Tsunade Teaches The Kunoichis (V.2)

Chapter 3: The Onsen and Kin's Story



"Bijuu/Inner Persona"

*Short Lemon Start! Repeat: Short Lemon Start!*

Naruto awoke to a pleasant sensation in his loins. Opening his eyes, he saw that Ino and Sakura had moved from their spots beside him. Looking at the covers, he saw two bulges under the sheets. Putting two and two together he lifted the sheets to see Ino and Sakura giving him double fellatio. Uugghh... You two really are whores, aren't you? Couldn't even wait for me to wake up?"

"No, we couldn't Naruto-Sama, we needed to taste you dick, feel your cum in and on our bodies." Said Ino, swirling her tongue around the head, teasing his urethra occasionally.

"It's true, Master, we wanted this so badly. We were so hot for you." Continued Sakura, sucking and licking his shaft, her hand fondling his balls.

Both girls were masturbating each other, fingering the other's pussy as they worked his cock with their mouths, their moans adding to his pleasure.

"Uugghh... Keep going." He groaned. Just like that, you're nothing but a pair of sluts, you want nothing more than to suck me off. Right?"

"Yes Master. We love to feel you in our mouths, and we can't wait for you to fuck our pussies and asses." Said Ino, "Well, at least I can't." she added, glancing at Sakura.

Sakura decided to not respond, but stuck her finger through one of Ino's nipple rings and tugged, hard. Ino screamed, the intense vibrations setting off Naruto's orgasm. Sakura pushed Ino out of the way and swallowed all of Naruto's cum for herself.

Short Lemon End! Repeat: Short Lemon End!

"Argh! You BITCH!" Shouted Ino, nursing her nipple. "I'll get you for that!" She launched herself at Sakura and tackled her, driving her knee repeatedly into Sakura's crotch, bruising her vulva and hitting her clit.

Sakura screamed and retaliated by sticking her fingers through the nipple rings and pulling them and while squeezing Ino's breasts hard, adding in a twisting motion.

"GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!" Shouted Naruto, grabbing them both by their hair and pulling them apart, "Finish this another time! We have to meet Tsunade in ten minutes!"

They immediately stopped, "Sorry Master." Apologized Ino, nursing her injured breasts.

"We'll be good." Promised Sakura, healing her pussy with a medical jutsu.

"Good. Sakura, put on the outfit from yesterday. You didn't bring clothes with you. Ino, put these on." He said tossing Ino an outfit.

It consisted of a purple mini-skirt that was slit up both sides, a matching tube top that covered little more than her breasts, no bra and a slightly transparent black lace thong. "Thank you for the gift, Master." Wondering when he had picked the clothes out, but deciding not to ask questions so that the author did not have to type a bunch more dialogue.

"You're welcome. Although, you were rather quick to submit to me." he observed. "Not that I'm complaining, just curious."

"Well, Sakura told me you had those pictures, and I've thought you were kinda hot ever since you came back from the training with Jiraya. And i've kinda liked you ever since you beat Kakuzu. And, well, to be honest, the thought of submitting to you kinda turned me on to the point where I nearly creamed my panties." She admitted, putting on the underwear.

"Sakura is a submissive person and I still had to be a little forceful." said Naruto. "Why not with you?"

"Because, unlike forehead, I know what I want. And I go get it." She explained, putting on the last of her clothes.

"Very well then. Oh, and Ino-Slut, you are forbidden from calling Saku-Slut 'forehead' in my presence from now on. Saku-slut, you are forbidden from calling Ino-slut 'Ino-Pig' in my presence."

The girls pouted for a moment then agreed.

"Good, now come on. If we don't move, were gonna be late for the meeting with Tsunade if we don't hurry." Prodded Naruto, jumping out the window.

Later: At The Village Gates:

"Ahh. Naruto-Kun, Sakura-Chan, Ino-Chan, How nice of you to join us." Greeted Tsunade.

"Sorry." apologized Naruto, "We kinda overslept."

