*Cue FIRE!*


May 10, 2004_ _ _|

Takuya stares at the oncomming truck that is about to crash into him. "Is this my destiny?"

The very word sent his mind reeling back toward one moment not only...

Several Minutes Eariler_ _ _|

Takuya Kanabara stared at the rich moist chocolate cake that sits on the table, clearly taunting him by saying "You know you want to eat this cake! But you can't have any untill the party!"

He simply stared at the cake with (Fake) disgust and thought to himself. "It's just a lie! It's just a lie! I Do Not Want Any Lying Ca..." His thoughts were cut off as his cellphone gave off it's obnoxios and annoying ring tone- clearly changed yet again by his younger brother's antics.

Takuya glared at the phone, currently saying that he'd received a new text message on it's main screen. "What the...? What in the world is this?"

"Takuya Kanabara. This is a game to decide your Destiny. Will you play? Yes. No." the message read itself aloud with a distinctly female voice.

"What...? How did...?" He sighed. "Well, 'Destiny' sounds better than waiting for cake... I guess..." he then presses the select button on the "Yes." icon.

"Good. Please Be At The Shibuya Train Station at 6:15 for the Odiba boarding line."

"What?" Takuya glanced at the clock on the wall behind him. 5:35. "Aww...Man! Mom! I'm going out!"

"Ok! Just be home in time for your brother's party!" His mom says from the kitchen.

Takuya quickly raced outside, charged down the street, all while fastening his hat and goggle combo tightly onto his head. Suddenly, a young boy kicked his soccer ball past his dad and into the street, where it slowly came to a stop right in front of Takuya's feet. Without missing a single beat, He immediately kicked it back.

"Thanks Mister!" the boy exclaims in gratitude.

Minutes later, As Takuya raced down a hill, the truck turning the corner suddenly drove over a rather randomly placed skateboard ramp in the road. The timing of this- combined with where Takuya was standing on (well, more like running across) the street- caused the truck to tip over, and fall on it's side- right ontop of Takuya.

This here was the moment of fate, the moment where Takuya's life flashed before his eyes. "Is this my destiny?"

He needed not to worry as, tripple-ly suddenly, Takuya was pushed to the ground by a strange shadow (with a burning, smouldering aura around it), thereby saving him from the truck that had lost it's ballance.

"What...?" The creature's blue eyes narrowed at him before vanishing into thin air, leaving Takuya speechless, confused, and laying on the ground for seemingly no apparent reason.

"Hey! Kid are you allright?" The Driver asked as he climbed out of the overturned truck

"Yeah, I'm fine. Hey, Do you know what time it is?" Takuya nodded.

"Uh..." The man checked his watch. "It's about a quarter 'till six."

"Great! thanks!" Takuya raced off again for the train station. "I'm Gonna be late!"

"Strange kid." The driver shook his head, then looked over the overturned truck. "My insurance company will never believe this..."

Strangely, the skateboard ramp was gone. The only sign of it's existance being a strange blue glow on the ground, like that of a Bar-code fading from sight.


"Ohh! Come on!" Takuya growled as he banged his head against the ticket machine. "I knew I should have asked for more allowance!" Yes, sadly, he had no money with him. "Come ON!" He gave it a punch for good measure.

There was a flare of energy from within the machine, and then it spat out a ticket, it's bar code glowing a light blue color. "Maybe this is my destiny!" Takuya quickly grabbed the ticket, and raced inside the building towards the boarding platform.

INSIDE_ _ _|

Koji Minamoto looked at his cell phone while recalling the message he received.

"What did she mean by 'Awnser the call of your destiny'?" His thoughts were cut off suddenly by an enraged yell that occurred just as the doors closed.

Kouji looked up and- There!- leaning against the door was Takuya, breathing heavily. "Just...Made It..."

As he said this, a blond haired girl gasped at the comment made by the person on the other end of her cell phone.

All the while, a kid wearing a green baseball cap watched Kouji with a slight amount of concern.

Moments pass in silence as the girl keeps listening to her cell phone, Takuya tries regains his breath, Koji leans against the back of his seat, and the baseball cap wearing kid keeps glancing about the train nervously. Then, the silence breaks by Several cellphones ringing out in alarm, A New text message.

"Transfer to the 6:45 West Shinjuku line at the Odiba station. Then Take the elevator by the boarding dock down to the bottom level, and choose a train before the they leave."

Takuya looked around the train for a clock- only finding the Watch on the baseball cap wearing kid's wrist. 6:18 P.M. The train didn't stop at Odiba until 6:35, and the West Shinjuku line was on the other side of the station, which meant...

"WHY IS THIS NEVER EASY!" Takuya roared out. "Arghhh! I'll be lucky if I even make it!"

Across the train, people shot him strange looks, and some even tried to stifle their laughter.

Kouji shook his head. 'Why'd this kid get called in?'

"ODAIBA STATION! PLEASE WATCH YOUR STEP!" The announcer called out over the PA system as they stopped.

Without missing a single beat, Kouji and Takuya raced out the door, with the Girl and the baseball cap wearing kid not moments behind them.

"Heh! Maybe I'll be able to make it after all!" Takuya grinned.


