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Other words that I will use that are from the Japanese origin are words like Zanpaktou, Hogyoku, Gigai, Shinigami, etc. to make it easier to understand (I understand that sometimes its easier to know what I'm talking about if I use the Japanese names for certain objects).

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3) Some of these interpretations or events, like Soul Societies of other nations, were made up by me. This is what I think happens, and I just wanted to let you guys know because it isn't based on what actually happens. I have given it a little too much though

Fate is a bizarre phenomenon.

Some people believe in fate while others believe that you shape your own future.

I've heard people claim that they've changed fate, or their future, or something along those lines, but how would you know?

People say that your life is not written in stone, but I believe that it is. How can you know what you've changed if you don't know what was meant to happen?

Perhaps a fortune teller, tells you that you will die tomorrow, so what do you do? You stay at home, you're cautious, and it just so happens that you actually planned to go out with your friends that day, but you didn't because you wanted to "change your fate". At that moment, a fire starts at your house and you're not able to get out because something prevented your escape and you died.

That fortune teller was meant to tell you that you would die and because you believed them, you did.

I believe in fate; in not being able to change your future.

I believe that I was meant to be exiled from the Soul Society.

I believe that I was meant to be betrayed by Aizen.

I believe that I was meant to bump into the Supers that day.

I believe that I was meant to meet the Justice League.

But fate has a funny way of showing you that it was all meant to be.

xX- Metropolis | 3:14 PM -Xx

My head rested on the alleyway wall with my feet outstretched in front of me.

My choppy uneven black hair fell in front of my face. I cut it a while back because it kept getting in my way, but it was a dumb idea for me to cut it on my own. I meant to cut it to my shoulders, but I ended up cutting it too much; I now have boy-cut styled hair.

My clothes were ragged and torn with holes in my shoes, tears on my T-shirt and jacket, and my baggy jeans were well over worn; I wasn't very good with taking care of my clothes.

Sebastian, my zanpaktou, is constantly scolding me about my appearance, but, as anyone can clearly tell, I was not one for appearances. I guess even after 100 or so years after my exile from the Soul Society, I still kept the attitude of a Squad 11 member.

I used to be a Lieutenant of Squad 11 and now I'm reduced to being in an alleyway sitting alone and hungry.

It all started because of the Hollowfication incident. Urahara still feels responsible for what the Vizards, Tessai, Yoruichi, and I went through, but we all know that there's no one but Aizen and his lackeys to blame.

Urahara offered me a place to stay at his shop, food to eat, and money in order for me to get by, but I refused them all.

It wasn't just my pride that caused me to refuse it, but it was also my sense of guilt. Taking any of those things would have made me feel guilty; it would have made it seem like I blamed Urahara for my predicament and I demanded compensation. I'll make it clear now; I don't blame Urahara for anything that happened 100 years ago.

Urahara blames himself for what happened because it was his research and creation of the Hogyoku that seemed to start it all, but I knew, as well as the other Vizards, the outcome would have come out the same either way; Aizen was a genius, a bastard still, but a genius nonetheless; he would have figured out another way to take over the Soul Society.

There were a couple things that Urahara offered me that I did take—a Shinigami cell phone and a specialized Gigai.

The Shinigami cell phone worked both as a hollow tracker and a regular cell phone that Urahara calls on once every few years to check up on me.

The specialized Gigai was one that was just like Urahara's, Yoruichi's, Tessai's, and the Vizards'. It allowed us to maintain our Shinigami abilities, remain undetectable by Soul Society, and it allowed us to be seen by normal humans (like regular Gigais).

I refused Urahara's offer for a place to stay for a few reasons. The first was because after my banishment from the Soul Society, I felt the need to go 'find myself'. I wasn't a Vizard myself, so I didn't feel like I belonged in their home, and as great as Urahara and his company was, his shop drew too much attention from passing Shinigami that needed supplies.

I don't hate Shinigami in the slightest, after all I'd be hypocritical if I did for I'm a Shinigami, but after my exile, I never felt like I quite belonged amongst them.

I traveled the world to find a place where I did belong and I eventually ended up here in Metropolis. I'm not sure how long I'll stay here, but I know it won't be for too long. I was never one for a permanent residence, even when I was in the Soul Society; I get restless.

I wasn't the same as other Shinigami; looking down at my right arm, feeling the non-existent organs swirling in my gut, the answer was obvious.

The second reason was that I knew that a war was just over the horizon. Everyone involved in the Hollowfication incident of the Vizards 100 years ago knew it. I traveled the world to get reinforcement in case the need arose, under the radar of course; the Soul Society knew nothing of it for if they knew, so would Aizen. If Aizen did succeed in overthrowing the Spirit King, what's stopping him from overthrowing the other rulers of the other heavens? As far as I knew, Aizen could have already taken some of them over.

It was strange though. My entire time in the United States, or really anywhere else in the world besides Japan, I have yet to any of other versions of Death Gods. I believed that the United States used angels or grim reapers or something. I know that they are different entities entirely, but I should still be able to see them; spiritual energy is the same no matter the nation.

I have seen a couple of ghosts which more or less was a bit comforting to know that I haven't somehow lost my spiritual awareness. I knew that I had Sebastian, but it could be a case of which I could only hear, but not see, or maybe I could have only seen Sebastian because of the special Gigais, but whatever the case, I couldn't see anything other than a few ghosts here or there.

I wasn't allowed to perform a soul burial on any of them because of the problems that it would cause. If a Shinigami was to send a ghost from the United States, it would end up in the Soul Society of Japan. Not only would it cause language issues, but also chaos. The spiritual leaders—like the Soul Society's Spirit King and the United State's God—need to keep track of the people that go in (die) and out (die in their spiritual world to be reborn again) to maintain order and a balance amongst power.

This balance amongst power is essential, not too much unlike the United State's governmental system of checks and balances. Those who die, let's say in Japan, will be reborn in the Soul Society, and when they die in the Soul Society they are reborn as humans. With each death and rebirth, the person leaves a small part of themselves in the Soul Society until when they die for the last time in the Soul Society, and they will no longer be reborn as a human.