"And the girls didn't wake you up because?"

"We were tired from last night." Admitted Sakura.

"Yeah, three orgasms in one night'll do that to a girl."

"Only three?" Asked Anko "Lightweights." She scoffed.

"Wait, What is Moegi doing here?" asked Naruto.

"She decided to come at the last minute, along with Yuugao Uzuki, when she heard that you were the teacher." Teased the busty Hokage.

Well then, welcome aboard, Moegi." Greeted Naruto, seemingly unphased by the sudden change. "Wait, so that means that all the rest of the girls were willing to go on this trip without knowing who was going to be fucking them"

"Not exactly, Moegi was the first one I asked. After she turned me down, I cane up with the Idea of telling the girls that you were coming along." Explained Tsunade. "And Yuugao came because Only because I got here unlimited time off for this training course."

"I see, Should we get going?"

"Yes we should, Naruto-Sama." Said Tsunade.

"Did you just call me '-Sama'?" He asked.

"As a matter of fact I did. You see, during this trip, rank and protocol mean nothing. You are our master for the duration of this trip." She explained "Well, mine, anyway. And only if you earn me first."

"What is that supposed to mean?" He asked

"While some of us may submit to you easily, others may try to dominate you. Or at least not submit as easily as others."

A few of the older women licked their lips at the word 'dominate'

"Then I'll have to break them." He declared.

"That'll be a sight worth seeing." Mused Tsunade. "Now, let's get going."

"Sounds good. Let's go."

They jumped into the trees and were on their way.

*One Uneventful Trip Later*

The Onsen was a quant place. Out of the way, surrounded by forest in all sides. The hotel was four stories tall, the lobby and dining area being on the first floor, rooms on the second and third floors, and the fourth floor was a luxurious penthouse.

"Tsunade-Chan! How delightful to see you here!" The big, red, leather, swivel chair facing away from them turned around to reveal the beautiful face of a green eyed, redheaded woman somewhere in her twenties, with breasts rivaling Tsunade's in size, in a very open, red silk kimono with twin large rose designs printed over each of her large breasts in gold thread. "So what brings you to my little resort?" She asked coyly in a very pleasant, sultry voice.

"Hello, Rose-Chan, nice to see you as well." Smirked Tsunade. "And you know very well why were here."

"Ah, yes, the sexual training for the young Kunoichi. Doesn't that bring back memories? Tsunade-Chan?"

"Yes it does. Now drop it."

"Tsunade-Chan? Are you going to introduce us to your friend?" Asked Naruto.

"Sorry. Girls, and Naruto, this is-"

"Just call me Rose" She said, interrupting Tsunade "Owner and Proprietor of the Black Rose Onsen. Pleasure to meet you all." She greeted.

"How do you know Tsunade-Shishou?" Asked Sakura.

"Tsunade-Chan and I were partners in our sexual training when we were your age." Seeing the confused looks she explained. "The Kunoichi Sexual Training has been around for a long time. Sweet, innocent Tsunade didn't come up with the idea." She teased.

"Innocent?" Asked Naruto in disbelief. "Where have you been for Tsunade-Chan's past decades of debauchery?"

"Trust me, I'm a nun compared to Rose." She joked, "She used to be a Kunoichi, but retired when I left the village."

"Not because I was torn up, but because it was so much less 'delightful' without her around." Explained Rose. "After that, I opened this quant little resort."

"A resort?" Asked Naruto, "I expected more from someone with your 'reputation' according to Tsunade-Chan."

"Aren't you just delightful?" Gushed Rose. "Is he the stud that these delightful Kunoichi will have the pleasure of fucking during this course?"

"As a matter of fact, yes, he is." Answered Tsunade with a smirk.

"Ohhh..." Moaned Rose, getting up from behind the desk, revealing that the Kimono was quite short, stopping just above her mid-thigh. "I can tell that he's quite the sex machine, you chose well."

"Not that I don't like the praise, But No one has answered my question." Complained Naruto.