That grin faded the moment that Izumi "Zoe" Orimoto reached the elevator first. A quick glance to her cell phone revealed the time- 6:44 P.M. "Wow, I'm faster than I thought. And I'm not even out of breath yet!"

At that moment, the doors to the elevator began to open, and she let herself in. Seconds later, Koji raced into the elevator, with a slight glowing aurora around him (but that could just be a trick of the light).

A few moments passed, and then the doors started to close. "NOT TODAY!" With a roar, Takuya came flying through the closing doors with only a bare minimum of space-


...Only stopping when he crashed face first into the opposite wall.

"Ow...My head..." Takuya groaned.

There was a moment of pause, and then Kouji reached for the down button. "What the...!"

"Why aren't there any buttons?" Zoe narrowed her eyes. Usually an elevator had atleast two buttons, but this one didn't even have an emergency phone button on it! It had no buttons at all!

Then, without any warning, the elevator suddenly jerked, went up for a few moments, then dropped like a stone. "WAAAAHHH!" Everyone screamed as they fell.

Down and down...

The baseball cap wearing kid smashed his fists against the doors as he watched the elevator plummet down. "No! I can't...!"

With that, he turned for the near by stair case.


Elevators from all directions flew through the earth, passing through layers upon layers of rock and dirt. Their destination was the same: a large, round, subterranean, domed train station.

Moments after departing their station, the elevator containing our three Heroes came to a slow, but abrupt halt. After the breaks let loose a huge puff of steam, the doors to the elevator open to let the three dazed children off.

"Let's get off of this thing before it decides to go the other way again!" Takuya quickly jumped off towards a bright red train.

"That train looks nice!" Zoe quickly chased after him.

"Hmmf...Armatures..." Koji shrugged, but calmly walked over to the blue painted train next to the red one.

A bunch of bullies pushed a small, eight year old boy into the same red train just as it's doors start closing.

"HEY!" The kid yells out in surprise.

Zoe quickly burst ahead towards the last car, and managed to jump inside before it's final doors closed and began to take off.

Takuya races after the end car of the train as it picks up speed and reaches the end of the boarding platform. "I'm not...Going to miss...MY DESTINY!" He roared out as he jumped foward, only barely managing to grab onto the railing just as the platform ends.

With a sigh of relief, Takuya pulled himself onto the car just as the train enters the tunnel. "Tha...That was...That was close..."

"WOAH!WOAH!" echos through the air as the train races down the tunnel.

"Ohh, man...Why did I have to choose this train for? It's gotta have the loudest horn in the history of trains!" Takuya stoped in his tracks as he entered the second to last (or rather, first) train car. Zoe, the young boy (now crying crying) that was pushed onto the train, and a slightly muscular boy in a jumpsuit were all scattered about the car.

"Hey! I didn't think you managed to get on!" Zoe waves to him.

"Yeah... I... Ah... Kinda jumped onto the last car before we entered the tunnel..." He frowns. "Hm, wait a minute... You look familiar... I Mean.. Not from the train but..."

She glared at him. "Do you really not remember?"

"Erm... I..." he blinked, repeatedly. "Uh... Zoe...?"

"Took ya long enough, Takuya." She huffs and crosses her arms. "I'm only, like your best friend since grade school..."

"Well, I didn't know you were back in Japan and..." He cut himself off. "Wait a minute, why didn't you say something in the elevator!"

"Well, you did dive head first into an elevator." She started. "And I wasn't really sure if..."

"If you're finished, can ya keep it down? I'm trying to get some sleep!" The muscular boy started.

"No." Takuya and Zoe glare at him. "We are not finished."

"Fine! Be rude." he then muttered "But, being the polite thing to do, even though it's against my common nature." as quietly as possible before raising his voice. "Anyways, Since I already know your names. You should AT LEAST know mine. I'm Jp!" With that, he snapped his fingers and a napkin with his initials on it appeared with a poof of smoke.

"Woah..." The younger boy stopped crying at the sigh. "How'd you do that?"

"Magic." "Jp" Replied.

"Awesome..." The young boy's eyes widened in amazement. "I'm, Tommy."

"Nice to meet ya' Tommy!" Takuya held out his hand in greeting. "You too, Jp."

"Yeah, whatever." Jp summoned a chocolate bar from... somewhere... and started eating it.

Takuya, Zoe, and Tommy stared at his seemingly natural ability for magic.

"You know... I have a feeling this is about to get a whole lot more interesting." Takuya started.

"I don't doubt it." Zoe nodded.

The train continued on in (relative) Silence for what seemed like an eternity (Only really three minutes) when, suddenly...


The train jolts as they pass through some sort of barrier generated by a ring shaped device mounted to the tracks. But even more suddenly, everything took on a blueish tint to it and... began to dissolve into nothing.

Not even sound was immune, any screams of shock and surprise that happened were cut short as the entire train de-molecularized, and transformed into tiny specks of Data, where, ...


...Nearly 3.5 seconds later, The bright red Worm type Trailmon that the children had been on emerged from a matching ring shaped device's blue, water like event horizon- A Digital variation of the (not so) commonly known Stargate.

