Alice and Tarrant followed the King and Queen down the path in the Tulgey Wood. They were both confused as to what was going to happen and were eager to see what their surprise was. Alice held onto her husband's arm, leaning her head against his shoulder. He turned his head to kiss her hair at the top of her head. Mirana and Gavin glanced back as the two walked ahead hand in hand, they smiled at the Hightopps.

"We are almost there." Mirana said with a smile and wink to Alice. Tarrant looked around and realized they were close to the location of the tea party.

"Alice, you know where we are." He whispered and Alice nodded. She knew very well, she had traveled this path and climbed this hill many times in the Evaporating World while she lay in her own bed. They were headed to the marvelous banquet table where it was always tea time. Perhaps Mirana and Gavin had arranged for a special tea lunch for the both of them. They walked over the hill quickly, behind the couple. Alice gasped in amazement. There was the windmill with the house but it looked different somehow. The windmill's arms were still bent, giving the house its air of madness but all the windows were open. The house looked fresher. Tarrant's eyes widened at the sight of the house. It had been cleaned and its shutters were replaced. The door was still the one his father had hung but it had been washed and straightened. He couldn't believe the cleaner state of the house and looked to Alice.

"Welcome to the House of the Hightopps." Gavin said and extended his arm. Alice looked to the King and her jaw dropped.

"This is our home." She said and looked to Tarrant with a surprised expression. Mirana giggled and nodded her head.

"Yes. Alice. Tarrant. This is your home. We have had it cleaned and all the broken bits that didn't take away from its personality were repaired." She said and extended her hand.

"The broken portraits have been reframed and hung on your main wall." He said. "We replaced the bed with a better one and cleaned up much of the place. We also added on another room to the back and we can certainly add more when your little family grows." He added with a smile.

"We also have cleaned, repaired, and stocked your workshop, Tarrant." Mirana said and smiled at the Hatter. "But don't worry; we didn't dare try to reorganize it." Tarrant's heart raced and he looked to Alice with a large smile.

"Tarrant, this is our home." Alice said, still in disbelief. The Hatter laughed and took his wife up in his arms.

"Our home indeed, Alice!" He sung out, carrying her past the tea table and across the hundred yards to the entrance of the house. They reached the door that was wide open and looked into the old house. Alice looked at him with a large smile.

"We can really start living our life together now, Tarrant. Not that we haven't before. I mean we have! We've been on so many adventures and seen so many things together. I wouldn't trade them for anything and-"

"Alice," Tarrant said gently and she blushed.

"Thank you. I'm fine." She said. Tarrant smiled his gap toothed smile at her and laughed a mad laugh.

"Why is my fair one like a shooting star?" He whispered to her.

"I still need time to ponder on that one." She whispered back.

"You have all the time you need." He said. She grabbed his top hat from his mad mess of red hair and placed it on her blonde waves. Her hand went to the back of it to keep it atop her head as he leaned forward to kiss her. Her left foot popped up at a romantic angle as he carried her across the threshold. Tarrant and Alice Hightopp entered their home ready to finally jumpstart their lives wholly together.

The End….for now

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