"Sorry, I got distracted by your delightful sexual aura." Apologized Rose. "The reason is, this isn't your typical Onsen."

"How so?" Asked Ino.

"Well, I guess that you could say that it's the most sexy Onsen in existence."

"That still doesn't answer my question." Said an annoyed Naruto.

"In this Onsen, anything goes as long as both parties are willing." Explained Rose. "Absolutely anything, anywhere, anytime. Well, sexually anyway."

All of the girls, and a few of the women, blushed at the implications of such a policy.

"Wouldn't rules like that be better suited for a club in the Red-Light district?" Asked Ino, blushing.

"I actually own a delightful little club in Konoha's Red-Light District. That's where the extreme stuff happens."

"You see, Rose was known as the Shikijoukage* when she was younger." Mentioned Tsunade with a smirk. "This place's unique rules are the reason I chose this place for the training."

"Will Rose-Chan be assisting with the training?" Asked Naruto.

"For the moment, the answer is 'not really'. I might observe and give pointers, but I'm not sure I'll actually get involved."

"That doesn't really seem like you." Said a curious Tsunade. "What's the deal? Scared?"

"No, but I want to get the lay of the land first, find out what I'm up against." Explained Rose. "The kid, Naruto, is it? Looks like he has some serious domination potential. I want to assist him in developing it."

"Wow, that means a lot coming from Rose-Chan." Said Tsunade. "She rarely gives out sexual praise, especially before she sleeps with someone."

"Well then, thanks, I guess." Shrugged Naruto.

"You're welcome, dear." Said Rose. "Just make sure you show me a delightful time when it happens. And if you dominate me, I'll become whatever you want me to be, But I won't go down easily, and if I dominate you, well, let's just say that the rectal trauma might kill you." She warned, "Doesn't that sound delightful?"

If Naruto was nervous, he didn't show it. "It sure does, Rose-Chan, it sure does." he challenged, grinning.

"How delightful!" Gushed Rose, "Well then, do what you need to do to prepare yourself for the day that I come for you. And do your best to prepare the girls for the Kunoichi world."

"Rest assured, I will."

"Delightful. Oh, and I just remembered, Tsunade-Chan, I got those 'vitamins' you asked for." Remembered Rose.

"Thank you, Rose-Chan. These will help Naruto-Kun out immensely."

"What do you mean by 'vitamins' Tsunade-Chan?" Asked Naruto in a wary voice.

"These." She said curtly, tossing Naruto two bottles. "The one with the red cap will boost your energy in a peculiar way, after you've taken one You'll feel like you just slept for nine hours. And the ones with the blue cap will seriously amp up your semen production." She explained, "Take the blue ones now, take the red ones when your feeling tired."

"Are there any side effects I have to worry about?" He asked.

"No, none." She said. "Well, If you don't drink enough water, the amped up semen production might dehydrate you. And after you stop taking the 'awake' pills, you'll feel fatigued for a few days afterward. Nothing severe."

"Okay." He said, popping a blue pill. "Will I feel any different?"

"Yeah, you might get aroused much easier, but you won't have any problem getting off."

"I sure won't." He smirked.

"Okay. Now, girls, let's go and do some shopping."

"Shopping? What for?" Asked Sakura. "And where?"

"There's a town a few miles to the west of here where we can get some food and other stuff."

"Isn't there a restaurant in the resort?"

"Yes, but do you honestly feel like ordering your meals off a menu every night?"

"True, but where will we cook?" Asked Ino.

"Each room has a full kitchen." Explained an impatient Tsunade. "This is a very luxurious Onsen."

"That has very loose and highly sexual rules." Commented Kin with a slight blush.

"Thinking about what you're going to do with Naruto-Kun?" Teased Tayuya, who saw Kin as a little sister.

"NO! I'm just commenting on the unusual rules of this Onsen!" She shot back, blushing furiously.

"Whatever you say. Just be sure to save some of Blondie for me!"

"Okay, enough teasing." Ordered Tsunade. "We've gotta get going if we're going to make it to town before the shops close!"

