AUTHOR'S NOTES: So I'm planning on starting a new story but I told myself that I couldn't do that unless I finished a new chapter for one of my older stories. So since I had this partly done, I did a quick wrap up on this chapter.

Chapter 5

If you asked her, Lily Potter honestly couldn't say how many times she'd seen her children go into the hospital. After a while, she'd lost count and the various waiting rooms seemed to become an almost second home. And it was always for the same reasons—the healers and doctors trying to repair some permanent damage caused by the curse laid on her when she'd first gotten pregnant with Dominic and Adele.

But this time was different. For once, it actually felt like one of her children's injuries would actually be fixed in a way.

Jessica was already in surgery and despite what she was facing, she'd been anything but nervous as the doctors wheeled her into the operating room an hour ago. In fact, she was unusually calm and collected for someone facing surgery to amputate a limb, even giving her mother a reassuring smile before the doors to the operating room closed behind her.

As Lily sat in the surgical waiting room, she silently berated herself for not doing this sooner.

Disabled witches and wizards were rare, and at first Lily had wanted Jess to have as much of a normal life as possible. But looking back on things, she realized now that the best thing she could have done for her daughter was letting the healers amputate Jessica's leg.

Thinking on her children, Lily's thoughts drifted to Harry who was one floor above in the pediatric ward.


Currently, James was sitting with Harry who had had another seizure during the night, although thankfully it hadn't been as serious as before, thanks to the new anticonvulsant medications the nurses had started Harry on.

The doctors and healers had been very diligent about keeping Harry's epilepsy under control as the seizures could potentially exacerbate the injuries to his spinal cord, even though Harry was still in the back and neck brace. It was even possible, in fact, that the damage from a seizure could cause permanent damage to Harry's spine, or even extend the effects of the paralysis. When Lily had asked what that had meant, one of the healers explained that thrashing about as a result of a grand mal seizure could potentially damage Harry's spine even more and instead of losing sensation and motor function from the waist down, Harry could find himself paralyzed from the chest down or even becoming a full quadriplegic.

For James and Lily, the mere thought of their youngest son becoming paralyzed from the neck down was unimaginable. And yet both parents knew that it wasn't entirely an impossible notion. Even though the doctors and healers had been trying to remain cautiously optimistic about Harry's condition, they wanted to make sure that Lily and James understood the risks involved with the combination of their son's epilepsy and spinal injury.

And there wasn't just Harry to think about. If Harry's injury was made worse, it would also impact Jessica, Isabelle, Dominic, and Adele since they would have to help take care of their brother.

Thinking about her other children brought Lily's thoughts back to Jess. She remembered what the doctors and healers had told her the previous day about her daughter's surgery and recovery—that Jess would still have to rely on the crutches for at least two months before she would be able to learn to walk with the new prosthetic. But Lily was still encouraged by the notion that her daughter would be walking on her own without support, even if it would be a fair amount of time before that actually happened.

Sitting with his youngest son who was still sleeping off the effects of the seizure the night before, James mentally berated himself for placing such a strong emphasis on playing Quidditch over the years. Of all his children, Adele and Harry had thrown themselves hardest into the game and both had paid a terrible price for it.

And at the same time, both were amongst the best flyers Hogwarts had ever seen. Harry was even the youngest Seeker in more than 100 years and even better James himself in the air.

Addie was the same way. She was swift and agile on a broom and when James had watched her during Quidditch games, he was blown away by how effortlessly she dodged her opponents.

When Lily had called him from the hospital after their eldest daughter's accident, James had been worried about her future as a Quidditch player. Especially when he had been told just how badly his daughter's injuries had been.

Thankfully, Adele's broken arm seemed to have healed properly and the physical therapists expected her to regain up to 93% of the function of her arm. She would always have some stiffness in her elbow and wrist and would likely need a specialty brace for her wrist and fingers later on, but for the most part, the PTs expected an almost complete recovery.

But Harry would be another story. The odds of him walking again were extremely slim and James knew that if Harry hadn't been so obsessed with Quidditch… Finding out his son was an epileptic had been bad enough. The idea that Harry had a disorder that could strike at any time and for any reason was scary. But when the doctors had reported that the bludger impact coupled with the fall from almost 40 feet had fractured Harry's spinal cord—likely causing permanent injury—that had been even worse.

The other issue that kept weighing on James was what would happen once Harry was released from the hospital. True, that would be months and months from now, but it was still something he couldn't ignore. Harry would be in a wheelchair and would possibly need help with even simple acts like going to the bathroom and getting dressed. And the whole family would have to be aware if Harry started developing pressure sores from being seated constantly. Not to mention the fact that even with everything else, Harry would have to be incredibly diligent about being on his anti-convulsant medications.

And before all this, Harry would still have deal with physical therapy and learning how to function without the use of his legs.

Bowing his head, James silently prayed to whatever higher power existed, that somehow his son would catch a break.


Coming out of anesthesia was always an interesting experience, Jessica thought very slowly started waking up after the surgery. It was hard to tell just what was happening and sometimes the experience took up to 24 hours, depending on what medicines she was on.

Her right leg felt weird and at first, Jess chalked it up to phantom pains from the amputation. But as she slowly woke up more and more, she realized that this didn't feel like phantom pain. In fact… there was no pain at all.

It took a while for her to fully regain consciousness and open her eyes, but once she did, she saw her parents, sisters standing around the bed looking astounded. "What's going on?" Jess muttered, blinking to try and clear away the last mental cobwebs.

'See for yourself,' Izzy signed before grinning and pointing to Jessica's right leg.

Slowly sitting up, Jess froze in absolute amazement as she stared at the limb in question. There were no scars, no signs of the deformities she'd been born with… Just a normal, healthy, perfect leg. After a few minutes, she felt happy tears fall down her face as she wiggled her toes and rotated her ankle. "How?" she asked, looking at her family who seemed just as elated but puzzled as she was.

"No idea," Lily replied, shrugging as she put a gentle hand on Jess' shoulder. "The healers were patching up the incision from removing your leg and they noticed that the spells were helping your leg grow back. No one knows why…"

Jess considered that for a while as she ran a hand along her newly healed leg. She didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there was something she was thinking about and she had to say it. "So… am I still cursed… or what?"

James let out a deep sigh, not sure of what to say. He'd had the same thought, but even if Jessica was somehow free of the curse, that still didn't answer the question as to how. But if they could figure that out, maybe there was a way to fix Dominic, Adele, Isabelle, and Harry after all.