It was pure fundamentals, the more spiritual energy a place has, the more power that place maintained.

So by making sure that no single spiritual 'palace' or 'heaven' gets too powerful, each 'heaven' is only allowed to regulate what happens with their own souls. If a soul was accidentally sent to the wrong heaven, simple paper work would sort that out. From time to time this happens, but as long as it doesn't cause too big of an issue, the Spiritual Gods don't care too much.

Plus those from the Americas can't become Shinigami because, though they have spiritual energy, the atmosphere in which they lived in prior to their death doesn't allow them the ability to become Shinigami, likewise, those from Japan or the Asiatic nations can't become angels and so on and so forth. That too becomes a problem if souls were sent to the wrong heaven.

The lack of Death Gods worried me greatly. If there wasn't anyone to send the ghosts, they would become hollows, so the question now was "Where are all the hollows?"

Death Gods—like Shinigami and angels—work on different terrains, but hollows were universal. Hollows are all able to communicate with one another without a language barrier hindering them, unlike other spirits.

Hollow killing was unique because it didn't matter if Shinigami kill the hollows from America or the American angels kill Russian hollows or the lower Gods of Greece and Rome kill Chinese hollows; if a hollow was killed with a Soul Cutter (Angels use their own kind as we Shinigami use ours), it would send the hollow's purified spirit to the heaven that the ghost was intended to go to.

So the lack of all spiritual entities, aside from me and a few ghosts was nerve-racking and highly suspicious.

Urahara and I suspect that it is Aizen's doing, but there was always the slight possibility that the increasing meta-humans could be the reason. Though there was no definite connection, when the rate of hollows and such decreased, the rate of meta-humans increased. I don't know about you, but I don't believe in coincidences.

I yawned slightly and slowly took out a hunter-pocket watch from my pocket to check the time. This was Sebastian, my zanpaktou.

He was a hunter-pocket watch that shined gold. On the cover of the pocket watch was the Gothic Letter F and on the back cover was the Gothic Letter T. The watch was attacked to a rather long chain that extended anywhere between 5 to 10 feet. Though it is obvious that Sebastian isn't a combatant zanpaktou like most others, the chain's length allowed for me to use him similarly to a ball and chain when necessary.

Sebastian was in constant shikai release for two reasons: 1) I couldn't very well carry around a sword in the middle of a bustling city—especially one like Metropolis—and 2) Sebastian felt that this form was less barbaric and showed his 'true side' much better.

Sebastian is, for a lack of better terms, a stuck up prick. He expects high quality manners from everyone, and he gets mad when he doesn't get it.

Sebastian is obsessed with grace and poise and all that other good and jolly stuff that came with being a 'gentleman' or a 'lady', which makes me worried.

They say that a zanpaktou represents a Shinigami's soul; it represents who they truly are. With Sebastian being the prick that he is, it makes me wonder if that's how I really am. I really hoped that I wasn't like that.

I clicked open Sebastian's metal cover and stared at his face, no pun intended.

"You're hungry aren't you? You really should get something to eat."

I smiled slightly, despite Sebastian's stuck up attitude, he truly cared about me and my well-being.

"I'm fine; I'll get something to eat later on." I whispered down to him. I was tired from the lack of food and Metropolis seemed to be devoid of any spiritual energy.

I could go days without food because my body didn't function like a human's would, but that was when there was spiritual energy floating around; it satisfied my hunger for a little while.

"Hmph, you should have taken Urahara-dono's offer. At least then you wouldn't be hungry. If it weren't for me, I bet you wouldn't even notice that you were hungry. You're known to space out for days on end! Tell me how the hell does that even work? What are you thinking about that could take you days for finish? Honestly, where would you be without me? I always have to baby-sit and look out for you. Remember that time when you were walking and you almost ran into a wall? Then there was the car, then the street lamp, then the bench, the truck, and the manhole! My god do you remember the manhole? That had to be the worst! We were covered in muck for weeks because you couldn't find a shower! You're so irresponsible. And look at how you're dressed! Inappropriate, absolutely inappropriate for a lady! Not only that but we're sitting in an alleyway. An alleyway, how degrading! Are you spacing out again? You are aren't you! Now you listen here young lady..."

Eventually I tuned Sebastian out. He was known for going on for hours on end about how I was 'un-ladylike' and how he hated our lifestyle because it was, I believe he said, 'unsanitary, unethical, and no better than a common street rat'. I usually only caught the first 5 seconds when he starts to go off, if that. I swear you do one bad thing and it doesn't matter how much good you've done, you'll always be condemned for that one wrong. Albeit, I cause more wrong than good, but that's beside the point.

I wasn't sure how long Sebastian was talking but I soon heard footsteps coming towards the alleyway.

"Lady Maximilienne, do you hear that?" Instantly his tone did a 180 and I quickly became more alert to my surroundings.

I pocketed Sebastian and told him mentally, 'Yeah.'

I closed my murky brown eyes, but I was still fully aware of my surrounds. If it was someone that meant no harm, they would just see a bum on the streets and continue along. If it was someone that meant harm, I would be fully ready to defend myself, not that human could ever do any real harm, but lately I've been hearing about these 'super-villains'. It was better not to take any chances.

The footsteps got closer and judging from the pattern of how the feet fell on the ground, there was more than one person.

Before I could do anything, a felt something bump into my outstretched legs and I hear a loud thump followed by a feminine, "Ouch."

I opened one eye to see a brown haired, glasses wearing girl sprawled out on the ground. She turned around slightly and we made eye-contact for a brief moment.

"Hey get back here! Call me ugly will ya? Sacrilegious bitch!"

'Do they even know what sacrilegious means?'

"We'll fuckin' kill you!"

'And yet no one does anything to help with such threats? Spewing such foul nonsense, it's very unbecoming.'

'Sebastian, it's not our place to say.'