"YES, TSUNADE-SAMA!" Said the girls in unison.

"What room am I staying in?" Asked Naruto.

"The penthouse, of course." Said Tsunade in a no-nonsense voice. "Where else would you be staying?"

"I thought that you would be staying in the penthouse, Tsunade-Chan." He said, confused.

"No. It has the biggest bed in the resort and I know that you'll need the extra space for all the girls that will no doubt become regulars in your chambers."

"Okay. Sounds good."

"Good, now I need one girl to stay behind and 'keep Naruto-Kun company' any volunteers?"

Hinata was about to volunteer when she remembered the 'condition' that Naruto had given her.

"Kin would love to do it!" Volunteered Tayuya loudly.

"Very well, Kin-Chan, make sure that Naruto-Kun is 'satisfied'."

The Kunoichi were already leaving by the time Kin's mind had caught up with current events. "Wait, what?" Was All she could get out before they closed the door to the Onsen behind them. She looked behind her and saw Naruto standing there. "Um... H-hi?" She stuttered nervously.

"Kin-Chan, I won't force you to anything with me." He explained to her. "Especially after what you've already been through in Oto." He said through clenched teeth.

Kin looked at the floor, she told everyone that she was over those experiences, but still had the occasional nightmare.

"But we shouldn't dwell on something so unpleasant while were here enjoying ourselves." Said Naruto, smiling. "I'm going to enjoy the hot spring, feel free to check out your's and Tayuya-Chan's room."

"O-okay, I think I will." She aid and went towards the front desk and asked Rose where her room was and for a key.

"Here you go darling," Said Rose, handing Kin a room key. "Enjoy your stay."

"Thank you."

As Kin ascended the staircase to her room, she found herself unwillingly remembering her terrible experiences in Oto.

*Flashback: Start!*

It was the Chunin exams, and The team from Sound had just been beaten by a curse mark-empowered Sasuke and were trying to get some distance between themselves and Team 7.

"Guys we gotta hurry! If we fail this test, Orochimaru-Sama will kill us!" Exclaimed a worried thirteen-year old Kin Tsuchi.

"We know!" Shouted an aggravated Dosu, his singular eye glaring at Kin.

"I think we should-" The words were out of her mouth before she realized her mistake.

A fierce backhand from Zaku knocked her to the ground before a kick sent her into a nearby tree. "Did we ask what you thought!" Demanded Zaku.

"No! I-I'm sorry!" She shouted in frantic apology, knowing what she had brought upon herself.

"You should be!" shouted Zaku, ripping her shirt off. "Hey, Dosu, should we teach the bitch a lesson?"

Dosu closed his eyes, letting his hyper-advanced hearing kick in, "No ones around, so, yes, lets."

"P-please, don't!" begged Kin "Were in the middle of an exam, we have a time limit!" She frantically reasoned, trying to get her 'teammates' to stop.

She had stopped putting up physical resistance to their attacks, as Orochimaru had modified more than Zaku's arms and Dosu's hearing. He had also modified their muscles to be stronger than a normal persons. Kin had received no such modifications, so she just tried to talk them out of it and hoped that it would be relatively quick and painless.

"All the more reason to hurry." Stated Dosu as he unzipped his pants. "Besides, we have a plan to capture teams with scrolls."

"Tayuya-Neechan will kill you for this!" were the last words Kin said as Zaku rammed himself down her throat and began thrusting.

"No, she won't." said Dosu calmly as he violated her pussy. "She really won't."

*Flashback: Pause*

Kin shuddered as she remembered the brutal beatings and rapes she had suffered during her time in sound. "Thank Kami-Sama that Naruto-Kun saved me." She thought. Seeing her bikini lying in her suitcase, she thought. "Maybe I will join Naruto-Kun."

*Flashback: Resume!*

This continued for a few hours, as the boys violated kin in every way possible, leaving her limp, bruised, broken, and fluid-covered body on the forest floor. Kin laid there for a for a few moments, thankful that it was over. Then, Zaku grabbed her by the arm and pinned her to a tree.

