Dear Jadelyn West:

I do! I love you more than anything and I always will.

Lets see… Jadelyn West how could you ever think that! Of course I did not!

Of course I haven't! You and me together has been one of the best adventures of my life!

Valuable? Amazing? No, I think you are much more… you are my everything!

Every time I kiss you, I think that I am dreaming for being able to kiss such a special girl!

You are insane! Not in a bad way, but how could you ever think thati never liked Tori! You are MY GIRL!

Of course I don't! You may be jealous and violent, but I love how you always calm down later with me.

Usually I meant it…I am KIDDDING Jadelyn! I have ALWAYS meant it!

Jade, no, she is the one flirting with me. I always tell her that what she did was wrong later.

A lot BETTER! I love you more, and more every day that passes.

Definitely feel better about you now, and I never question myself the decision to date you because you are honest and sweet with me.

Extremely, incredibly, in love with you!

Let me tell you something… "I will NEVER leave you!" The exact words I told you when I gave you that necklace.

You know I still love you and I will always, my Jade.

Now, who wrote this…Beck Oliver, your boyfriend that loves you very much!

Read all the bold letters down. "I love you, Jadelyn is the response.

Hope u liked…