About afternoon Harriet Makepeace reached the property of her father. She parked her car in the driveway, took her bag from the trunk and went up the stair. She knocked on the heavy door. A short time later, the door was opened by Abbott.

„Lady Harriet, it's so good to see you. Welcome home", he welcomed her.

„Hello, Abbott. I want to see my father immediately. Is he in his room?", she greeted him and was already half-way.

„Yes, the doctor is with him. He is still in a coma. Please, give me your bag, I'll bring it to your room", he offered kindly.

Harry gave him the bag and ran upstairs. She was scared to see her father in this condition. Softly she knocked on the door and entered. The doctor looked up and looked at her anxiously.

„Dr. Potter, nice to see you. How is he?", she asked and went to him.

„Nice to see you again, Lady Harriet. I'm worried. He doesn't wake up. Lord Winfield came last week into my medical practice and was very healthy. I can not explain it. I have done some blood tests and expect the results in a few hours. We can only hope and wait",he said, depressed.

„How is that possible? He never had any problems with his heart. Would you leave me alone with him?",she asked horrified and sad.

After the doctor had left the room, she sat down on the edge of the bed. Freddy looked so weak and vulnerable. This sight made her shiver. His skin was gray and his eyes closed. His cheeks looked sunken. She took his cold hand in hers.

„Hi Daddy, it's me Harry. I'm here", she said softly.

The old man did not respond.

„Everything will be fine, Freddy. You can not leave me. I need you, Daddy", she said heartbreaking and tears ran down her cheeks.

She took the phone from the nightstand and dialed the number from the office. After an infinitely long time, Dempsey took up the receiver.

„Hi Dempsey, it's me", she said shortly.

„Hey Harry, how is your father? Is there anything new?", he asked concerned.

„He is in a coma. This is so terrible. I don't know what to do. He looks so vulnerable. Dr. Potter was here but can not explain his condition. I am desperate",she stammered through her tears.

„Damned Spikings! He doen't let me go. I write the report for the third time and he is never good enough. I have to get out of here. I leave the crap and I'm on my way, princess. To hell with that bloody report. You are much more important", he railed loudly.

„ Listen to me, Dempsey. You need finish this, otherwise we will soon have no more job we have to worry about. Please, restrain yourselfe. Don't overreact!", she begged.

„Okay, okay, I do it. I'm hurrying and I'm with you soon. Keep your chin up, Harry. You can do this", he tried to reassure her.

„Don't be stupid, Dempsey. Stay calm and relaxed, then you'll make it. I'll keep you informed. Hear you later, bye James."

She didn't wait for him to respond and hung up the phone.

The hours went by in slow motion. In the evening, Dr. Potter arrived with the blood results. Harry had not left Freddy's bedside. Abbott had made her a snack but she wasn't hungry. The doctor entered the room and put his documents on the table.

„I have very disturbing news, Lady Harriet", he said strained.

„What is it, Doctor?"

„We found an unknown substance in his blood. I believe that this substance has caused the condition",he said gently.

„What do you mean?", she asked in shock.

„I think Lord Winfield was poisoned. We can not identify the poison. It has an unusual composition", he answered honestly.

„You will let him die? You can't do anything? There must be an antidote! Do what you are paid for!",she shouted in rage.

„We need to find out what poison it is and that can take days. Until then, it may be too late. I'm really sorry, Lady Harriet. I don't know, what to do. There remains the possibility to find the perpetrator. You're the police. Find the culprit and we find out what poison it is."

„Who would do that? Who would want to do something to my father? I can't believe it. He has done nothing to anyone. I have to inform my boss and my partner. How long will he live? How much time do we have?", she wanted to know exactly.

„I really don't know. I give him an infusion of fluid. That should give us more time."

The doctor laid the infusion, while Harry picked up the phone. Superintendent Spikings answered the phone.

„Hello sir", she greeted desperately.

„Hello, Makepeace. How is your father? Is everything all right?"

„Not, it's not. My father was poisoned and his chances are bad. I want to work on the case. I have to find the culprit. Please send Dempsey. I need him."

„Dempsey is not here anymore. Without saying a word, he walked away. That was hours ago. He scolded, and threw a half-finished report on my table. Only God can help him, if I see him again!", he said furious.

At that moment, Harry heard a car in the driveway. She looked out the window and saw Dempsey got out of his car. Harry was relieved to see him.

„He is here, sir and I really need him right now. I'll report back tomorrow. I need to hang up now."

„Take care of yourself, Makepeace and do everything possible to save your father. You have my support. Call me if you need anything", he said friendly.

„Thank you, sir. But I just need Dempsey."

She hung up the phone and ran down the stairs. Abbott had already opend the door and Dempsey had entered the manor.

„Hey, old boy. How are ya?", Dempsey said fluffy.

„Good evening, Mr. Dempsey. Lady Harriet is upstairs."

Harry had reached the landing and was happy to see him.

„I'm so glad you're here. Good thing you did not listen to me", she said relieved.

„Why this change of heart?", he asked carefully.

She did not answer but wrapped her arms around him.

„What have I done to deserve this?", he asked surprised.

„Something terrible has happened. Freddy was poisoned."