Now, one more detail about their environment that you should realize is this: The train track that the Trailmon was on was floating in mid air. The only thing beneath it was a thick, deep, fog. Indeed, if one were to pull out to a Space view of the world, one would see that there were many areas like this.

Whole sections of the world- where mountains, oceans, vast grass fields, and even entire towns and citys- were simply not there. Instead replaced by fog, and lots of it. And the destination of this red Trailmon?

A train station built into a factory, on an 'island' of rock that simply floated in the sea of fog.


Inside, the four children began to re orientate themselves. Takuya had found himself plastered to the floor, Jp found himself stuck in the baggage rack above his seat, Tommy was slowly sliding down the wall, and Zoe was trying to wrench herself out from beneath the bench she had been sitting on.

"I don't EVER want to go through that again..." Jp groaned as he pulled himself out of the rack. "That was way too rough for me...How'd I even get up here anyways?"

"How am I supposed to know." Takuya grumbled as he pulled out his cellphone to check the time to see how long they had been unconscious, if they had at all- Except his cell phone wasn't there.

Instead, it now looked like a train ticket puncher, only made out of plastic, thicker, without the ticket punching track and the ticket puncing handel. It had a rubber grip, two buttons below the screen, one button on the side, some sort of scanner rim at the top right hand side and a frame around the previously mentioned screen that were all of a black shade that contrasted sharply with it's red body.

"What the...?" Takuya glanced around, and noticed that the cellphones the other kids had were replaced by this device as well- Only, they had different collors: Zoe's was dark pink with light pink trip, Tommy's was white with green trim, and Jp's was dark blue with gold trim.

"Welcome to the Digital World, This is Your D-Scanner." All four devices chimed in at once.

"What in Black Mesa is a Digital World?" Jp blinked. "Is it like Xen or Something?"

"What's Black Mesa?" Tommy asked in return. "I've never heard of it..."

"It's an American Computer game." Jp paused. "Definitely not your style, kid. The first five minutes alone will give ya nightmares."

"Why's that?"


"Wow..." Zoe smiles as she looks out the window of the train car. "We're pretty high up... I can't see the ground." Suddenly, several blob like, ghost-ish creatures called Poyomon float up and press themselves against the window, distorting their features. "What are...?" The Poyomon smiled in delight- each of them thinking "Visitors! Visitors! We haven't had any visitors in a long time!"- however, their delight looked like malice due to their faces being pressed against the window.

"AIEEEE!" Zoe screamed, within reason.

The train slowly came to a complete stop, then, with sudden sudden-ness, the top half of the train car the four children were in lifted up, and a burst of steam forced them off of their seats.

"End of the Line!" The main train engine, the Worm Trailmon, orders as it backs out of the station, back towards the Digital Gate. Un-noticed to everyone except you readers, however, was a shadowy, fire-y form that jumped off of the top of the main engine, and off into the shadows to not be seen.

"You know..." Takuya grimaced as they sat up. "I really hope we don't make a habbit of getting knocked off of those train things like that..."

"I don't like it here." Tommy started. "It's too quiet." Indeed, the station was relatively empty and quiet (excluding the sound of burning furnaces in the distance). "I wanna go home."

"Well, I don't know how we could..." Zoe frowned. "It doesn't look like there's any way out of this place."

Jp took a glance around. "Well... If this were Half Life, I'd find some weapons, maybe a crowbar..."

"A Crowbar?" Takuya blinked. "Why would we need a crowbar for?"

"To bash the Zombies' heads in, why else?" Jp stared at the goggle wearing boy like he was crazy.

"Erm...Okay..." Takuya blinked again. "Disregarding that there probably aren't any zombies around here, what next?"

"Well, either I'd start bashing random boxes in, until I found something I could use to knock a wall down with..." Jp shrugged. "Or if I was being really suiscidal, I'd start running across the train tracks back to whatever gate brought us here."

"It's a really long way down, though." Zoe frowned. "What if you fell?"

"Hmm... if this were like URU, I'd just have my Relto Book incase I fell off!" Jp smashed his right fist into his left hand. "Pannic link to safety!"

Zoe stared. "Okay, what's a Relto book?"

"It's a personal linking book!" Jp sighed, exasperated. "Don't you guys play any video games?"

Zoe shook her head. "I've been in Italy for the last two years."

Takuya shrugged. "I only play co-op shooters with my bro..."

And Tommy...

"Eh...? Where's the kid?" Jp looked around.

"Oh no!" Takuya gasped.

...Tommy was walking across the train rail that the Worm Trailmon had arrived and left on.

"Tommy! What are you doing?" Takuya yelled as he started after the boy.

"I'm trying to get home!" He called back.

"Well, you're not getting back that way!" Takuya growled as he reached the point where the ground ended and the fog began. "Get back here right now!"

"I Can't!" Tommy cried out. "It's the only way!"

"Hey! Let me find a crowbar!" Jp called out. "Then we'll have plenty of ways to get out of here!"

Suddenly, a loud growling noise echos throughout the station as a burst of green flames burst through a far wall, melting through it and through the ground connecting the floating train tracks to the main ground!

With Seconds to react, Takuya races forward, grabs Tommy off the track, and jumps off back towards the train station before the track bends down to send them falling into the fog below.

