Long ago, Ten Ancient Warriors controlling the very elements themselves fought against and sealed away a great evil threatening the world, unknowing of the true corruption that remained. Now, Many Years Later, their successors fight to correct the Injustices imposed against the Digital World.

*cue Fire!*


When the Earth Grumbles


The Pinnacle Islands were once speculated to be fossilized stalagmites that had teleported from a cave somewhere within the inside of the Digital World. Of course, due to their size (Nearly as tall as some mountain chains on Earth) this theory was disregarded.

Of course, this mattered little to it's inhabitants, and was not even a concern for the human boy climbing to the top of the tallest spire.

"someone help us..." a whining voice filtered down to Kouji's ears as he climbed up into a small cave in the rock face.

"Hello?" He called out as he approached a locked gate.

"Eh!" The group of Shell wearing Numemon inside looked up in surprise. "A Hero!"

"Quickly! Please!" another cried. "You must release us!"

"Stop being so pushy!"

"Hey, um... can we please not do this right now?" Another asked.

Kouji, however, ignored the female digimon's whining as he lifted up a rock in preparation to smash the lock with a rock.

One smash.

Not a dent.

Two Smashes.

A piece of rock broke off.


"Oh No You Don't!"

The digimon inside the cage gasped as Kouji turned around to face the jailer.


The poor boy was sent flying out of the cave.


The Pickle Gallery board walk was a popular tourist attraction in the Digital world, just south of the Pinnacle Islands. You can find many enchanting goods within the shops contained on these streets.

"What? No Money?"

With that, a Kongoumon kicked the interlopers out of his establishment. "Please come back... When you're not a bunch of deadbeats!"

Yes, you will also find that each shop has a strict "No Money, No Service, No Refunds" Policy, just as our four Legendary Warriors have found out.

"But we do have money!" Zoe cried out as she held out a few yen coins. "See?"

"Don't waste my time with outdated coin!" Kongoumon simply slid the door shut with a "SLAM."

Bokomon narrowed his eyes. "You have money?"

"Yeah." She nodded.

"Can I see?" She handed him the coins. "Hmm..." Bokomon turned the coins over in his hands as he inspected them. "You call this money...? Frankly, I would have thrown us out of that restaurant too..." With that, he flung the coins to the side.

Zoe gasped in horror, immediately leaping to pick the coins up.

"So..." Jp frowned. "What's money like in the digital world? If you're so smart, tell us how to get some!"

"Simple my friend." Bokomon smirked. "Go to work!"

"You want us to work!" Takuya clenched his fists. "Doesn't the digital world have some sort of child labor law or something?"

"Honestly, though, As Legendary Warriors, someone should be paying you for all your heroic exploits!" Bokomon continued.

"Like an allowance?" Tommy asked.

"I'm up for an allowance!" Jp held out his hands and grinned. "Hand it over! I'm starved!"

Bokomon raised an eyebrow, but otherwise said nothing as he began digging around inside his pink belt for his wallet. "Ahha!" He pulled the impossibly large item out.

"Woah! Are you some kind of millionair or something?" Neemon asked. "Why didn't you tell meeee~~~!"

In reply, Bokomon snapped open the case and turned it over.

A few stray Digi-noir crumbs fell out, but, otherwise... "as you can see, I am without funds as well."

"Daww..." Neemon patted his tummy. "I guess we're going with out dinner again..."

Zoe sighed. "That still doesn't tell us what Digital currency looks like."

"Now come on, we'll just have to look for temporary employment in that case." Bokomon sighed. "Let's go everyone, time to get going."

"No need!" Jp exclaimed suddenly. "Look!" he pointed dramatically towards a sign that was being hastily wedged into a flagpole.

"Heroes Wanted." It read. "All Your Meals For Free!"

"Rock Solid!" Jp cheered.

"Well, I know I'm brave enough to eat!" Takuya grinned. "Let's go go goooo!"