I looked over to the entrance of the alleyway to see 3 big fat guys running toward the alleyway. My guess was that they were chasing the girl.

I wasn't usually one to get into other people's businesses, but I was really irritated because I'm tired and hungry. No one breaks me out of my alone time thinking of nothing.

I stood up as the fat guys got closer. For guys as big as they are, they were surprisingly fast for humans.

"Hey kid get out of the way!" Fat guy number 1 yelled.

His little-big friend started to back him up, "Yeah, if you get in our way we'll beat you up along with Kent!"

I looked at them and scoffed, 'As if these humans stand even an ounce of a chance against me. Even if I were in a Gigai that denied me my Shinigami abilities I'd still be able to beat them.'

"Don't get cocky Lady Maximilienne."

'Yeah yeah, I know. But just look at their so called 'fighting-stance'. It's pathetic. They make Squad 4's combat abilities seem on par with a Captain's.' Now I wasn't being degrading towards Squad 4, after all they were, in my opinion, the most important Squad in the Gotei 13, but let's face it, they're lovers not fighters.

Humans were such weak creatures whose only weapon was their mouths. Unlike Squad 4, they didn't have any skill that they particularly excelled at. But who was I to talk about humans like that? Shinigami are meant to protect humans and at some point we were humans, so I was once a weak creature whose only weapon was her mouth.

My conversation with Sebastian was interrupted by the other Big Boy, "That's it. We warned you. Now you're gonna get it ya little midget."

Now that ticked me off, "What did you just call me?"

"You heard me. Ya. Little. Midget." Now I am normally a very calm person…but I have a bit of a Napoleon Complex.

I hated being called a kid, but being called a midget was just crossing the line. I was only 4'5", but that wasn't my fault. I died in the Living World as a kid and grew up in the 80th District of the Rukongai, Zaraki, whose name I adopted for my surname; nutrition was hard to come by. Besides, I heard from Urahara that there was a captain that was 4'4" and Hiyori was 4'4" too. I might not be as tall as Ururu, but I'm almost as tall as her with one more inch to go, and I'm taller than Jinta. So I'd say that my height is perfectly normal!

I looked at the girl who was still on the ground and then I turned to look at fat guys and smirked.

"Then what are you waiting for?" I used two fingers to gesture them to 'come-at-me'. There was no need to use words larger than 2 syllables; these boys misused the word sacrilegious; there's no need to prove I'm smarter than they are.

The three boys charged at me. I hit the first boy in the gut and as he knelt over, then I jumped on his head and forced his face into the ground.

Using the momentum that I got from using his head as a spring board, I jumped on one of the remaining two guy's faces and sent him falling backwards into the ground.

Once the guy landed in the ground, I flipped on the ground landing on my hands and I pushed up on the ground, doing a handstand, and I spun on them. My feet collided with the third guy's face and his head hit the wall leaving a small indentation.

I slapped my hands together to wipe away the imaginary dust on them, "Well you guys certainly weren't any fun at all." I turned around to look at the fallen girl to see that she was looking at me with her back to the wall of the back of the alleyway, "You okay?"

"Ummm….yeah. Woah." She said looking down at the three unconscious boys.

I was just about to walk back to my prior spot when she called me, "Wait, that was…amazing. Just who are you?"

I didn't really want to tell my name to a complete stranger, but I could see no harm. Just before I was about to tell her, Sebastian scolded me, "Ask her for her name first. It is common courtesy to tell your name before asking. What a rude little girl; just where are her manners?"

I scratched my head slightly, 'Typical Sebastian.' Still I complied, I knew that if I didn't he'd never shut up about it.

"You first, who are you?"

"Oh me? My name is Kara Kent. Nice to meet you…umm."

"Max. Just call me Max." I looked at her as she got up from her sitting position and I saw something off her head. She stood up and outstretched her hand towards mine, "Well it's nice to meet you Max, and thanks a bunch."

I looked at her hand and when she saw that I made no move to shake it, she withdrew.

'Lady Maximilienne! It is common courtesy to shake one's hand when they so forth invited you to do so.'

'I'm not going to shake hands with a complete stranger Sebastian.'

I turned around and went back to the spot I was at before Ms. Kent so gracefully tripped over my leg and resumed my previous position. There was something brown and furry on the ground I was guessing that it was Ms. Kent's hair…strange.

I got a closer look at her and I saw that she had blonde hair.

I could hear Sebastian give a snort of disapproval, 'Children these days. They all think that they need to look like someone else. In the good old days the only people that wore fake hair were those without any. Even then it was rare. Of course unless you were a judge or someone of high prestige but that is completely different. I doubt this child is any of those.'

'Leave her alone Sebastian, she has her reasons.'

'Disgraceful, I thoroughly disapprove.'

'Sebastian, it's not our place to pry.' I gently scolded him in my head. Sebastian always had an issue with people who pretended to be someone that they weren't ever since the incident about 100 years ago with our exile.

As I reached for her 'hair' on the ground, my stomach growled loudly. I saw Ms. Kent beam slightly, like she just had an epiphany.

"Hey, you're hungry right? How about I get you something to eat as thanks?"

"Do I have to?" I looked up at her. Yes I was hungry, but I was weary around most humans; over the years I have found them to be very superficial, not unlike us Shinigami.

She came up to me and pulled at my arm to get me up, "Come on, I'll pay."

I got up with her 'hair' in my hand. As she was about to walk away I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back, "You might want to fix your wig Ms. Kent."

I got a closer look at her face. Minus the glasses, she looked just like the girl a couple weeks ago that caught the super-villain Volcana.

I quietly whispered under my breath, but I'm sure being who she was, she could hear it, "Supergirl."

xX - Kara's POV - Xx

I ran down the streets as Stupid, Stupider, and Stupidest were chasing me down. I guess I shouldn't have made fun of them, huh? Last time I open my mouth before thinking, but I'm still a teenager; we don't think before we speak.

I knew of an alleyway that wasn't too far from here that I usually went to afterschool if I wasn't staying over at Clark's place.

