, "Why did you ruin the moment where I met my future Girlfriend/Boyfriend?"]

Alli: Oh don't mind me, I'll just stand here and watch you too undress each other with your eyes.

Clare [embarrassed]: Alli!

Boy Clad in Black [to Clare]: You have pretty eyes.

Clare: Ummm thanks uhhh sorry about my friend here she can be a bit impatient.

Boy Clad in Black: It's alright, I'm sure I was interrupting something.

Clare: Uh no, you didn't we were just umm talking.

Boy Clad in Black: I see, well umm its nice meeting you…

Clare: Clare, my name is Clare; well actually Clare AnnMarie, but I prefer Clare.

Boy Clad in Black: Nice to meet you Clare, I'm Elijah Alexander; yeah I just go by Eli [chuckles]

Clare: Mhm, I see well, see you around?

Eli: Guess you will.

[Eli begins to walk away, and just as Clare is about to turn around and walk back to Alli, he calls her name]

Eli: Clare! ... You have pretty eyes.

Clare: You said that already.

Eli: It's worth repeating.

[Eli walks towards the parking lot while Alli is jumping up and down. Clare has a dazed look to her]

Alli: Ooh, I've seen that look before, someone's in love.

Clare: I have no clue what you are talking about, hmmm these are dead.

Alli: Let's go hold it a funeral then. [Laughs]

[Clare and Alli walk over to the trash can nearest to them and throws out her glasses. They walk back over to the bench and gather their stuff.]

Alli: Oh yeah, what's our math homework?

Clare: Huh?

[Clare is staring at the direction that Eli walked in, I'll see him around she thinks.]

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