Too bad that the melting of the edge of the island had revealed a small chamber below where the solid ground had once been. Meaning that Tommy and Takuya fell down into that chamber instead of landing safely on the ground.

"Wh- What was that?" Zoe asked as two small digimon race toward them, one looking like a child with white fur and wearing a pink belt; the other looking like a yellow rabbit wearing red pajama bottoms.

"It Is A Cerubumon!" The white digimon answers in his British accent.

"I don't like this one bit!" Jp growled as a black armored wolf with three heads emerged from the hole it had melted in the wall. "And me without my crowbar."

"Neither do I!" the rabbit digimon cowered.

"Where is the spirit!" The black digimon orders.

{CERUBUMON: "A ghastly digimon whose 'EMERALD BLAZE' Attack will melt anything in it's path. He is a 'Bounty Hunter' of sorts, never stopping ever to colpmete his mission."}

"Why do you want the Spirit of Flame?" The rabbit digimon asked naively.

"So my employer can enter the human world!" Cerubumon coldly replied. "And so that I can get paid!"

Takuya's eyes widened. "The spirit... Can open gateways...?"

"Oh! So you're one of those high and mighty types." the white digimon narrowed his eyes. "Well, as Keeper of the Book! I won't allow it!"

Cerubumon raised an eyebrow. "You? You of all Digimon dare oppose ME?" He laughed. "You have no attacks to speak of! And You DARE Challenge me to a fight?"

"NO! I DO!" Takuya roared from the sub chamber.

Cerubumon cast his eyes down. "You? You're just a Humon! What can you do to hurt ME?"

Takuya narrowed his eyes at the dark form above him. "I'M The One Who Has the Spirit!" with that, he bravely stepped infront of Tommy, arms spread wide. "I'm the one you should be fighting!"

"You?" The three headed wolf laughed. "HA! I doubt that AncientGreymon chose you, a mere Humon, to wield the powers of the Spirit of Flame! EMERALD BLAZE!"

Suddenly, green flames shoot out of the mouths of each head on Cerubumon, aimed right at Takuya down below.

"TAKUYA!" Zoe cries out as the green fire impacts his body...


Instead, the flames encircle him, turning from green to bright red before siphoning off towards a jet air stream that seemed to be the focus of the sub chamber.

"What!" Cerubumon's eyes widened. "That's impossible!"

Takuya looked at his gloved hands for a moment, then looked up at Cerubumon, a devilish grin on his face. "See? What'd I tell ya? I'm the one with the Spirit of Flame!"

Cerubumon jumped down towards the sub chamber, his claws a blaze. "Then I'll just have to take it from you!"

Split second timing and sheer luck was all Takuya needed: part of the broken train rail from above him had landed at his feet, a well timed kick flipped the beam up into his hands just in time to block Cerubumon's claws.

"Time to go for a Spin!" With Cerubumon's forward momentum partially halted, Takuya quickly switched his grip on the metal bar, and swung it like a baseball bat. Inertia did the rest.

{AN: Now, if this were an anime, or a cartoon, or any sort of drawn media, Cerubumon's eyes would have gone as wide as dinner plates the moment Takuya had blocked his attack- his eyes would have remained in place for a few seconds even as his body was sent flying towards the jet stream before deciding to catch up- and, finially, he would have vanished in a sudden puff of smoke at the spontaneous speed. Whewf. Now that I've gotten that out of the way...}

Cerubumon's body landed squarely inside the jet stream (Where his previous fire attack was still circling into a spherical mass way above him), causing him to roar in pain. Even with all his armor- or rather, because of it- the heat was intense. So hot that the moment he entered, his body was already roasting like a Thanksgiving day Turkey. "RAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" |

The wolf immediately jumped out of the flames, but it was too late, his armor was welded together at the joints. His swift and fast movement would be limited as if his legs were all one piece. And that meant that he had no way to dodge Takuya (who jumped through the jet stream without so-much as a scratch!) and his metalic train bar of imminent beat-down.


Cerubumon's main head was blinded with pain as the bar hit him square on the skull. "YAOOOOOOOO...!"

Above them, Jp pumped his fist into the air. "ALLRIGHT! Now that's how you Freeman a situation!"

Zoe and the yellow rabbit digimon stared at him in confusion.

"Y...You truly are the holder of the flame Spirit..." Cerubumon grimaced weakly as he and Takuya began to circle the jet stream. "No-one other than him could survive my flames and leap through a super nova intensity level of flames without so much of a scratch."

"Guess it's all in the mind of the beholder, eh?" Takuya grinned as he spun the bar around like a staff. "And to think, I'm just winging this all on instinct!"

Cerubumon's eyes widened. "What are you...?"

Takuya once more leaped through the flames, swinging the broken train rail like a staff. "TAKE THAT!"

There was a snap, and the sharp crack of metal- and then the rail broke clean in half- as well as shattered a significant part of Cerubumon's head armor. "OOOFF...!"

The two stood silently for a moment, both taking in the loss of some form of metal. Cerubumon recovvered first, roaring as he jumped towards Takuya, and swatting him into the flames of the Jet stream once more.