And who may have been planting the sign but none other than one of those Shell Wearing Numemon.

What were their names again...?


A short time later, our heroes were hiding inside a rather large railway cart hidden within the bushes next to the train tracks.

"I wish we knew what these guys wanted." Takuya started. "I mean, they were rather vague when they said they wanted Heroes to help."

"They should've just called a Hero Factory or something." Jp grumbled.

"Is there really one of those?" Tommy asked.

"No clue... But if we ever get back, I am so registering that idea with Lego!" Jp started. "I bet that'd make an awesome theme!"

"Jp!" Zoe gasped. "I never took you as a Lego kid!"

"Hey, I'm making a Lego Gravity Gun the moment they come out with enough trans orange pieces." He huffed. "Don't act surprised."

"I heard that the green version was ten times better or something." Takuya narrowed his eyes. "Why not make that?"

"It's a BLUE Gravity Gun, Not a Green Gravity Gun. Geeze, some fan you are." Jp frowned. "Besides, I don't think I'd have enough trans blue pieces either."

"Guys!" Zoe clamped her hands over her ears. "We are NOT having this conversation! We are SO NOT having this conversation right now!"

Thankfully, to spare Zoe the pain of listening to such a conversation, the train whistle of an Oncoming Trailmon set them all to attention.

"There's the train." Bokomon noted.

"So how are we supposed to get on?" Tommy asked.

"I'm sure they have a plan." Zoe affirmed as the Worm Trailmon rushed past.

As that happened, the three ShellNumemon (Yes, I'm going with that for now) dropped off of the overhang onto the very last car, each holding onto a rope that was tied to the rail cart.

"WAAAAHHHH!" Neemon let loose a scream as the cart was suddenly yanked onto the tracks.

"I hope all their plans aren't as crazy as this!" Takuya gulped as they rushed into the tunnel.

After securely tying the ropes onto the connector of the end car, the Shell Numemon began.

"One day, a mean creature named Grumblemon attacked. We're too weak and can't fight him by ourselves." The center one stated.

"He demanded our mountains Digi-Code, but we don't even know where it is!" the right most digimon continued. "He thinks we're lying, so that's why we need you heroes!"

"Don't worry about him!" Takuya grinned. "We'll take him out!"

"WOAH WOAH WOAAAHH That's Bright!" The Trailmon exclaimed as the exited the tunnel, quickly approaching the Pinnacle Islands.

"I'm not sure I understand this." Zoe frowned. "Why can't he just take the code?"

"Zoe, We talked about this." Bokomon held up a finger. "All energy in the world is Data, mountains, rivers, forests, everything that is solid matter is made out of Data, therefor it has energry, and that energy is the Digi-code!" he explained. "In some places the code is out in the open, and in some places it's hidden! Try to remember that."

"I'm afraid there's more to tell." The middle Numemon piped in. "Grumblemon took all of our daughters hostage, and he'll only give them back in exchange for the mountain's Digi-code."

"That's horrible!" Tommy clenched his hands into fists.

"Man, Guys can sure be jerks some times." Zoe growled. "So that's why you wanted our help? To save your daughters?"

"Yes!" The left most ShellNumemon agreed.

"Just leave everything to us!" Jp grinned.

"We are in your debt, heroes!" The ShellNumemon bowed.

"Now about our arrangement..." Jp licked his lips.

"Uh, Can I ask a question?" Neemon asked.

"Ugh, what is it now?" Bokomon sighed in exasperation.

"Why is this rail called the Amateria Express route?" Neemon asked again.

"Why, that's because it was founded based off of the data from that one computer game from..." Bokomon's eyes widened. "Oh Dear."

"You want us to ride that..." Takuya paled. "In this...?"

Behold Trail track? Y/N



"WAHHHH!" the Legendary Warriors, plus Digimon escorts, screamed as the Worm Trailmon dove down a hill, and through a loop-de-loop in the rail track.

Three times.

