Here it is finally! This is the last chapter. I hope you enjoyed the story

For hours Jack and Daniel were on the phone calling Sam's Lawyer and the police. Janet had helped Sam into bed and checked on the twins who were fast asleep and had the perfect body guard. Teal'c.

"Okay Sam is asleep. I had to sedate her but just enough to give her at least six hours sleep." Janet explained as she sat down beside Daniel. "The twins are asleep too, Teal'c is watching over them"

Daniel handed her a glass water she had left on the coffee table before she put Sam to bed.

"Thank you Daniel." Janet took a sip of the water and watched Jack pace while he was on the phone.

Moments later he got off the phone and turned to see both Daniel and Janet looking at him. "The police are going to be investigating the allegations of the attempted kid napping of Sam and the Lawyer is trying to get the case tossed out."

Daniel and Janet watched as Jack grabbed a beer from the frig and drank half in one go. He dropped himself down into his favourite chair and sighed "It's about damn time. I sick of bad things happening to people I love."

"Jack.." Sam's voice caught Jack's attention. She was standing in the door way of the living room, half asleep and looking like she was about to fall over. Within seconds Jack was at her side and as she collapsed he picked her up and carried her back to bed and watched as Janet checked her out.

"She's fine Jack. But I would feel better if she was at the base." Janet didn't even bother looking at him, she was to focused on her friend.

"Alright we will pack up and go there" Jack rushed out of the room, told Teal'c the plan and then got all the cars ready.

When they pulled into the base parking a medical team was waiting for them. Janet helped the team get Sam on to the gurney and rushed her in. Jack with the help of Teal'c got the bags and the twins and followed behind the medical team.

Jack sighed a sigh of frustration after tucking in the twins and closing the door.

"What is wrong O'Neill?" Teal'c asked with his usual tone, hands behind his back, showing no emotion.

"I'm sick and tired of people hurting the ones I love" Jack growled at Teal'c and walked towards the infirmary.

Once outside the doors he stopped and tried to calm himself down it would be no good if he went to see Sam upset. He sighed and rolled his shoulders then held his head high as he pushed open the doors and walked in.

Janet sat beside Sam's bed reading a book, looking like she is waiting for something to happen. She looked up and smiled when she saw Jack.

"She's in a deep sleep Sir." Janet got up from the chair and walked into her office closing the door as she went.

Jack just stood at the foot of the bed staring at Sam. Hoping this nightmare was over and they could recover some of the pieces of his family. He moved to the seat Janet had just vacated and dropped himself down.

"Damn Sam what a mess this has been." Jack spoke softly to his wife. And took her hand "But its almost over. I promise you"

"Sorry to bug you Jack but Sam's Lawyer has managed to get the case tossed and all charges against Sam have been dropped." Daniel explained as he approached his friends.

"And the kid napping attempt?" Jack asked

"The police have arrested all those responsible. Sam will not have to go to court. They have plaid guilty to all charges. Turns out that when Sam got into that accident Mr. Thomas was actually trying to make a drug drop deadline. He was to pick up the drugs and drop them off at his wives warehouse where a van would be waiting." Daniel told Jack the news.

"Thank you Daniel." Jack wasn't sure he could say anything else. He looked at Sam and smiled "Didn't I promise you this would be all over soon." Jack kissed Sam's forehead. "Daniel stay with Sam, I need to call Jim" Jack ran out of the room leaving Daniel smiling.

One Year Later

Sam and Jack stood at their daughter's grave holding each others hands and theirs twins.

"I'm so sorry my beautiful girl. This should never have happened." Sam spoke to the grave stone of Tara O'Neill's.

Jack squeezed her hand a little "Okay Mark, Lily why don't you put the flowers down in front of the stone." The twins let go of their parents hands and put the flowers down. Jack took the twins back to the SUV while Sam said good bye.

"I can't change what happened Tara. I wish I could but I can't. What I do know is I am going to do what ever I can to watch Mark and Lily grow up. I don't want to miss a thing. Not this time."

Many Years Later

Jack and Sam sat in the auditorium of the High school their children attended. Today they were graduating from High school and Sam's retirement papers finally went through. Sam had been off work for almost a year since Jack had a small heart attack. But today they were both so happy to see Mark and Lily graduate with honours.

Lily joined the air force and like her mother she was extremely smart. Mark decided to become a doctor and when the time came both Lily and Mark worked for the SGC.