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Alice and Tarrant became even more inseparable as the year went by. Many people would find them on long walks, hand in hand throughout Underland or even through the White Queens' white rose garden. When they weren't doing that, they would be taking tea in either ones rooms. Tarrant had officially moved in during the fall months when, he said, "It was simply too cold to walk to and fro the castle."

Mirana had a feeling that more then friendship was growing between her champion and her hat maker. She smiled at the idea, the wonderfully, mad, crazy idea.

Alice reached Underland holiday. Surprisingly enough, the creatures of Underland celebrate Christmas as well. Except, Santa Claus is real, their trees are upside down, and they hang the presents from the ceiling above the tree. Just a few differences.

One soul day was dedicated to decorating the castle, and everyone helped, including Mirana. In fact, Mirana seemed to be the most in a holiday type spirit, and that is saying something because everyone seemed rather excited.

The day went by quickly, as everything was being done, step-by-step. Trimmings were hung from the many arches of the castle, white lights were displayed on the outside of the palace, and bows were tied around the trees in the entrance courtyard, hopefully to make them feel more festive.

"Now, we have saved the best for last. Decorating the tree!" Mirana announced to the group as she checked over everyone's work. Exciting cheers filled the air and the group quickly ran to the Queen's throne room, Alice laughed as she started getting pushed by the many excited chess pieces. Tarrant's hand quickly grabbed hers to catch her from falling. She looked up at him with a smile. Their hands didn't drop from one anothers until they caught up with the group.

"Only one tree?" Alice asked as she looked at the full, seven foot evergreen now being stringed in lights.

"Ehh...well ya'. Won Santa...won th'ree" Thackery said in his heavy accent. He twitched slightly as he held a white, glowing bulb. "Oh, shineh!"

Decorated with white lights, white glass bulbs, white flowers, and white "shoes?" Alice looked at them in curiosity.

"Here in Underland, Santa fills the shoes with treats. Candies, toys, tea bags, whatever he sees fit to fill our Christmas morning with. You don't hang shoes in Upperland?" Tarrant asked.

"No, in Upperland, we hang stockings by the fire. That's where our treats are left." Alice informed Tarrant as she recalls Christmas in England.

"How very odd...I bet your teabags would smell, and perhaps taste, horrible." Tarrant says, giving a slight look of disgust at the thought of "foot-flavored tea." This got an angelic laugh from Alice, making Tarrant smile.

"Be careful, it's hot" warned Alice as she passed Tarrant a green mug full of delicious, Underland hot coco, topped off with whipped cream.

Instead of tea, since it was Christmas Eve and rather nippy outside, Alice thought hot coco would be appropriate to drink. Alice had her hands wrapped around her warm red, matching mug full of the delicious chocolatey mix.

Tarrant looked at the drink with question. He had never tried chocolate in liquid form before, nor had he tried the white fluff on the top of it that Alice called "whipped cream." "Alice...no cows were hurt in the making of the 'whipped cream', correct?"

Alice slightly laughed, "No Hatter, no cows were whipped to make your whip cream. It's just some sugar, milk, and vanilla mixed very quickly to make it fluffy. It's very good, I hope you like it."

Alice sipped her coco slowly but very lady like. The way she did it was almost artistic. Tarrant watched her movements from under his hat. Alice closed her eyes as she swallowed the coco, loving the taste on her taste buds and the warmth that filled her whole body. She released a low "Mmmmm."

A soft sigh was heard from Tarrant not long after. Opening her eyes, she noticed her friend enjoying the delicious brew. "Will it be replacing your tea anytime soon?" Alice asked, already knowing the answer.

Tarrant's eyes shot open. "It is quiet good, however, nothing can replace my tea." Looking her way he couldn't help but smile at the sight before him. Alice seemed to have a slight smudge of the white fluff "whipped cream" to the side of her mouth. "Oh, Alice, you have a bit of-" Tarrant stated as he motioned to his own mouth in reference to hers.