The track continued to wind its way across the field in a curving zig-zag manner, before suddenly...

Climbing straight up.

"Atleast this incline isn't that steep!" Takuya lied.

It was actually a straight, 90* angle.

"WE'RE SPEEDING UP!" Tommy cried.

"Wait!" Zoe called out as a sudden thought hit her. "How's this staying on the track!"

Of course, she had to mention this the moment the cart began zigzaging along the SIDE of the cliff face.

"I don't think it is." The middle ShellNumemon replied.


Unfortunately, the ropes snapped.

"Ugh... THis is..." Takuya groaned.

"That wasn't so bad..." Zoe grimaced.

"What's your definition of Bad?" Jp asked.

"Falling off of this cliff!"

Fortunately, there was a wooden fence to catch them.

"CLIFF!" Jp yelled out in horror.

"Come on heroes, what are you all waiting for?" The Middle ShellNumemon asked.

Of course, they were sticking to the side of the cliff, and, from their perspective, gravity was going to the side. As all of their houses were build on the SIDE of the cliff.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Jp cried out. "Sticking to the side of the mountain may be fine for you guys but for us it's one slip and we're gravel pancakes!"

"Just how are we supposed to get up there?" Takuya frowned. "We can't cling to walls!"

Suddenly, a rope ladder fell down infront of his face.

"Here you go!" The middle one said.

"Come on! It's fun!" The left most grinned.

"I'm learning all sorts of definitions..." Jp groaned.

Of course, it wasn't just ONE straight ladder. No sir, they were segmented. Meaning that once you got to the top of One, you had to climb over to the one next to it.

Joy oh joy.

Takuya sighed, then started climbing. "Man, I hate ladders!"

"I do too when they're miles and miles up!" Tommy gulped as he climbed up after the goggle wearing boy.

"Well, just keep in mind, it's not the fall that kills you." Bokomon started as he climbed up next. "It's the stop."

"Oooh! That sounds fun!" Neemon stated after him.

"Dimwit. I'll have to snap your pants once we're not on the side of a cliff."

"Preemptive Ouch!"

"Ha ha. Very funny."

This left Jp and Zoe the last to climb.

"Well." Jp turned to face her. "Ladies first!" He did NOT want to face any ladders at all. Ladders were the demon spawn that left your back open to marine fire. "So, uh... After you!"

Zoe wrenched her eyes shut. "Ugh..."


"Hmmf." She put her hands on her hips. "I'm Wearing a Skirt."

"Erh...Ah..." Jp blinked. "Wait! That wasn't...!"


Looking up some girl's skirt was the furthest thing from Jp's mind until now.

Oh well.

A... Not so short climb later, and they were at the top most ladder.

"Come on, you're almost there!" The right most ShellNumemon smiled.

"About time!" Takuya grined as he climbed towards the door.

"Hey..." Tommy's eyes widen as he spots a shadow through the window next to the door. "Who's that!"

"Eh? You!" Takuya growled.

"You're the heroes these guys found to help out?" Kouji asked as he lowered his broom handle (Held like a Kendo stick).

"Hey! It's Kouji!" Zoe remarked as they all piled in through the door.

"Heh... We couldn't find any food either." Jp groaned.

"Hey, Don't lump me in with you guys!" Kouji growled. "These guys won't be able to help at all!"

"Hey! We've improved since the last time we met!" Takuya clenched his fists.

"Atleast let us help!" Tommy offered.

"Thanks but no thanks." Kouji closed his eyes. "Just look at you, the only thing you guys would do is get in my way." he leaned against the wall...or floor... It's hard to tell with gravity as wonky as it is here. "Can I help it if you're not up to my level?"

"Gentlemon! Please!" The Elder ShellNumemon cried out as he entered from the kitchen. "My thanks to all of you for coming to help!" Oh.. Dear Karazahni... That Accent...! "And now, it's time to eat!"