"Dosu! Tie the bitch up!" He shouted

"Don't order me around!" Yelled Dosu while spreading her legs and tying them to the tree, blindfolding her with her headband.

"W-what are you doing?" She asked weakly, drained from the earlier experience.

"This is our plan to get a scroll, we're going to tie you up and use you as bait to lure teams here, then ambush them."

"T-Tayuya-Neechan's going... t-to kill you." She threatened, Hoping the woman she saw as an older sister would make them suffer, knowing that Tayuya was stronger than Dosu and Zaku combined.

"No she won't." Said Dosu calmly as he pushed a gag into her mouth, "We got a seal tag from a seal master that we visited on our way here." He explained "I took the liberty of attaching it to the back of your head a little while ago."

Kin felt the back of her head for the piece of paper.

"Don't bother," He said while tying up her arms. "it melted into your skin. No one but a seal master can remove it" He said smugly, "If we both die, or the seal is tampered with, even if we want to, it will explode. So your precious Tayuya-Chan can't do anything to us."

With those words, she felt her world collapse from under her. Tayuya could no longer protect her from Dosu and Zaku, not without killing her.

"Have fun." Said Zaku as the two diapered into the trees.

After a few minutes, A team waked by, saw kin and went to 'investigate' Dosu and Zaku swooped down and killed them all.

"Earth Scroll," Reported Zaku, "Now we just need a Heaven Scroll. Back to work, Kin."

After They hid the bodies, another team came by, killed, earth scroll. The pattern repeated several more times before a single person, not a team, came by.

Kin was sobbing behind the blindfold. If it wasn't for the gag, she would have bitten her tongue off and drowned in her own blood, ending the torment forever.

She heard Dosu and Zaku leap out of the trees, but instead of the sounds of metal and wind slicing through flesh, she heard the sound of a brutal beatdown with fists. After it stopped, she waited for Dosu or Zaku to report what they had found. It never came, she felt herself getting cut down from the tree and something being wrapped around her body.

She waited with baited breath as the blindfold and gag were removed, She was greeted with the sight of the blond boy from earlier, holding her in his arms with his long trenchcoat wrapped around her naked form. She froze up, seeing the wicked, hooked blades on his back, wondering what he was going to do with her.

"Are you okay?" He asked, concern heavy in his voice.

"Please! Please don't hurt me!" She begged in a frantic voice, squirming in his arms. "I-I'll do anything! Anything at all! Just don't hurt me!"

"Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you." He said softly. "You'll be okay, I'll protect you."

Kin was in shock, a total stranger, one of the team she had tried to kill no less, was offering to protect her. "I-I..." She chocked out through the tears. "THANK YOU!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, sobbing into his chest, finding the way he was stroking her hair comforting. "T-they were so cruel! They always raped or beat me!"

"Don't worry, it's over now, you'll be okay."

"No, no I won't!" she wailed, shaking her head. "They put a seal in my head, if they die, if someone tampers with it, or even if they want to, it will explode!" She sobbed, "Only a seal master can safely remove it."

"Well then, I know a guy with two thumbs who can remove it no problem." Said Naruto, grinning.

"Really? Who?"

"This guy!" He exclaimed, pointing to himself with his thumbs.

In spite of everything, Kin giggled slightly. "Can you really do that?"

"You bet I can!" He said, then becoming very serious, he said "Turn around, I need to see the back of your head."

Kin obliged, turning around after Naruto had put her on the ground.

"Good, now, relax your muscles. I need you to not be tense." He said, biting his left thumb and drawing the necessary Kanji on his right arm. "This will feel a little weird, followed by an intense pain." He warned, "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

"Okay, here goes." He said, pushing his hand into her head.

"He was right, this does feel weird." Thought Kin.

"Okay, I found the seal." He reported, "As I'm pulling it out, your mind will go blank, followed by the pain as I rip it all the way out of you. Then you will probably loose consciousness."