Cerubumon, regardless of the damage he would take himself, stepped right into the jet stream. "Well... As fun as this has been... I'll kill you and take that Spirit...!"

Too bad that the Spirit itself had other plans.

That compressed crimson sphere of flames descended suddenly, blocking Cerubumon from approaching Takuya. "What the..!"

Takuya stared at the glowing sphere as the fire itself vanished, revealing a small, stone figure on a hexagonal base. "Is...Is that the spirit...?"

"The Spirit...? But how is it...?" Cerubumon's eyes narrowed and widened in shock and confusion.

"SPIRIT OF FLAME!" Takuya cries out as he pulls out his D-Scanner.

*Cue With The Will*

The Spirit Of Flame enters Takuya's D-Scanner, and it glows intencely as an Image of the Spirit of Flame draws itself on the D-Scanner's screen (held in right hand), Takuya crosses his arms, and a band of data forms on his left hand.

"SPIRIT!" He calls out as he swipes his D-Tector over the band of data. "EVOLUTION!"

Takuya's body is surrounded by data as his clothes digitize off his body. Strange Pieces of Data form images of armor a few inches above his body as peticular bands of Data swirl about.

Flames engulf the area in a vortex of flame as the images of Armor form onto large squares of data in a definate pattern over Takuya.

Suddenly, the spinning vortex explodes, leaveing a man type digimon with long, blond hair, two horns on his head, and in flame styleized armor standing in Takuya's place. The Digimon throws out a rolling punch of fire while calling out his name.


"Awesome!" Tommy's eyes widen in amazement as Takuya, now Agunimon, stands infront of him in all the shining glory that comes with becoming a digimon

"No way! Takuya's gone Sentai on us now?" Jp gasps. "He turned into a Digimon!"

"Grrr...!" Cerubumon growls as the jet stream ends along with the sudden transformation. "So regardless of if you were the holder before or not, you most cer-"

Agunimon could care less for Cerubumon's compliments. "PYRO KICK!"

"Hmm...Let's see here...Big, Red, Likes Flames, Not Santa Clause, Ahhh! Agunimon! The Legendary Warrior of Flame!" The white digimon concludes after flipping through a green book that had appeared out of thin air.

Cerubumon spat out several broken teeth as he hopped backwards a few steps. "Fine then, Be that way..." He took a deep breath, and then..."EMERALD BLAZE!"

The green fire spilled out at Agunimon...



But, The next thing anyone knows, Agunimon has his fists embedded into Cerubumon's Left and Right heads, huge chunks missing from the back of them opposite where Agunimon punched.

Cerubumon's center head lets out a blood boiling scream of pain as the two other heads shatter into data.

"H-Ho-how?" Cerubumon asks weakly, his remaining head pounding with pain. "Not even... Cherubimon... is...!"

"This! Is! How!" Agunimon punctuates each word with a right hook, an uppercut, and a kick. "FLAME KICK K.O.!"

Surprisingly, Cerubumon managed to duck the finial attack by firing his own attack."PORTALS! OF! DARKNESS!"

"Where'd he go?" Tommy looked around in concern.

"Where's...?" Agunimon never finished his sentence as he vanished in a blur of shadow.


"EMERALD BLAZE! You can't hope to defeat me!" Cerubumon taunts as he attacks from multiple areas of the dark zone at once.

"Oh yeah? PRYO TORNADO!" Agunimon spins rapidly as he is engulfed in flame. His target?

The entire blasted Dark Zone.


"Is he ok?" Zoe frowned.

"Of course my dear, You friend Takuya has been fused with the Legendary Warrior of Flame!" The digimon with the pink belt bows. "My name is Bokomon, and I am The Keeper of the Book of Knowledge!"

"And I'm Neemon! Keeper of my pants!" the rabbit digimon adds helpfully.

"Be quiet you-!" Bokomon growls before grabbing Neemon's pants waist line, pulling it out, and letting it go.


"Oucheeeee!" Neemon's scream could have shattered glass, had there been any around.

Jp frowned at the Digimon's antics. "You two are just a regular circus!"

Suddenly, an explosion of fire erupts in the air over the train tracks, melting most of them entirely.

"There go the Trailmon Tracks!" Neemon cries out as the smoke clears, revealing Agunimon- holding out his D-Scanner- and Cerubumon- shadowed out with a band of data floating about him.

"Creature of Darkness! This Digivice will Purify! DIGI-CODE..." Agunimon swipes the D-Scanner over the band of data (it looks like a bar code) around Cerubumon. The Scanner on the top of the D-Scanner lights up as the band is read. "SCAN!"

Cerubumon's shadowed out form then explodes and re-formats into a sphere of light, which floats away into the distance.

"OHHH! Preety light!" Neemon points at the re-formatted digimon.

"You Idiot! That's Cerubumon's essence! His very Digi-Core!"



Agunimon landed on the sub-level, picked Tommy up, and jumped up to the train station again before being enshrouded in a sphere of data bands. A moment later, the data bands vanish, revealing Takuya on the ground in place of Agunimon.

"Woah... How'd I know how to do all that stuff?" Takuya asks himself as an Angeler Type Trailmon approaches the train station. "What just happened?"