Quickly, Alice's hand shot up and rubbed the opposite side of the spot. "Did I get it?" she asked, blushing at the embarrassing display she must have been. Tarrant shook his head lightly as he reached in and gently wiped the fluff away.

But his fingers slightly lingered. When he felt skin, he couldn't help but notice a slight surge of electricity that kept him in place. Looking up to Alice's eyes, he noticed they had grown slightly in size. His fingers danced over towards her lips, which puckered as they came into contact with his skin, releasing light kisses and soaking up the whipped cream slowly.

Their eyes were glued, and their hearts raced. Who would be the winner? Tarrant slowly dropped his hand as they starred into one anothers eyes, in somewhat of a trance.

Slowly but surely, Tarrant leaned towards the Champion of Underland, and noticed she began to lean towards him. As they came closer and closer in contact her eyes began to shut. He could feel her breath on his face and smell her coco-like sent. Just before their lips brushed, Alice pulled away with wide eyes. Tarrant stayed in place, lips puckered, waiting for them to meet lovely pink ones.

Alice covered her mouth, and mumbled a quick "sorry" before standing up and rushing from his room. Had he done something wrong? It seemed as though everything was moving along so nicely, the light kisses to his finger tips almost confirmed to him that these feelings and emotions weren't one sided. He had been feeling the futterwacking rabbits in his stomach for months now, every time he caught sight of Alice. He couldn't ignore this anymore.

Slowly rising to a standing position, Tarrant straightened his hat and strode to Alice's room just down the hall. 'I hope you're there, Alice."

She was there, leaning over the balcony, wrapped in a blanket, staring out into the rising moonlight. Tarrant crept behind her slowly. He took his normal place next to her, remembering all the times thee had done the same. This time, however, he was not greeted with an 'Alice Smile.' She did not turn, did not speak, she seemed to have not even noticed his presence.

Tarrant looked into the profile of her face. Her cheeks were rosy, whether from the cold or the previous action, Tarrant did not know. But he found the colour to look ever so lovely on her. She took in a breath of air and slightly moved, showing a glistening speck on her cheek. Tears.

"Oh Alice, please do not cry. I hope my actions have not upset you." Tarrant said in a panic. He did not wish to upset her at all, he wished to see her smile, hear here laugh. And yet, he has done the opposite.

Alice did not jump at the sound of his voice, she merely wiped the tear from her cheek. "You have done nothing Hatter, it is what I have done. I have done something that could possibly be seen as the most maddening thing anyone could think of..." she stated in a light, sad voice.

"...What have you done?" Tarrant asked in wonder.

Alice sighed, and looked down at the light snow that covered the balcony banister. "The Champion of Underland has fallen deeply in love with the Queen's hat maker..."

Tarrant's heart skipped slightly. Then why had she pulled from him? Was the idea of kissing him that maddening? Was he repulsive? He frowned at the thought.

"and now I am taking advantage of your kind gestures. You're helping a friend who seems to only think about nothing more then kissing your pale lips..." Alice shed another tear, melting the snow in its path as gravity took over.

Placing his hand under her chin, Tarrant slowly brought her to look at him. His eyes wide with wonder and his face plastered with the biggest smile Alice had ever seen.

"You're not taking advantage of me dear Alice. For I want nothing more then to kiss your petite, pink lips as well..." he stated with a slight lisp before he went in to finish the deed. Leaning in as quick as possible, before she had the chance to change her mind.

Pale met pink, mad met madder, and waltzing butterflies met futterwacking rabbits.

Tarrant cradled her face ever so gently as her arms crept up to his shoulders. Mouths slowly opened and closed as they took in one another's taste, with eyes shut.

That "hour or two" Alice had meant to be away for in Upperland turned to days, then turned to weeks, which turned to months, that then turned to years.

Hatter would not be waiting ever again.

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