I used the alleyway and swap identities to Supergirl, and this time I was going to have Supergirl conveniently save me. It would be all too easy for me to take them down now, but Clark told me that I shouldn't do anything to draw too much attention to myself. Yup, absolutely no attention on me right now.

I turned the corner and just as I was about to get to the end of the alleyway, I tripped over something. I turned my head and saw a little child dozing in the alleyway with their legs outstretched, which was what I guessed I tripped over.

Judging from the tattered clothes, I think the kid was homeless. Maybe, however, the kid might have been mugged, but I doubt that. This is Metropolis, not Gotham, the chances aren't as high.

I couldn't tell what gender the kid was because though the child looked like a male physically—baggy clothes, boy cut hair, the works—but the face had a sense of feminism to it. It could have been that it was still because the kid was young. The kid was looked Asian and he looked about 10, maybe 11 or 12, years old.

The kid opened one eye and we made brief eye-contact before I could hear the idiots yelling out for me again. Does Johnson even know what sacrilegious means? I'm atheist what's that have to do with him being ugly?

As the boys got closer, the kid stood up. This was bad, I didn't want to drag anyone into this and as long as the kid was in the alleyway I couldn't change to save her. Clark was up in the watchtower, so he was no help at the moment.

"Hey kid get out of the way!" Johnson yelled at the kid.

Richard backed him up and yelled, "Yeah, if you get in our way we'll beat you up along with Kent!"

The kid scoffed and overall held a bored expression.

'Great a kid that thinks he's all that. Not good, run kid run.' Though they weren't strong by Kryptonian standards, Johnson, Richard, and Brian were stronger than most people our age and especially this baby-faced kid.

Brian, the impatient one of the bunch, spoke up after the kid refused to move, "That's it. We warned you. Now you're gonna get it ya little midget."

"What did you just call me?" Still from the voice I couldn't tell the gender. It was monotonous like the kid was bored, but it was at a higher pitch than a regular voice. If it was a girl, the pitch would make sense. If it was a boy, maybe he obviously hadn't hit puberty yet.

"You heard me. Ya. Little. Midget."

The kid turned around and looked at me briefly before turning back. I think something snapped in the kid.

"Then what are you waiting for?" The kid used two fingers and urged them to come at him.

'This kid is fricken' suicidal. Dammit Clark, where are you when I need your help?' I couldn't very well yell out his name, it would arouse too much suspicion since everyone knew that Superman was busy on the Watchtower; the Justice League was beginning to recruit new leaguers after the incident with the Thanagarians. Superman wouldn't drop all of his work for some 'random stranger' even if it was in his city. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of people in Metropolis, it was too risky and even if it wouldn't be obvious, it would arouse suspicion.

I remember Barbara, better known as Batgirl, telling me when we were hanging out one time that it was better to avoid a situation that would arouse any suspicion no matter how small; it made covering a situation up twice as hard if there was even an ounce of suspicion.

My worries, however, were misplaced as I saw the kid beat up Brian, then Johnson, and finally Richard. I was thoroughly shocked. I highly doubted that the kid was normal, and I wondered if I could pass it off as adrenaline rush. But this wasn't the time to question my 'savior'.

"Well you guys certainly weren't any fun at all." The kid muttered under his breath.

'Stupid Kara, only you would worry about something like that when you almost got pumbled. Not like I couldn't take those guys on, but still."

"You okay?" The kid turned to look at me.

"Ummm….yeah. Woah." I was in a slight daze. The kid was certainly short, which was why I probably missed him when I tripped over his foot. Clark was right; I should pay more attention to my surroundings.

I saw the kid making a move to go sit back down, probably to doze off. I wanted to ask the kid before the kid went back to sleep, "Wait, that was…amazing. Just who are you?"

It took the kid a while to answer, 'Does the kid have a name?' From what I know, it wasn't uncommon for kids who were abandoned on the streets to lack a proper name. Though you don't see too many of them in Metropolis, that didn't mean that they didn't exist.

"You first, who are you?"

"Oh me? My name is Kara Kent. Nice to meet you…umm."

"Max. Just call me Max." The name didn't help with the gender. Max is unisex. It could be short for Maximillian or Maxine or another variation of it. I got up from my position on the floor and walked up to the kid. I got a closer look at the kid's body structure and it was easier to tell from here, now that the lighting was a bit better, that the kid was female. She was kind of cute; like a little teddy bear. She was shorter than me by a whole foot exactly.

I outstretched my hand, "Well it's nice to meet you Max, and thanks a bunch."

Though it would have been better and easier if she wasn't involved at all, she didn't need to know that. Clark told me that I always had to play as the weak victim so that I wouldn't reveal my secret identity. I highly doubted that this kid could have figured it out regardless; she was only a kid.

She refused to shake it. I assumed it was because she'd never seen this gesture before so I didn't take any offense to it. I saw her walking back to the place she was at before the incident.

I saw her look down before her stomach gave a loud growl, "Hey, you're hungry right? How about I get you something to eat as thanks?"

"Do I have to?"

I smiled and pulled her up, "Come on, I'll pay."

I began to walk away to lead her to a place to eat until she grabbed my arm and pulled me back, "You might want to fix your wig Ms. Kent."

I heard her whisper, "Supergirl."

At that moment I panicked. I didn't know what to do, 'Stupid, stupid, stupid Kara. Of all the things to happen your wig just happens to fall off. It must have gotten loose when I fell and it could have fallen off when I got up. Oh crap, oh crap, Clark is going to be so totally mad at me. Maybe if I play it cool she won't notice.'

Right before I opened my mouth to make an excuse, she stopped me, "Are you going to take it or not?" I lost my train of excuses and just tried to plead with her. I wasn't as good as this hiding identity thing as most of the other heroes were; I hadn't been a hero for very long.

xX - Max's POV - Xx

"Please, please, you can't tell anyone about this." She hastily took back her wig and put it on.