"ALL RIGHT!" Did I mention that the kids were still leaning through the door frame? No? Sorry. I should have set that up better. Due to the fact that they were doing this, the moment everyone raised their hands to cheer at food, they, well, they fell.

"Atleast we'll get some food to make us feel better." Jp grumbled as they landed in a neat pile at Kouji's feet.

"I really hope this isn't made a habit by anyone." Takuya groaned from the bottom of the pile.

The Food itself was cabbage... Or something similar... I think...

"IS this what I think it is...?" Takuya asked.

"Dunno... Looks like Rabbit food to me." Jp groaned.

"Well, at least Rabbits get to eat." Zoe snatched up one of the heads of... Lettuce/cabbage and took a bite. "Mmmm... That's... WOW!" Her eyes widened. "Dig in! It tastes like steak!"

"What!" Jp's eyes widened. "no way!" With that, he snatched one up. "Hey! Tastes like Chicken!"

"Mine's like a Potato!" Tommy cheered.

Takuya grabbed a head of... Leafy greens... and took a bite. "Yum! It's Asparagus!"

"Asparagus?" Jp grimaced. "Who put that in there?"

"Hey! I Like Asparagus!" Takuya defended himself.

"So..." Jp decided to change subjects. "How'd tall dark and lone wolf get here?" he gestured towards Kouji.

"He fell from the sky!" The Elder replied.

"He did what now?" Jp narrowed his eyes.

"He Fell!"



HAY-STACK! {AN: Best sound effect I can come up with. Sorry.}

The ShellNumemon gasped as Kouji landed in their very large, and conveniently placed hay stack.

"We finish and the universe throws a human into the works!" A ShellNumemon complained. "Now we gotta re-stack it again!"

"Honkin' Miracles man..." Another ShellNumemon replied with a mellowed voice.

"Oh Shut Up, Gamzee!" Another ShellNumemon cried out in Rage.


"Grumblemon has the captives in a cage right about..." Kouji pointed to a spot just above the village. "Here. We'll need to get in and out quickly."

The Gathered ShellNumemon sighed.

"Relax everyone!" Jp grinned. "Leave everything to us! We're Legendary Warriors!"

This made the ShellNumemon gasp, and slime backwards in fear.

"What's the matter?" Zoe frowned.

"You...You mean all of you are Legendary Warriors?" The elder stuttered.

"Yeah! In the flesh!" Takuya started.

"We freed the Kokuwamon from Wind Factory!" Jp recounted.

"We restored a Bridge at Candle Wax Canyon!" Tommy added.

"We freed the Mushroommon from Cherubimon's influence at Breezy Village!" Zoe added.

"I personally stopped Cerubumon from eating all of Flame Terminal's Digi-Code!" Takuya grinned.

"Yes! There are no Heroes better to save your village than these Legendary Warriors!" Bokomon cut in. "We're all on a mission to Forest Terminal, correcting any wrong doings along the way!"

This seemed to confuse the ShellNumemon, so they huddled together to converse.

"What got them so worked up?" Tommy asked.

"Believe me, I'd have a hard time believing you were Legendary Warriors too!" Bokomon cut in.

"I bet...!" Jp grinned. "They're in awe of us!"

"Ahhem!" The elder cut in. "It's time to go to bed! Sun Down everyone!"

"Well, you can go to bed! But we're going to go rescue your daughters!" Takuya started.

"No no!' The Numemon with a shell waved his hands. "it's much too dangerous out there! The nasty Birdramon won't leave you alone this time of night!"

"We can take 'em." Kouji rolled his eyes.

"No! Really! You Can't! They'll burn you alive! It's much better to get some sleep right now and go rescue our daughters in the morning!"

"Well... If you insist..." Zoe frowned. Something wasn't right here...

"Well... I do suppose we could use the rest." Tommy started.

So, they were shown their quest quarters.

Naturally, the beds were applied to the "Floor," forcing them all to sleep on the "walls."

