Jade tell Beck how she feels on this letter:

Dear Beckley Oliver:

I wonder if, just if you still love me.

If when you tripped over Tori Vega one ordinary day, had you fallen in love with her?

Did you forget everything I've been through with you, as friends and as a couple?

Do you think I am as valuable and as amazing you thought before, before this girl came to our lives?

Have you really meant every single time you have kissed me ever since she came here, or have you been making up that you still like me?

Do you regret not dumping me right when you met her?

Do you think I am a bitch, gank, idiot or slot?

Do you still mean it when you say you love me, or do you love Tori Vega now?

I am confused, please explain why you let Tori do all those endless flirts with you every day?

Do you still feel about me the way you felt when you gave me that necklace?

Or the first time you saw me, asked me out, or kissed me?

The real deal is are you still in love with me?

Please explain, there is no much time left. Tori is out of control…

…Do you still love me?

Jadelyn West