I looked at her and raised my eyebrow slightly, "Yes, because I have people to tell."

'Sarcasm is very un-ladylike Lady Maximilienne.'

'Shove it.' I snapped my attention back to Ms. Kent, "So does this mean you're taking back the offer to buy me lunch?"

She looked at me and smiled a bit with relief, "Don't worry, I'll still buy you lunch. Thanks again."

"Enough," I walked up in front of her and turned my head slightly around and smiled with bored eyes, "I'm hungry."

She smiled back at me, "So what do you want?"

"What can you afford Ms. Kent?" I meant no malice behind it and I wasn't demeaning her. Most humans, or I guess Kryptonian because she was Supergirl, carried little money with them. This wasn't to say that they didn't have any, just that they didn't always carry a lot with them. This was probably for the best though; getting mugged wasn't exactly a human pastime.

She pouted slightly. "My apologies Ms. Kent if I've offended you, but from what I can tell you are a student. Most don't make too much, if any, money and they are usually supported by a parental figure."

"Huh? Oh no, it's not that. Kara, call me Kara. None of that Ms. Kent stuff, that's for Ma." I was used to Japanese culture where it was rude to call a person who you weren't familiar with by their first name without any honorifics. It was times like these when I reminded myself; I'm not in Japan anymore. I'm in the United States, and I better act accordingly to not draw attention.

Drawing attention was the last thing that I needed. I don't want to reveal my location to the Soul Society or anyone associated with it, besides Yoruichi, Urahara, and those from his shop. If anyone from the Soul Society knew, then they will report it to Head Captain Yamamoto who would report it in a Captain's meeting, which means that Aizen and his lackeys would know of my position.

The last thing that I needed was all of Soul Society after me while I was conducting my investigation.

I nodded my head towards Ms. Ke…Kara. "Alright, Kara."

She nodded her head at approval, "Well I don't have too much on me really, but I have enough for cup noodles, if that's alright with you."

"I see, because I'm Japanese?"

Kara freaked, "No, no, no! Not because of that, I'm sorry I didn't…"

I smiled a chuckled a bit as she pouted, "Seriously, you have to have more pitches in your tone. I can't tell when you're joking."

"You'll learn. That is, if you want to hang around with me that much." I'm only monotone when I'm hungry and/or tired. I wasn't about to be grand and chipper while my stomach was caving in on itself.

She ran up and hooked arms with me, "Guess that means we're friends."

My smile turned a bit goofy, the mere mention of food was getting me excited; Sebastian didn't often let me steal money or food, so any chance that came by to fill my crying belly made me euphoric. "Guess that means I'm stuck in Metropolis for a while."

'Lady Maximilienne, friends are good for you. It's been a while since you've personally talked with anyone other than me.'

'I know Sebastian. Besides, I think it would be quite beneficial for me to obtain a friend of Kara's status. Never know when we're going to need it.'

'Lady Maximilienne, I do hope you don't intend to use Ms. Kent.'

'You know me better than that. I'm just saying that should the occasion arise that I may need the assistance of some aliens or superheroes because Aizen somehow magically did something evil again that, for whatever reason, the Soul Society couldn't handle, it would be reassuring to know that I have more backup. I doubt that we'd need the help of the Justice League, but I don't think it would hurt to have some.'

'No it certainly wouldn't. I believe that they too will become involved.'

'I know they'll become involved. The dead and the living are interconnected. I was planning on getting the help from the Amazonian women, but the Justice League might be a nice alternative.'

We ended up going to a small convenience store that was close by to buy the cup noodles. They even filled it with hot water for you…wow, so amazing.

"Thanks Kara."

"No problem, I mean you did 'save' me." She winked at me and I smiled a bit.

'You have such a pretty smile Lady Maximilienne. I just hope you don't fall in love with her. It'd be like a drama. Such sweet sorrow, you would tell her that you love her and she will say it too. You two tell one another that you can't be with each other but you just can't resist. You'll fall on the bed, and then there will be girl-on-gi…'

I smacked the pocket that Sebastian was in to shut him up. I was straighter than a pole, not that I had any problems with anyone that wasn't, but I hated it when Sebastian did this.

Sebastian was really upright and proper, but when it came to comparing things to scenes in a drama movie, he was really into it. I showed him about 20 or so years ago and he just couldn't stop watching them whenever we go the chance. I swear he was like Love with his Shonen Jump magazines.

The man behind the convenience store counter was finished filling up the hot water for my cup of noodles and I tried getting it from.

I even tip-toed and I still couldn't reach. The man was a good 6'2", would it kill him to bend down about two feet?

Kara instead got it for me, "Here you go."

I muttered a quiet and annoyed, "Thanks."

"You're really small aren't you?"

"Hey! I'm not small, I'm just vertically challenged." I was now in a much more uplifted mood now that I was going to have food in my tummy.

Kara just laughed as she got her cup of noodles from the man behind the counter. Just then we heard the door open and a gun was fired into the air.

Two men with ski masks barged in, "Nobody move, this is a stick up."

One of the men came up to the counter, most likely to demand money. With me and Kara right in front of the counter we got front row seats to the action. The poor suckers in the back were nice and fuckin' safe!

Not that a human contraption could ever do any permanent damage to a Shinigami, but the fact that I was being threatened caused damage to my pride.

The man that came up to the counter demanded money from the overly tall cashier while the other man pointed the gun at me and Kara.

'Such dim-witted robbers they are. Why would they have only one gun when there are clearly two people?'

'Who knows, maybe they're robbing this place to get enough money to buy another gun.'

'I suppose, but Lady Maximilienne, such idiocracy these men show. And no poise, no posture, no sophistication.'

'Only you would worry about that Sebastian.'

Our conversation was cut short when the man holding the gun pointed it at Kara's head, "Give us all your money girlie."

"B-but I don't have any money." Kara had to snap back to her 'shy and vulnerable' act. The tough act might have given away her secret these heroes go through so much trouble to hide their identities is lost to me.

