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Jack and Sam had been married for six years, the first year Sam gave birth a girl, Tara. Three years later Sam gave birth to twins, a boy, Mark, and a girl, Lilly. I wasn't easy for them, When Sam had Tara she was told that the chance of her getting pregnant and carrying to term again would be slim. But like normal Sam proved them wrong.

Jack woke to the sound of Sam humming as she cleaned around the bedroom, the kids were with Janet and Cassie as it was Sam and Jack's anniversary.

"whatcha humming?" Jack asked leaning up in bed looking at his wife with a big grin on his face

"Don't wanna miss a thing" Sam replied and kept humming.

Jack got up and came up behind Sam and hugged her. "You know I love you. Come back to bed so I can show you" Jack wiggled his eyebrows making Sam giggle. He turned Sam around and kissed her deeply. Using the kiss as a distraction and pushed her back onto the bed. It was long before he had her naked and laying beside him trying to catch her breath.

"Wow Jack. I needed that. God I love you" Sam told Jack as she Smiled and Kissed him.

"Sam The roads are bad tonight please be careful on your drive home." Jack told Sam on the phone.

"I will Jack, Tara and I will be home soon. Kiss Mark and Lilly for me. I got to go. Love you" Sam replied and hung up as The red light changed to Green. It was December and a bad snow storm hit Colorado Springs. Sam had taken Tara shopping and it wasn't until they were on their way home that the storm hit.

"Mom. Can we have uncle Teal'c and uncle Daniel over this weekend?" Tara asked from the back seat in Sam's mini van. Jack of course still had his truck and Sam traded in the Volvo for the van for the kids.

They were almost home when Sam had to stop for another red light. "That's a great idea, maybe they can help us decorate the tree we just got. What do you thin?"

"Yay!" Tara yelled

Sam smiled as she looked briefly in the rear view mirror at her daughter. Tara had blue eyes like Sam's and brown hair like Jack. The light turned green and Sam started into the intersection.

The sound of screeching tires and head lights coming at the Van from the right scared Sam, she tried to avoid the truck that was coming full speed at the but it was to late. The truck slammed so hard into the van almost folded in half as it flipped over and over until it hit a light post hard and slid into a ditch and stopped on its roof..

Jack had been making dinner and watching the twins play when out of the blue he started humming the song Sam had been earlier. Jack laughed. The phone rang and at the same time the door bell..

Jack sighed. Picking up the portable phone as he walked to the door.

"O'Neill" He spoke into the phone

"Jack, Teal'c and I are coming over this weekend. Tree decorating time."

"Sure thing Danny boy. One second have to get the door."

Jack put the phone of the stand by the door as he opened the door. Two Police officers stood at the door. Jack felt a hit to the gut.

"Can I help you?" Jack asked praying they weren't at his door for what he felt the reason why.

"Sir. I'm constable Young and this is Constable Little, may we come in?"

Jack felt the colour drain from his face as he let the officers enter the house and closed the door.

"Mr. O'Neill, your wife is Samantha Elizabeth Carter O'Neill?"


"And your daughter is Tara Christina O'Neill?"

"Yes.." Jack felt dizzy and had to lean up against the wall.

"Sir there was an accident. A Ford F250 ran a red light hitting your Wife's van. Your wife was rushed to the hospital along with your daughter.. Sir they are in bad shape. We received a report that they were rushed into surgery. We have come to take you to the hospital."

Jack wanted to be sick. His wife, his dear Sam and Beautiful little girl were fighting for their lives. "What of the truck driver?"

"He died on impact" Constable Young heard the sound of giggles from the living room and walked into to see the twins playing.

"Mr. O'Neill do you have someone who can look after the kids?"

Jack didn't respond at first. He was still in shock. He looked around and saw the phone but when he picked it up again the dial tone could be heard. The front door opened fast to revile Daniel and Teal'c standing there.. "Go Jack we will take care of Mark and Lilly. I heard it all" Daniel said to a shocked Jack.

"Dinner is cooking." Jack mumbled as he grabbed his coat and boots.

Daniel nodded and watched as the officers ushered Jack out to the car.