Boy, Do I Hate these Shell Numemon and their crazy Gravity defying antics.

Takuya rolled over in his non-existent sleep.

"What?" Kouji frowned.

"Ermm..." Takuya paused. "Well, I didn't really like you at first, but helping out the KarotSukeNumemon really turned around my impression of you.

CarotSukeNu...Wha... Are You Kidding me?


Is their name?

That has got to be the dumbest thing that I have ever...

Forget this, I'm sticking with ShellNumemon...

Erm... Continuing on...

"They helped me first." Kouji turned over. "So don't think I'll help you."

'Yeah, Like I'd ever want your help...' Takuya thought to himself as he drifted into slumber...





'Man...That's a long way down...' Takuya yawned as his eyes slowly opened. "Wait... Long way Down?"

"WAHHH!" Neemon let lose another scream.

"What's going on here?" Zoe exclaimed in horror.

You see, each of them were bound with rope, and set dangling from a mast some distance above them. And boy oh boy was it a long way down.

"What Are you Doing!" Kouji growled up at the ShellNumemon holding axes and other sharp impliments to the ropes holding them.

"We'll give you back to your partner in exchange for our Daughters!" The elder exclaimed.

"You dirty sneaks!" Takuya growled. "is that why you brought us here!"

"HMF!" The elder Hmfed. "I think it is you who are the dirty sneaks!" He elaborated. "Pretending to be caring, helpful strangers when you are really Legendary Warriors!"

"I Don't understand!' Zoe cried out. "What's wrong with that?"

"The Time for your games and lies is over!" The elder continued. "All your trickery about helping other villages- PAH! I've never even heard of a Candlewax Canyon!" He narrowed his eyes. "Now you'll be returned to your ally!"

"Ally!" Kouji growled. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play Dumb!" The elder cried out. "We know you're all in league with Grumblemon!"

"WHAT?" The seven of them exclaimed in shock/surprise.

'This can't get any worse...' Takuya growled.

It got worse.

"Now give Digi-code..." a grumbling voice echoed from a nearby tunnel. "or bad things be happening!"

"Oh yeah!" Takuya shot back. "Says who?" 'Me and my big mouth.' he thought in annoyance.

"You know who I am!" Footsteps echoed as a small, diminutive form with a rather large nose stepped into the foreground. "You Call me Grumblemon!"

"Look!" Tommy gasped as he spotted the symbol on the 'Mon's chest. "It's one of the Symbols from Bokomon's book!"

"Well I'll be! He's right!" Bokomon gasped. "That's the Symbol for Earth! He's a Legendary Warrior!"

"GIVE DIGICODE!" Grumblemon cried out. "OR ELSE! And you not want to see what Or Else is!"

"I Didn't know there were bad Legendary Warriors." Kouji frowned.

"GRUMBLEMON!" The Elder cried out. "If You want to save your allies! Give us back our Daughters now!" Oh, Dear, they were threatening to cut them down!

"Those knives are a little close there!" Jp gulped.

"What So!" Grumblemon smirked. "Me No care what happen to weaklings!"

The elder brought his knife a bit closer. "We'll Do It! I swear we will!"

Grumblemon started picking his nose as the Warriors started squirming about in terror.

"Y...You mean you don't care about them!" The elder frowned. "But they're Legendary Warriors too!"

"Eh?" That got his attention. "These weaklings Legendary Warriors too?" he grinned an evil grin. "Me thinks they got their hands on some spirits when they shouldn't have! I'm going to put my hands on you and take them back!"

With that, he pulled out a rather... Okay... A Ridiculously sized sledge hammer from the small ledge he stood on.

That's just not possible.

I mean, Come on! The hammer was longer than the ledge was wither thick OR wide! What the blank, Hammer Space?

"Wait... You mean you aren't allies?" The elder gasped.

"That's what we've been trying to tell you!" Tommy cried.