"That's fine, do-" She was cut off as her eyes glazed over and her mind went dark. A few seconds later, she screamed in pain as the tag left her head.

"What the fuck are you doing!" Demanded a now conscious Zaku.

"Removing the explosive seal you put into her head." Explained Naruto calmly.

"Like Hell you are!" He shouted and clapped his hands together to set the tag off. But it was too late, it was out of Kin's head and Naruto destroyed it before it went off.

At this point, Dosu woke up. After a brief rundown of the situation by Zaku he felt a little scared.

"T-Tayuya-Neechan is going to kill you." Chirped Kin as she slumped onto his shoulders.

"You're lucky that I have to tend to this girl now, or I'd kill you both where you stand." Threatened Naruto. "And I don't know who 'Tayuya' is, but you'd better pray that she gets to you before I do. For if I kill you, your torment won't end with death."

As Naruto leapt away and Kin lost consciousness, the last thing that she thought was: "I'm free. I'm finally free!"

*Flashback: End!*

"Naruto-Kun saved me from a horrible life that day." Thought Kin as she finished putting on her black string bikini. "He defended me when the council tried to interrogate me for Information on Sound. He convinced the Hokage to grant me asylum in Konoha. He even brought Tayuya-Neechan to his village when I asked him." She slipped on a large, grey shirt and exited her room to go to the hot spring with Naruto.

*At The Hot Springs*

Naruto was lounging in the bubbling, warm water. Enjoying the steam and warmth. Then, he heard the door open and saw Kin standing there in her, quite sexy, bikini. It displayed her toned, slightly defined stomach and pert C-cup breasts.

"Ah, hello, Kin-Chan." He greeted."Did you come here to join me?"

"Y-yes I did." She answered, sliding into the water, blushing at the thought of what she was about to do.

"I'm glad that you did." He smirked, "We haven't spent too much time together since my training trip with Pervy Sage. He reminisced.

"Speaking of Perverts..." She thought, slipping under the water towards Naruto. "It's high time I showed you that I can be one."

*Short Lemon Start! Repeat: Short Lemon Start!*

Naruto moaned as he felt Kin's mouth close around his dick while she stroked the shaft to make it hard. "Mmmm... That's good, Kin. Keep doing just that." He praised while stroking her hair.

Underwater, Kin was determined to not fail. Re doubling her efforts on Naruto's cock, adding a twisting motion with her hands to increase his pleasure.

"Mmmm... That's really good. You should teach the other girls how to do that." He said, sliding out of the water to give Kin the gift of breathing.

Removing her head to catch her breath, she untied her bikini top, displaying her full breasts to the world, or at least Naruto. Cupping them, she asked; "Want me to use these?" in a sultry tone.

"Yes please." He moaned.

Kin leaned forward and squashed her breasts around his cock and started moving up and down. With Naruto's moans encouraging her, she started to lick the tip, swirling her tongue around it. "Naruto-Kun's enjoying this!" She thought with elation, "I Have to keep this up." She thought, determined, while teasing Naruto's urethra with her tongue, her actions drawing another groan. "Wait, Tsunade-Sama said that those pills will increase his semen production, by how much?" She decided to not care for the moment and started to pinch her nipples while titfucking Naruto.

"Mmmmm... I'm almost there, Keep going." He encouraged, loving the way Kin's breasts felt on his shaft.

Kin was encouraged by this and increased the speed of her boobs, as well as her tongue.

"Keep going." He groaned "Almost there... CUMMING!" He roared as he finally felt release.

To say that Kin was surprised by the sheer size of the load would be an understatement. The first burst alone filled her mouth to the brim, the follow up caused the thick white fluid to burst out of her mouth and spill onto her face, and exposed breasts. She got it together quickly and latched her lips around the tip and swallowed furiously, loving the taste. After eating it off of her breasts she smiled at Naruto.

Short Lemon End! Repeat: Short Lemon End!

"Was it good?" she asked.