"Besides turning into a digimon?" Zoe askd in return.

"Yes!" Bokomon pipes in. "Via a process called Digital Evolution. Also known as Evolution, Digivolution, or Shinka. A word in your Japanese dialect whose closest term in English meaning 'evolution' as well!"

"But..." Tommy blinks. "I already knew that..."

Any further conversation is cut off as the D-Scanner recites "Digi-code, Render", and emits the scanned Data from Cerubumon into the surrounding area and landscape- reforming not only the broken Train Tracks, but also the ground and landmass that had once connected the station to the "Mainland."

"Woah." Takuya blinks. "Did I do all that?"

"Seems so." Zoe whistles.

Above them, the shadowy figure shakes it's head and sighs as it takes in the view of the reappearing rock formation. "Been a while since I've seen something like that..."

On the Angler Trailmon, Kouji growls as the nearby hills sprout from (seemingly) nowhere. "What the...?"

"IT'S THE DAWN OF REGENERATION!" Bokomon cheers as all of the digimon inhabiting Flame Terminal flee into the new greenery.

"We don't have to live in a train station anymore!" Neemon exclaims. "No more trailmon going 'Wooohwooooh!' in my ears anymore!"

"Thanks for finding the Digicode my fair human!" Bokomon introduces himself to Takuya. "I'm Bokomon! Keeper of the book!"

"And I'm Neemon!" The rabbit wearing pants comments once more. "Keeper of my pants!"

"Yeah! That's nice and all, but... What's with all this DigiCode business anyways?" Takuya frowns.

"Duh!" Zoe exclaims. "It's clear that it's the stuf that makes up the Digital World!"

"How right you are, my dear!" Bokomon slows down to a moderate walk as he pulls a large, green book from somewhere withinin his tiny pink belt. "BEHOLD! THE BOOK!"


"Long ago, Our world was a beautiful place!"

Show a cartoony drawing of the Digital World.

"Untill the evil Cherubimon came along and threw a monkey wrench into the works."

Show same digital world, only with large chunks missing.

"Our world started to dye, and, as such, the only way to save what was lost is with the Digital Code, DigiCode for short, as acording to ancient legend!"

*end flashback!*

"Wow..." Takuya glances at his D-Scanner. "So...We can all become digimon with these devices?"

"Yes." Bokomon starts. "One would assume."

"Cool! I Betcha I'd become some sort of cool water based female angel digimon!" Zoe pokes Takuya in the ribs with her elbow. "Something to cool off that hot head of yours!"

"But he used the Spirit!" Neemon states. "I don't remember any spirits being angelic and water-ey...waterrrrrey? waaaaattttterrrryyyyeyee?"

"Tomare!" Bokomon hits Neemon's head with his book. "But he's right. How could I forget? The spirits are..."

Jp frowns as the digimon goes into another long winded explanation. "hmm...Hey! I know." he grabs Tommy's shoulder and pulls him away from the group.

"Wha...?" The younger boy blinks.

"I have an idea!" Jp smirks.


Once The Angler type Trailmon pulls into the station, the doors open, and steam rushes out like before; however, Kouji steps out calmly, not being thrown out by it like the Worm Trailmon. "Hm...Not bad, could use some paint though."

"Meh. You're telling me!" The Trailmon comments in a German accent. "Day in and day out! It's always the same dull grey and red!"

Kouji shakes his head. "Talking trains. What's next, A bunny rabbit wearing pants?"


"As cool as this place is, I'm not in for saving a whole world with nothing but cool digital power enhanced teammates. I'm more of a single fighter loner when it comes to this stuff. Nothing beats a good crowbar! And Besides, I need someone to at least warn me of monsters sneaking up on me!" Jp smirks. "So, are ya with me?"

"Well..." Tommy starts. "I guess...but..."

"But?" Jp asks.

"Well..." Tommy starts. "Takuya-nii-chan was so cool as Agunimon!"

"Well, you do have a poi... Hey Wait a minute! 'Nii-chan'!" Jp nearly explodes. "I'm the oldest one here! I should be the Older Brother!"

Tommy ducks his head, embarassed. "Well...I...Uh..."


"Kouji Minamoto. It is time to begin your search. Find the Spirit of Light, Retrieve the Digital Code, and save the Digital world." Kouji's D-Scanner states with a strange target sight pattern on the screen, reminsient of an eye. A mechanical Eye.

"Hey!' Kouji growls. "How do you know my name?"

"Find the spirt, and you shall also find the answers to all your questions." the strange voice replies.

"Not good enough!" Kouji growls at the voice. "I'm not someone's Lapdog! What is this Spirit of Light anyways?" No answer. "I mean, I don't even know where to look for it!" At that remark, the image fades, and a small grid map appears on the screen, a flashing symbol off to the far edge of the map, and a non flashing matching symbol in the center. "Clever. But this is just weird..."

"Yah! You said it!" The Angler Trailmon states before expelling steam again.


"Hey!' Jp remarks upon spotting a Pagumon sitting ontop of a building's roof. "Egg shaped dude with ears! What's new?"

"Buh?" the Pagumon glances at Jp. "Buzz off!"

"Hey! That's not nice!" Tommy exclaims.