"We weren't lying when we said we saved all those towns and Digimon!" Zoe added.

Grumblemon threw his rather long hammer towards the children. "BYE NOW!"


Luckily, his aim was off, and it barely managed to miss their feet.

This, sadly, scared off the ShellNumemon.

But, thankfully, they dropped their knives and sharp implements.

Kouji smirked as he planted his feet against the rock face and kicked off. "SPIRIT!"

As a falling knife cut the ropes binding his hands, Kouji snatched his D-Scanner from his pocket and brought it out.

*cue With The Will*


There was a flash of light, and, in a split second, Kouji was replaced by the Warrior of Light...


Lobomon grabbed hold of the rope that had held him, swung forward with it's momentum, then swung back towards Grumblemon.

"Uhoh." The Earth Warrior's eyes widened, and his nose comically fell just moments before Lobomon's feet planted in his face- Sending the goblin flying.


Into one of the Shell Numemon's apartments.

"RAH!" Grumblemon swung his hammer at the Wolf, but he just dodged ever so coolly.


Grumblemon ducked last second, destroying the wall behind him.

"I'm so so sorry!" The elder apologized. "We have made a grave mistake!"

"We'll have time for that later!" Takuya started...


...Only to trail off as Grumblemon and Lobomon fell past them. "Did what I think just happen really happen?"

...Erm, Yes... Right...

The two were fighting mid air as gravity dragged them through house after house, until, eventually, Lobomon found himself hanging from the bottom most house, and Grumblemon standing above him.

Grumblemon smirked, then stomped onto Lobomon's right hand.



And stomped on the other as well.

"LOBOMON!" Zoe cried out.

"We have to stop him!" Takuya reached for his D-Scanner.

"Right!" Jp nodded as he, Tommy, and Zoe did the same.

"SPIRIT!" they scanned the data around their hands. "EVOLUTION!"

A Flare of Fire, and "RAAH HAH! AGUNIMON!" was born abalze again.

A Crack of Thunder, and "YAHHHH! BEETLEMON!" flew through the stormy night.

A Blast of Wind, and the Fair "REEEHA! KAZEMON!" emerged from her cocoon of data again.

A Flury of Snow, and "HAHAHAH! KUMAMON!" froze his slot in the battle for time to record.

Grumblemon raised his hammer to deal the final blow... But found he couldn't swing it down again. "huh?"

"Careful." Beetlemon started. "You could hurt someone with this!"

Grumblemon pulled down, But Beetlemon flew up. "GARRR!"

"Don't you think it's time you gave up?"

Meanwhile, Kazemon and Kumamon flew down to help Lobomon.

"Give me your hand!" She ordered.

Lobomon glanced down at his right hand, slightly stinging from Grumblemon's foot. "Er..."

"Quit the Macho act and give me your had already!"

"Arrr..." He reached up.



Grumblemon swung his staff like a fan to deflect them.

"LIGHTNING BLITZ!" Beetlemon charged, his horn ablaze with lightning.

That successfully send Grumblemon flying into the rock face...

...Where he immediately dug into it.

That coward.


"Thanks..." Lobomon muttered his thanks as he flexed his hand.

"No problemo!" Kazemon smiled.

"Right, here's the plan." Lobomon started. "While I'm fighting Grumblemon, you two go and free the KarotSukeNumemon's daughters."

"Sounds like a plan." Kumamon nodded.

So, the fairy flew off, carrying the little snow boy with her, off to free the captives.

Lobomon jumped up onto the... Roof...?

I will be glad when we leave this Zone.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"We lost Grumblemon!" Agunimon replied.


"He's playing Whack-a-Mole, only we're the moles." Beetlemon replied.

To prove his point, Grumblemon burst out of the rocks, swinging his hammer into Agunimon's side, sending him flying.


"Agunimon!" Beetlemon cried out in horror.

Thankfully, a ladder from before was still deployed, and Agunimon was able to grab hold of it.