He moved his gun towards me, "Well you better give us something, or I'm gonna kill this little shrimp."


'Lady Maximilienne, calm down.'

Just as I was about to do something the door flew open, quite literally. It just completely unhinged and flew away. Me, as well as everyone else that was there, turned to see the Man of Steel himself.

I never did understand why he wore his underwear over his pants, but hey, if you can stop the Apocalypse who cares right?

And why does every superpowered hero feel the need to smash through walls. You can't fricken' turn the door knob? Hell this door was even motion sensored!

"Let them go."

"S-S-S-Superman? You were supposed to be out of town!" The man holding up the guy behind the counter took the register and hit him with it.

Superman wasn't even slightly fazed, "I got let off work early."

The other man, I suppose was a bit smarter. From what I heard, Superman couldn't be hurt with bullets. It would be a waste to use them on him.

The man grabbed me and put me in a headlock. It wasn't a very good headlock either; no strength behind it. Honestly these humans get stupider and stupider with each generation. I'll give him credit that it did lift me off the ground, but that wasn't too hard. I was, after all, vertically challenged.

"Don't move or I'll shoot her!" Superman stopped in his tracks seeming to weigh the options. If he used super speed, it might shock the man and cause him to fire anyways. He could move at the speed of light, but the man had his finger about .0001mm from the amount of pressure that he needed to apply for the gun to go off. Guess he wasn't a risk taker.

Heat vision, ice breath, sonic boom, any of those things would give him the same results.

"Don't move, or I'll shoot her." I mocked him. Hell Superman wasn't going to do anything, and I was getting bored. I was not expecting to get robbed when I woke up this morning.

Come on do they really think I could die from a bullet wound? This is a Gigai, not a real body, and you can't directly hurt a soul with man-made machinery. Partake no one here but me knows that but still, I found it slightly offending.

"Watch it kid!"

"Watch it kid."

"Shut up you little shrimp!"

Kara's eyes went a little wide, "Uh-oh."

Superman looked at Kara, "What uh-oh?"

Now I was mad, no, I was beyond mad. No one calls me little. No one calls me a shrimp. To call me a little shrimp is asking for a death wish.

"I. am. not. little!" I tilted my head forward to get some momentum and I harshly brought it back to hit his face. I only used just enough force to knock him out and break a few teeth, and maybe his chin, and his nose too.

I huffed a little and looked at the remaining guy, "You want some too!"

His eyes bulged a bit, "No, you're tall really really tall!"

I crossed my arms, "Thought so." I heard some people clapping, seriously if I was clapped for every time I hit a guy, then I'd go death from the sound.

I looked at Kara and pointed at Superman, "Does he know?" It's a stupid question, but with heroes you never know who knows whose identity.

She nodded her head. She then turned to Superman, "Could you take the both of us home?"

He picked up the gun and squashed it in his hands, and then he looked down at us a bit confused, mostly at Kara. I'm guessing it was because he knew that she didn't need on, but he saw me and thought against saying anything other than, "Sure, the police are on their way."

He picked up Kara bridal style while I got on his back like a piggy back ride.

He asked me, and I guess to keep up the act that Kara wasn't Superman, he asked Kara too, where we lived.

"Kara invited me to come over and play, so just drop me off at her house okay?" I smiled at him; a little lie never hurt anyone. Superman raised his eyebrow slightly. I'm sure that Kara didn't want me "out of her sight" at that moment either; it would be smart to be cautious around those who know your secret identity.

Once we were in the air Kara started to talk to Superman, "Sorry Clark, I was going to do something but I didn't have a chance to change into Supergirl. I mean earlier I was being chased and then…"

Superman's eyes widened a bit, "Kara!" He motioned his head in my direction.

"Its fine, she knows." He looked back at me and I waved a bit.

"You should really look where you're flying Mr. Kent. I don't want to die just yet I'm still quite young." Oh the ironies in that statement.

He looked back at Kara, "How and why does she know?"

To save Kara a possible lecture and further embarrassment I spoke up, "I tripped her with my foot and her wig fell off. I'd be blind not to see that it was Kara at that point. You'd have to be blind to not notice Kara because of a pair of glasses."

"Kara." Oh I knew that voice. Sebastian uses that tone with me when I did something he didn't like.

I smiled widely at him, "Don't worry Mr. Kent, I'll keep your secret after all Kara and I are friends right?"

I decided to put on the "I'm an innocent child so everything I saw is not only cute but true" act.

I got an approving nod from Kara, "Now that I know your secret, will you be my friend too Mr. Kent? My name's Max and I'm a girl!" I snickered a bit towards Kara's direction. Before the hold up we were chatting a bit and I found out that she thought I was a boy. I knew that I shouldn't have cut my own hair. Kara just stuck her tongue playfully out at me.

Superman let out a sigh of relief and smiled, "Yeah, sure. But call me Clark, or Superman when I'm 'working'. Mr. Kent is my Pa." The childish act works every time. There were some perks to being vertically challenged, but I had to make sure not to overdo it.

"As for you Kara…" We were high enough in the sky and it seemed that it we were in a pretty remote area. And what do you know? Superman dropped Kara.

"Oh there she goes." I said watching her fall. It actually was rather amusing to hear her scream. A few seconds later she flew back up in her Supergirl outfit. It's amazing how fast one can change their clothes in mid-air even if they have superspeed.

"Clark!" Superman just laughed.

"Now did Kara really invite you over?"

I smiled nervously, "Would you be mad if I said she didn't? I don't feel comfortable telling you where I live."

Kara flew up next to Superman, "Can she come Clark? I mean she can meet Ma and Pa. You know how they love children and she already knows. Please Clark? She's the only person besides probably Barbara, that's my non-powered friend and knows both of my identities. I don't have many girlfriends. And she's not a vigilante too! So we can have non-villain-y conversations! Please, please, please!" Oh how wrong she was. I had power, just not the type they're familiar with.

"Yeah please Clark?" I gripped his neck a bit tighter and hugged him. This sort of act usually worked on people who had too kind of hearts, and it never fails, not even now.