"I can make it worth your time!" Jp comments slyly. "Look behind your ear."

The Pagumon does so, and finds a piece of a chocolate bar... "OOOHHH!" ...Which he promptly eats.

"Okay, eggface!" Jp smiles. "Tell us how we can find a way out of this world, where we can find some cool weapons for defending ourselves, and I'll let you have a whole bar!"

"Okay!" The Pagumon says. "You can take Angler the Trailmon in the station back to your world, or you can find several assortments of tools inside a maintenance box, also in the station! Now GIVE ME THE REST!"

"Thanks!" Jp drops a bar of chocolate on the ground infront of the Pagumon before he and Tommy run off.

"MMM!" Pagumon quickly devours it. "Deeelish!" He smirks evily. "I bet he has a lot more of that stuff!"


Tommy and Jp run pass Kouji, creating two other symbols on his map temporarly, before they get out of range. "That's an accident waiting to happen." The bandana wearing boy remarks.

Several Pagumon then race past Kouji also.

"Now, that's bound to be trouble." he shrugs and continues on his search. "Oh well."

A shadowy form follows him. "You know you should help!"

"Not my problem." Kouji shrugs.

"But it is!"


"Here ya go!" Jp states as he drops a bar of chocolate into Angler's mouth. "Now! Go back to the Human world, and take my friend with you!" He doesn't notice Tommy's suddenly shocked expression.

Several Poyomon blink.

"YUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMY!" The Trailmon revs up and lauches away, not even taking any passengers with him.

"Drat." Jp groans.

"Why'd you try to send me back!" Tommy asks, near tears.

"Well..." Jp sighs. "I've played a lot of computer games, tagalongs just get in the way and..."

"ARE YOU SAYING I'M A TAGALONG!" Tommy breaks into tears.

The Poyomon blink again.

"Nope!" A Pagumon suddenly slides into view. "He's saying you're delecious and he doesn't want us to eat you!"

"Too bad!" the rest of the group appears and say in unison. "So sad!"

"Wha...?" Jp blinks.


"NO WAY!" Jp shouts back.

The Pagumon go into council.

"Uhoh..." The Poyomon quickly flee.

"BANZAI!" The pagumon shout in unison suddenly, and launch at Jp and Tommy.

The do the reasonable thing...




A Short time later, Takuya looked up suddenly. "Hey, where'd Tommy and Jp go?"

Zoe blinks. "Hm? Sorry, I got so wrapped up in Bokomon's History lesson that I wasn't paying attention."

"Great..." Takuya sighs. "Knowing them, something bad's probably happened to them."

Neemon took that opportunity to add in. "I saw them going east-south-north just five minutes ago!"




A Short walk later found a small pit in the ground with Tommy's D-Scanner on the ground next to it.

"This is not good." Takuya sighed. "They wander off and end up trapped underground somewhere.

Bokomon made a "Hmmf" sound. "Well, perhaps your Pj friend went off to find a cow's bar or something..."

"Wasn't it called a crowbar?" Neemon asked.

"Don't be silly! Why would a crow need a bar for?"



Zoe winced. "Okay, enough of that... Let's just get down there and see if we can find them..."


Jp and Tommy HAD fallen down below ground in their mad dash from the Pagumon. And that hadn't deterred them one bit.

"GAHHH! It's Nibbling my EAR!" Tommy cried out as a Pagumon tried her very best to take a bite out of his ear.

"YEAH? Well this guy's eating my foot!" Jp Grimaced as another Pagumon had half of his shoe partially within it's mouth.

"GIVE US CHOCOLATEEEE!" The LEader Pagumon ordered.

"I DON"T HAVE ANY!" Jp cried out.


Following that map on his D-Scanner, Kouji had managed to locate the underground tunnels via a sub-maintence emergency entrance. "Geeze.. it's so dark in here..."

Then, that shadowey form following him piped up again. "You know, you should really find those two kids that were being chased by those Pagumon...!"

"And what am I? Their babysitter?"


The Path Jp and Tommy had made was really quite clear: Dirt and mud and... Saliva... Ew... were the perfect trail of breadcrumbs to follow.

"GEeze.. atleast they're consistent." Takuya noted as he spoted a Pagumon shaped dent in a support beam where Jp had mostlikely kicked one into it.

"I wonder though..." Zoe started. "What made these Pagumon go wild?"

"Pagumon are notorious in these parts for having short tempers." Bokomon started. "And our little imprisonment in Flame Terminal probably didn't help matters much. Infact, I wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't gone stircrazy months ago!"

"Wooo wooo..." Neemon whistled. "Here Pagu Pagu Pagu!"



Jp and Tommy found themselves in a massive drainage room, where the sewers met the underground tunnels. It was a sloping chamber, Cone shaped, and had a massive hole in the center that seemed to go on forever.

"Well, kid..." Jp sighed. "I'm sorry I got you into this..."

"It's not your fault..." Tommy sighed as well. "Well... Maybe it is..."

They were surrounded by Pagumon.

"Our final order! Chocolate or Death!" the Pagumon chanted.

"Well..." Jp sighed. "I guess it's..."


For the second time in one day, a human boy attacked a digimon (or group of) with a metallic object.