Un-thankfully, Grumblemon was waiting with his hammer.

"BYE NOW!" He swung hard and fast, but Agunimon's agility paid off.

"Get out of the way!" Lobomon growled as he aimed his Howling Laser cannon at the Earth Warrior.

"AGUNIMON!" Beetlemon flew in to pull the Warrior of Flame out of the way for Lobomon's attack.


"UhOh!" Grumblemon dove into the rock again.

"Now where did..."



Lobomon was sent flying again.



The jail cell bars colapsed immediately.

"Right this way, ladies." Kumamon bowed.

"Wow, he's kinda cuuuute...!" A ShellNumemon started.

"Oh Drop it, Vriska." another ShellNumemon curtly replied.

Regardless, the Daughters were reunited with their families and friends.

"We owe you an apology!" The elder bowed.

"It's no problem! An easy enough mistake to make." Kazemon smiled.

A Crack of thunder (not belonging to Beetlemon) Rolled across the landscape.

"Carefull! It's slick!" Neemon warned as the rain began falling.

"Don't have to tell me twice..." Agunimon groaned as he and Lobomon climbed up a ladder.

"Hey! Look at that!" Beetlemon pointed towards the cliff face.

The rain was just deflecting off of it like it was shielded. Almost like...

'That gives me an idea...' he smirked to himself. "Hey Grumblemon! Where are ya hiding?" He hovered near the middle of a cliff face. "You scared or somethin'?"

Predictably, Grumblemon burst out and swung his hammer.

"Too late! THUNDER FIST!" Beetlemon aimed his attack upward...

Completely missing Grumblemon.

"Heh heh... Nice shot dorkus."

Grumblemon's sensitive ears picked up the rumbling too late...

"oh no..."

...As an avalanche of rock and stone came pouring down towards him...

"See ya in Xen, looser!" Beetlemon smirked.

...And carried him with it.

"Nice shot!" Lobomon grinned.

"But where are the captives?" Agunimon asked just in time as Kazemon and Kumamon arrived.

"There!" Kumamon pointed towards a nearby spire. "We got them out just in time!"

"Must be nice to get back to..." Beetlemon trailed off as a glow from the mountain caught his attention. "Woah! What's that?"

"It's the Mountain's Digi-code!" Bokomon exclaimed.

Indeed, it was. Beetlemon's attack had revealed the massive wall of code hidden behind the rock. There were holes in it though...

After all, Grumblemon had been digging right through it this entire time, But, it was fast repairing itself. It would soon be back to normal in no...

"HEY! Me find it after all!" Grumblemon popped out of the rock face again. "Yummy!"

"Oh no!" Kazemon gasped. "Not you again!"

"Thank you! I never find without youuu...!" Grumblemon took in a deep breath, and then... "Execute... BEAST SPIRIT EVOLUTION!"

There was a swirl of data, and then Grumblemon's body shifted into something purely demonic... yet still retaining that comically over sized nose...


"WHAT!" Everyone gasped.

"QUAGMIRE TWISTERRR...!" The beast spun rapidly, then dove into the digi-code. "DIGI-CODE SCAAAANNNN!"

The semi-repaired data was absorbed into the Beast's data, and then...

The entire center spire vanished with it.

This had the unintended side effect of sending Agunimon, Lobomon, Bokomon, and Neemon falling into the abyss below.

Kazemon gasped, but could not do anything, as Gigasmon came spiraling out of where the spire had been, and knocked her, Beetlemon, and Kumamon into the fog as well.

"Our Homes!" The elder gasped as the Legendary Warriors that had came to save them, the very ones they had betrayed, were possibly lost to the Dark Zone once and for all... 'W...What have I done...?' Now he'd never be able to properly apologize to them...!

He wouldn't have much longer to worry about however, As Grumblemon was still in the area.


A.N.: Whewf. Sorry about the long delay getting this out. But life's been a chaotic mess recently. Oh Well.