"Sure," he smiled, "it'd be nice to have Non-hero company for a change."

Kara threw up her arms, "Woo Hoo! Finally I have a normal, not vigilante, super powered, meta human over!"

"Woo Hoo! I finally have friends!" I threw up my arms too, faking that I didn't realize that the only things that were keeping on held onto Superman.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah!" Superman quickly flew down as fast as he could and caught me.

"Thanks Clark." I hugged him around his neck for real this time. Heights don't bother me because Shinigami can just manipulate their spiritual energy to keep them suspended in the air. It was slightly terrifying, but I had to play the innocent card.

'Mi'Lady was there any particular reason why you did that?'

'I heard that people get closer when their lives are saved by another and vice versa.'

'That might have been a little far. Technically you already saved Ms. Kent's life.'

'Can't blame a girl for trying. Besides, that was a great "test" of Superman's speed and reaction time. Not very bad, but not very good either. His speed is impeccable, his reaction time could use a bit of work.'

"You have to be careful. I'll hold you in my arms so that doesn't happen again. Are you alright?"

At that very moment Kara appeared and asked the same question.

"I'm fine, thanks." I smiled at them and Superman and Kara both ruffled my hair.

'Awww so cute. They're treating you're half their age when in reality your probably 20 times older than the older of the two.'

'Shut up, if it will get me good relations with them, then it's worth it. I still wonder why they don't question how a child beat up those people.'

'I thought you were so confident in your abilities Lady Maximilienne. Now you want people to question your strength? Make up your mind.'

'It's not that, but I find it somewhat suspicious. Call me paranoid or not, but look at the facts. I was at the very least a head shorter than the three guys that chased Kara and two heads shorter than the robbers. I'm not complaining that they're not asking, but I find it suspicious that they don't.'

'I suppose you are right, but perhaps they think you may be one of those meta-humans that we've been hearing so much about on the news..'

'Impossible Sebastian, Kara just finished saying how 'normal' I was.'

'It probably just slipped their mind. Oh I know what it was.'


'They might have just believed that you were angry and that triggered your adrenaline rush.'

'It's a possibility, but I don't want to rule anything out.'

'Why does it matter to you so much Lady Maximilienne?'

I yawned and closed my eyes leaning further into Clark to hide my face like I was tired. I didn't want him to see my expressions of caution while I'm talking to Sebastian. It might cause him to become worried, or worse, suspicious.

'I'm going to have to think of an excuse when they do ask.'

'You mean if they ask.'

'No, I mean when, I can tell when someone wants to know something. I could just say adrenaline rush, but the thing is, will they believe it.'

'Just be glad they're not that Batman fellow that we've been hearing so much about. Or that Question fellow either.'

'I suppose…' I dropped the conversation. It wasn't that I believed the Supers to be suspicious themselves, but everyone knows that when something happens people ask questions. When something big happens and no on asks anything, that's when the trouble arises. If I'd known that they were people who I wanted help from, I wouldn't have over done it with the fighting. At least I didn't know at first with Kara, I guess I don't have much of an excuse with Clark. Though you can't blame me, I have a vertically challenged temper. Besides, it would have been harder to explain why the bullet didn't kill me if the robber did shoot me.

I snapped out of my inner conversation when Superman said, "It'll be a while before we get to Ma and Pa's. It's a little way off and they're not expecting me for a few hours yet."

"Oh I know, let's play 20 questions!" I looked over to Kara who was practically bouncing in the air.

I tilted my head, "What's that?"

"We ask you a question and then you get to ask us both a question. That way we get to know each other better."

I nodded my head and smiled, perfect, "Okay! But I get to ask each of you a question not just the both of you."

Superman and Kara nodded, "Okay you first."

"Okay, hmmm what should I ask?" I pretended to scratch my chin. I had to keep up this childish act if I was to accomplish anything with these two, but I had to show a bit of maturity if I was going to get any respect. I saw in one of the movies Sebastian recommended to me that "adults" scratched their chins often when they were thinking.

We asked many questions back and forth. I learned that Superman didn't live with their Ma and Pa, but rather he lived in Metropolis. It was just a coincidence that he was visiting them today because he wanted a break after doing the renovations for the Watchtower and I found that his Krytonian name was Kal-El. Superman was a part of the original Justice League as their leader and still is, which would make getting him on my side that much more crucial to getting the others on my side; him and Batman of course, from what I can tell, the two of them are the centerpieces of the puzzle. It appears that the Justice League was recruiting new people into the League from all over the world; other superheroes and vigilantes fighting for the 'greater good'. No doubt the villains are thinking the same thing but with a different purpose.

I found out that Kara wasn't from Krypton like Superman and they weren't really cousins. She was from a sister planet called Argon and her real name is Kara In-Ze. She was friends with Batgirl from Gotham, but she wouldn't tell me who she really was, which I respected. She also told me that Superman was friends with Batman, sort of-ish.

A key component that I learned from them was that the both of them didn't speak Japanese and neither did their Ma or Pa. But I found out that this Batman fellow did, but the others of his 'Bat-family' did not. Though this information may have seemed innocent and unimportant, it was indeed the most important piece of information that I did get.

It wasn't that I wanted to talk behind their backs, but I need to know what I could and couldn't say around them. There were some things that were better left unsaid to the living about the dead to keep both their physical as well as their mental well-beings safe.

I told them very little about myself. I merely told them that I didn't have a place to stay in Metropolis, my ragged clothing was from constant wear and tear as they were my only pair, and that I had no money. I told them that I didn't remember who my parents were and that I was a Japanese kid that was at least 15 years old. When I told them my age they were thoroughly surprised; you should have seen their faces. I quickly dropped the kid act then and there.

None of that was a lie.

I didn't have a place to stay in Metropolis, but if I went to Karakura Town I did have places to stay, but they didn't know that.