Kouji came barrelling in, swinging a rusted pipe at the Pagumon, and thoroughly distracting them. "Now Die you miscreants!"

"Wow... Big words!" One of the Pagumon sneered. "Big Deal!"

And then, a gaggle of Pagumon ganged up on Kouji, threatening to push him into the pit in the center of the room. "MOOOOSSSHHHH!"



A barrage of flaming arrow heads soared into the Pagumon pile- giving them yet another opponent: Agunimon.

"Hey! Didn't your parents tell you it was rude to bully people like that?" Agunimon smirked.

"GET HIM!" Another Pagumon ordered- and soon they were split into three groups.

"Yikes!" Neemon cried out. "These Pagumon are really ferocious!"

"Tell me about it!" Agunimon growled.

"Well... There was the Pagumon named Fero and he was really...!" Neemon was cut off once more by Bokomon snapping his pants band.

"Oh be Quiet!"

"Tommy! Jp!" Zoe called out. "Are you guys okay?"

"As fine as anyone could be when they're being eaten alive by Pagumon!" Jp growled. "And me without my crowbar...!"

Then, something strange happened...

The group fighting Agunimon flared with dark energy, and, in a blur of data...


...Fused into one being: "RAREMON!"

The beast was ugly, horrendous, slimy and smelly.

{RAREMON: "UGH! Raremon are the most foul creatures... They use their Sludge Blast to melt through their opponents, and they give sewers the most evil of smells with their presence alone!"}

It gave a swinging punch at Agunimon, and sent him flying across the room.

"SLUDGE BLAST!" And then Raremon let loose the most FOUL smelling attack of all, Acid blasts that soared across the entire chamber, punching holes into the walls and letting the sunlight filter in from outside.

This gave the Pagumon pushing Kouji to the edge the advantage they needed, and with one push... "MOSH!" In he went...!

"NO!" Agunimon glared at the Raremon, and then at the remaining Pagumon. "You...You...!"

Little did he need to worry about the random stranger that fell into the pit, for, at that moment, all of the light beams produced by the sludge blast converged onto the center of the pit, coalescing into one small, stone carved, familiar object- a Spirit.

It quickly rushed down the small tunnel, and fused with it's owner.

*cue With the Will!*

"SPIRIIIIIIT!" Kouji's voice echoed out as the Elemental stone carving entered his D-Scanner.

The Familair sketch of the Spirit of Light engraved itself on the screen, and a band of data appeared on Kouji's left hand. "SPIRIT!" with a swing, he scanned the data around his hand into the D-Scanner. "EVOLUTION!"

There was a flash of light and a howl of a wolf as Kouji's clothes digitized away, and particles of Data began to form armor over his body. Flashes of light blazed out, and the armor organized itself onto twin sheets of data that fused together around Kouji to form...

"Grrr... LOBOMON!" The Legendary Warrior of Light, A human man incased within white and purple armor, wielding twin swords made of pure light as his weapons. (Yes, Lightsabers.)

With a roar, the Warrior of Light leaped out of the tunnel, his swords brimming with energy.

"Woah! No Way...!" Jp's eyes widened. "Lightsabers? He get's lightsabers!"

With a simple mid-air flip, Lobomon twisted around so his (left) arm mounted gauntlet was aimed directly at Raremon. "HOWLING LASER!"

A Flash of light occurred at the barrel of the gauntlet, and a second later, Raremon had a hole cut clean through his head. The digimon shadowed out, and it's band of Fractal Digi-code appeared around it.

"Spirits of Anger, Unholy fusion, be cleansed by the Light! Digi-code..." Lobomon swung his D-Scanner and scanned the data without even touching the band around Raremon. "SCAN!"

When the light vanished, Raremon had been replaced with several Pagumon, all of which were unconscious.

The remaining awake Pagumon stared in horror at the Warrior.

"Now then..." Lobomon held out his Laser Sword. "Who's next?"

A Very swift and decisive battle later, and the Pagumon had all be cleansed of their anger.

And so, as the sun began to set on Flame Terminal, Kouji headed out into the wilderness, leaving the other four kids at a loss as to what to do.

"Geeze, what a jerk." Zoe huffed. "He comes and saves our lives, but he doesn't even let us say thank you? Ugh!"

Takuya sighed. "Right, right. I know, I know."

Bokomon coughed. "Well, in any case, you lot know your mission now!"

"And what's that?" Jp asked with mock curiosity.

"TO restore the digital world to it's former glory!" Bokomon's cheer was cut short by a brief static sound... coming from the D-scanners!

The four pulled out their Digivices, and gasped as that eye symbol flared into existence. "...Upon arriving at Flame Terminal, please head directly to Forrest Terminal as soon as possible..."

Takuya narrowed his eyes. "So... This is the next step, huh...?"


A.N.: Okay, so... I figure, it's almost 2011. If the world DOES end in 2012, I wanna be sure that AT LEAST I have more than one fifth of my entire story arch up online. ^_^;; So, here's the beginning of Frontier, and also the beginning of the entire string of events in my "D-Burst" series. ^_^;; Well, technically, the "Prologue" Is first, but this is... You get the idea... -_-;;

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