Hi all! Thank you for all who have read and reviewed the first few chapters of this story! I am very humbled and grateful to see how well-liked this story has been so far among OC fans. I truly apologize for not updating in such a long time. I had written Chapter 5 (which was just about as long as the 4th chapter) a while ago (early 2012), but that computer crashed and I had pretty much lost everything, which was very frustrating. Then I started law school and a fellowship doing scientific research and have literally had no time to write. However, I promise that the wealth of knowledge I have on social services, the workings of a hospital, and the disease/disorder Ryan has in this story, which you will find out in a couple of chapters, is a lot better now that I have completed over a year of law school (focusing on healthcare law), have worked with social workers and in a hospital setting, and have researched (and continue to research) genetic disorders/disease mechanisms.

That being said, I have regained the inspiration to write this story, but it will be a work in progress because of its complexity and the nature of Ryan's affliction (which I promise has never been covered in another OC fanfiction story). Please leave me a review/comment if you are interested in me completing this story and if you are willing to wait several months for me to post the next chapter. I am a full-time law student who is also working and doing genetic research so I have very limited time until winter break, but if fans of this story are willing to hold on a little longer, I promise to give them something great and well worth the wait!

Thanks so much everyone for your patience!