Three months after the birth of their beautiful daughter, Fuuyuko, Yosuke finally came to the conclusion that something was off about her.

"Hey, Chie, can we talk?"

"Shhh!" Chie hissed, gently maneuvering the child in her arms to transfer her to the crib. It became apparent to Yosuke that Chie had gone right back to training as soon as the baby was born; how else would she be able to glare viciously at Yosuke while quickly putting Fuuyuko into her bed? Man, his girlfriend was hardcore. "What do you want, Yosuke?" Chie's voice was slightly raised as she closed the door to the baby's bedroom, her glare less forceful, yet still discomforting.

Yosuke attempted to select his words carefully, spouting various nonsensical syllables as he struggled. His words were found for him in the form of an irritated Chie smacking him roughly on the arm. "H-Hey, that hurt! Geez...Anyway, I was don't sleep around and fuck other guys, right?"

Unfortunately, Yosuke had never been strong linguistically.


"Y-You know, like Souji, Kanji, or that kid Kou from high school..."

Unfortunately, Yosuke had never been strong mentally either.

"YOSUKE, YOU FUCKING BASTARD! TAKE THIS!" Even more unfortunate was the fact that the couple was indoors, so instead of being Galactic Punted out of existence Yosuke found himself buried in the sheet rock wall of their shithole apartment. "You retarded little bitch, I oughta-!"

"P-Please, Chie, just let me explain, I have a reason! Please don't hurt me!" Yosuke squealed, finally managing to yank his head out of the hole. The unexpected freedom of his head in addition to the amount of force he applied caused Yosuke to land on his ass, falling over completely until his eyes connected with her furious ones. Through his rather unmanly state of terror Yosuke felt a twinge of disappointment at the fact that Chie was no longer the spunky high school girl who wore short, short skirts no matter what time of year.

Then again, her personality hadn't changed all that much, still very spunky. Still very, very angry. "You have thirty seconds to explain yourself and apologize, Hanamura, or I'll crush your fucking head."

Shit, she was calling him Hanamura. Only one thing to do: every little thing she says. "Fuuyuko looks nothing like me!" Chie's expression of rage faltered a little, but her impatient silence was just as effective in telling him to continue. "H-Here, just look-" Yosuke rummaged around in his back pocket, retrieving his wallet and pulling out a photo of him and the baby "-see the difference? I don't look anything like her! And her eyes kinda look like Kanji's-"

"Kanji is gay, you dumbass!"

"O-Or Souji's-"

"He's married to Ai!"

"Or even Dojima-san's!"

The rebuttal that was on her tongue died instantly, all of her brain processes frozen by his amazing show of stupidity. As always, though, Chie let her body do the talking, a heavy stomp to the stomach effectively shutting him up (save for the pathetic whimpers of pain that followed). With a sigh of irritation, she began to console him. "Yosuke, haven't you ever seen my dad? His eyes are the same color."

"Holy fuck, Chie, you had sex with your dad?"

STOMP. More pathetic sobbing.

"No, you idiot, it's in my genes! Because my dad has them I have that gene!" Chie hollered, her brain struggling to explain the biology lessons Yukiko had taught her a couple years ago.

"What? Your eyes are brown, Chie, not grey."

"W-well sorry for not understanding how it works! I'm a police officer, not some genius scientist!" The couple then fell silent for a few moments, both puzzling over this which was too complex for two C average students.

"...Who told you that?" Yosuke muttered finally, his eyes staring up at the ceiling and still lost in thought.

Chie replied with a mumbled "Yukiko" as she moved to the floor to lay beside him, curling one of his sprawled arms over her shoulder. He didn't acknowledge this, however, eyes still focusing upwards.

"She's dumb."

"Like you're one to talk, moron."

"...She doesn't have hair like mine either."

With a roll of the eyes and a huff of irritation Chie reached across him and snatched the wallet from his other hand, holding the picture up to where they both could see. "First off, your hair is bleached, so of course she's not gonna have orange hair like yours. She has black hair, though, like yours used to be."

It was his turn to roll his eyes. "Yeah, black hair exactly like the rest of the Japanese population."

"Except for all of those guys you mentioned before."

"Kou has black hair."

"Okay, besides him. But here, look at her face." Chie called his attention back to the photo, her index finger pointing to Fuuyuko's nose. "See that? Her nose is exactly like yours. And her chin kinda is too."

Yosuke's eyes widened a little, for the first time noticing the features that did indeed look like his own. "You really think so?"

Chie quirked a small smile, nuzzling his shoulder tiredly and shutting her eyes. "Yup."

"Huh, she really does."


"...She looks a lot more like me than you, Chie. I mean, seriously, I wouldn't have thought she was yours if I didn't watch that whole gross birth-"

"Shut up, Hanamura."