Author's Notes: This is it… tale #12! It was fun writing all of these and I hope they all brought you some Christmas cheer. This one was inspired by another one of Dave Barnes' songs called Christmas Tonight (seriously, GO BUY HIS CHRISTMAS ALBUM... you won't regret it). Enjoy this final tale and have a very Merry Christmas!

12. Christmas Tonight

Summary: Serena and Darien have a Christmas party to get to, but Serena has another plan in mind.

Darien checked his watch for what seemed like the hundredth time. He was currently waiting at the bottom of the stairs for his wife, Serena to finish getting ready for his company Christmas party, but at the rate she was going they were going to be late. He loved her to death and knew she had a tendency to be late, but this time she was taking way to long. He looked in the mirror in the foyer and adjusted his tie and his sweater to pass some time. "Serena," he called up the stairs. "Are you almost ready?"

Serena appeared at the top of the stairs with the tacky Christmas sweater she wore to Andrew's party last week and a pair of jeans. "I'm ready," she said as she came down the stairs.

Darien just stared as she came down the steps. "Sweetie," he said when she got to the bottom. "You know I love you, but I told you that this party was formal."

"I know," she said as she traced a heart on his chest. "I was thinking that maybe we could just stay home and enjoy some time together."

"But I bought this new tie just for this party," he whined.

Serena laughed. "It doesn't look that safe to drive in the snow anyway."

Darien looked out the window. It was snowing, but none of it was really sticking to the ground. "We really should go to the party anyway… I RSVP'd and said we were coming."

"Plans can change," Serena said as she took his hand. "Can we please stay in tonight?"

Darien sighed. "What'd you have in mind?"

Serena gave her sexiest smile. "I thought we'd make some cookies, light the fire, and just snuggle together while watching some movies. It's Christmas Eve after all."

Darien smirked. He did like the idea of simply staying home instead of being bored at a party he didn't really want to go to. And having Serena to himself was awfully tempting. It was so hard to resist her. "You do look too good to share," he finally said.

Serena blushed and smiled. It amused him that even after all the time they had been together he was still able to make her blush. "You look pretty hot yourself," she said. "Your boss won't care if you miss the party… there's always next year."

"You're right… like always. I'll light the fire."

"And I'll get everything ready for the cookies!" She wrapped her arms around his neck, stood on her tip toes and gave him a passionate kiss. "I love you, Darien. Thank you."

"I love you too, Serena." He watched her skip towards the kitchen before he went into the den to get the fire started. He was so thankful to have a wife who loved him inside and out and was able to bring so much joy wherever she went. Thanks to her, he would have a very merry Christmas Eve tonight.

The End