"Very good." He answered. "But now, it's time for the main event." He pushed her onto her back and tugged at her bikini bottoms, moving the crotch off to the side.

Kin was elated, Her and Naruto were about to make love, but right as she felt his manhood at her entrance, she froze up, unwillingly and unwittingly flashing back to Dosu and Zaku. The image of Naruto was replaced with that of Zaku. She screamed and kicked Naruto off of her. Scrambling away, she yelled; "Get away from me! Naruto-Kun will protect me! He'll kill you!" Then ran back to her room and locked the door.

Naruto was stunned. He was ready to make love to Kin when she had screamed. He was about to ask her what was wrong when she kicked him off of her. Her eyes had a glazed look on them, like she was looking without seeing. He gave chase, but didn't get to her before se locked herself in her room, screaming at him through the door.

"What's going on with Kin-Chan?" He wondered. "Did she have flashback? I thought that she had put all that behind her..." He thought for a moment, then realized something. "I need Tayuya-Chan. She's the only one who can reach Kin-Chan in the state she's in. I just hope that she get's back before Kin-Chan does something dangerous."

"Is everything okay?" Asked a concerned-but-somehow-still-sultry voice from behind him.

"Ah, Rose-Chan." Greeted Naruto, "It's Kin-Chan, I think that she's having a flashback to a traumatic time in her life that I won't go into out of respect for her."

"I see. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No. If Tayuya-Chan was here, she could snap her out of it." Explained Naruto. "But she went shopping with Tsunade-Chan and the others."

"Okay then. What should we do in the meantime?"

"Either break down the door and subdue Kin, or wait it out and hope that she doesn't do anything-" He was cut off by the sound of the Onsen's front door being slammed open and a voice shouting;


"Tayuya-Chan?" Asked Naruto as she came up the stairs.

"Who the fuck else!" Responded the redhead in a voice that was dripping with sarcasm. "Now tell me what the hell happened!"

After a quick retelling of the of the events by Naruto, she understood what was going on.

"Dammit Kin, you told me that you had put all that behind you." she murmured, then turned to the door and shouted "Kin! It's me, Tayuya! You can unlock the door."

There was silence for a moment, then there was the sound of a lock being turned and he door opened. "Tayuya-Neechan?" Asked a scared-sounding, topless Kin.

Tayuya took the scared girl into her arms and held her close. "It's okay, you're safe."

Kin, who was out of the flashback, grabbed tayuya's shirt and hugged her tightly, sobbing into the redhead's chest "I-I was s-so scared." she whimpered, "I started to see things, I thought that they were back."

Tayuya held Kin close and whispered to her. "It's okay Kin. It's okay." She said. "Why? Why did you lie to me?"

"I-I didn't want to worry you." Answered Kin, "I thought I was over it."

"Then why did this happen?" Demanded Tayuya.

"A few weeks ago, I started to have nightmares about my time in Sound." She explained. "I didn't tell anyone because I thought that it was nothing to worry about. I didn't want anyone to worry. I thought I could control it."

"What the fuck were you thinking!" Scolded Tayuya. "You should have told m and I would have done something about it!"

"I know, I'm sorry."

"Just, don't do something like this again. For now, lets go and talk about this in private." suggested Tayuya. "Can we get some privacy?" She asked Rose.

"Certainly." She answered. "I'll inform the rest if the girls to not disturb you when they get back."

"I'm grateful." Thanked Tayuya. "Oh, and whiskers, nice tool." She smirked, closing the door.

At this, Naruto realized that he was still naked. He sighed, "Can I get a towel? Or something?"

"Just go up to your room, I'm sure that you know how to get there." Answered Rose. "But, quite frankly, the sight of people walking around naked in this building isnt really something new."

"I figured as much." Responded Naruto in an exasperated tone. Then he got up, headed for the elevator, confident that Kin would be okay in Tayuya's care. After all, The two were like sisters. "Although sometimes, they seem a bit closer than that." He thought, "I'll have to see how that goes."

*Chapter End*

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