I did have only one pair of clothing, as a Gigai only needs one pair of clothing if you take care of them properly. Plus I liked the extra elbow room that they provided me; it was very comfortable.

I didn't have any money, at least on me. Urahara technically had all my money which was technically his.

I didn't remember who my parents are, most-all shinigami don't.

And I am at least 15 years old. They just don't know I'm well over 20 times that age. They assumed that because I am homeless that I was abandoned as a child, therefore I don't remember the day I was born (which was really the day I died, oh the irony). Technically, I don't.

We only got to about 6 or 7 questions before my cell phone rang. "Wait, I thought you said you didn't have any money. How'd you get a cell phone?" Kara asked.

"My friend bought it for me to keep in contact with him in Japan. He pays for the bills and only calls when it's very important. It runs on solar energy so I never have to charge it. Please excuse me for a second." Though I said that, it wasn't as if I could go to a separate room in the sky to take my call. I might have lied when I said that the phone ran on solar energy; it ran on spiritual energy, but whose counting the lies that I'm telling?

This was too soon for Urahara to be calling me; he called me about a month ago. That could only mean one thing.

I opened my cell and switched to Japanese and I tried to use a happy tone so that I didn't throw off the Kents, "Moshi Moshi."

"Maxi-chan, he's finally defected."

"Took the guy long enough."

"Why are you so happy about it?"

"I'm not, I'm not exactly alone in company right now. Don't worry about it just keep talking."

"Well, anyways, he took the Hogyoku and he plans on overthrowing the Spirit King."

"I thought we established this Urahara, 100 years ago."

"Yes, but I figured you'd want a refresher."

" Did Gin and Tousen go too?"

"Yes, now listen closely. It appears that the war is set for the winter, which gives us 3 months to prepare everything."

"I'll tell you this now Urahara, when the war goes on, I can't help you. I'm going to use this chance to check out what's going on with the Soul Societies of the other nations. It's too risky while we don't know what he does in Hueco Mundo or if he's there most of his time, so our only chance will be when he's at war with all the strongest soldiers in his army. If Aizen really did do something to the people of the other Soul Societies, then checking up on them now wouldn't be beneficial to anyone. If he did something to the other heavens, then this is bigger than just overthrowing the Spirit King and trying to transcend into a God status, no pun intended on the God of the United States of course."

"I understand, when we mobilize I'll give you the go-ahead. Until then stay safe."

"I'll try. Well, I hope to see you after three months."

"Yes Maxi-chan, and I hope the conditions will be reasonably good. I wouldn't want the first time we see one another in about 90 years to be because it's at the other's funeral."

"I miss you too Urahara-san. Tell everyone, the Vizards included, that I said hi."

"I will, be careful and stay safe."

"I will, I will. I'll call you if I get any leads on this investigation."

"That's what you said 75 years ago."

"That means I haven't gotten any leads. They just keep disappearing left and right. It's like they're disappearing into thin air." I looked ahead to see that there was a small house on a farm coming up.

"I have to go soon Urahara, we're reaching my destination."

"Where are you exactly?"

I looked around, "In the middle of nowhere on a farm."

"What are you doing there?"

"I'm trying to butter up some of the world's greatest alive fighters."

"You're insane you mean the Ju…"

"Yes them, don't say their name. I'm with two of them that have super hearing. And their names don't exactly translate well into Japanese when you say it using Katakana. They might not understand Japanese, but they're smart enough to figure it out."

"But why them? Do you really think its going to be so serious that the living will be involved?"

"Urahara, it already is. From what I've gathered, the living world is the only neutral ground where any type of fighting can occur. I was planning on getting the help of the living through the Amazonian women and ease my way onto neighboring beings that possessed similar traits, but the Justice League will be a nice alternative."

"What do you hope to accomplish?"

"I need to gain their trust and then ease the information onto them. I doubt just asking them will work, especially with recent betrayal from one of their teammates."

With that we said our goodbyes and good lucks. These next three months will be torture on the mind and soul (no pun intended).

"So what was all that about?" Kara looked at me as well as Superman.

"Just catching up, I haven't talked to him in so long. I miss him."

"Why don't you go visit him? I'm sure he'd like that."

I looked at Superman, "I guess, but now's not the time to do that." Sensing my serious tone, the both of them dropped the subject.

Last month, Urahara had told me all about Kurosaki Ichigo, son of Kurosaki Isshin, a good friend of mine who I also haven't seen in years. I was told that Ichigo was going to be our trump card.

I was told everything last month about what happened with Kuchiki Rukia and Kurosaki Ichigo, the humans who received spiritual abilities: Inoue Orihime and Yasutora Sado. I was told about Yoruichi's return after about a 10 year long vacation doing God knows what, and just about everything else that had happened up until that point.

I could hear the undertone in Urahara's voice when he told me last month that, "If we don't fully succeed in defeating Aizen when he defects and wages war, you're going to have to train Ichigo."

Fully succeed could mean a number of things. Maybe the Hogyoku gets missing and Aizen hid it somewhere after he was defeated. Maybe Aizen wins the war and all Hell breaks loose (which I really hope doesn't happen as I've been to Hell before. It's not the happiest place on Earth). Maybe Aizen doesn't show up as intended. Who knows? I know one thing, we will not fully succeed. I will have to train Ichigo…crap.

In a fight against Aizen, there will be no better teacher.

This war, successful or not, will end up involving the living world. I just have this gut feeling that people who shouldn't be involved will become involved—the young, the old, the innocent, the guilty, the living, and the dead.

Superman set me on the floor as he went up to the door and knocked on it with Kara following close behind.

I looked at the both of them smiling happily as, who I'm guessing is, their Ma and Pa opened the door and greeted them.

I smiled when they ruffled my hair and called me adorable and said that the just loved me.

I laughed at their shocked faces when they I told them that I was at least 15.

I cried inside when I knew that fate was going to be cruel to them and break their ignorance to the world of the dead.

I felt determined to recruit their help along with the rest of the Justice League, now more than just 7, to help them protect both our world and theirs.

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