Now, to those of you who are waiting for the next update of My Best Friend the Disney Villain, I'm sorry. I'm re-writting it at the current moment and it's going to take me awhile. (not to mention, I have other stories) but I'm not giving up on it. I'd never give up on a story! Sure, I may delete one or two but's only so i may re-write a better version.

Anyways, this a short little story of Oswald and how he is welcomed home into Disney. (i'll elabortate more on how the Disney world is like a bit more in a few more chapters)

Also, i've always wanted to do a brotherly love kind of story. (Not the yaoi kind! Incest, ew! Goes against my religion.)

And yes, I have quite a bit of imagination. And yes, I do tend to become rather prideful of my stories (I'm only human. And I'm working on that.) however, I'm not perfect. There is no such thing as perfection. (However, with Stephanie Meyer...let's just say, she is the example of what and how NOT to write!) So, all in all, i am just a teenage girl who has a wild imagination and wishes to one day become an author, movie director, psychologist, anime artist, work for Disney, etc. etc. I can be whoever the hell I want to be! So, yeah. Go ahead and read as i go and scream "Cabbages!" down the streets of Disney park! XD

Welcome Home

He stared at the gates, feeling strange and almost alien here. Frowning, he reached out and touched the smooth, thin bars, drawing back as though he had been bitten. A hand gently clamped down on his shoulder and he turned to the person next to him, not a hint of emotion shown on his face as the person cracked a smile at him.

"It's alright. I'm here. And this…" the person gestured to the gates and what lay beyond it. It was a place strange and almost dreamlike to many. It reverts back and forth in day and night. "…Is your home now."

Glancing over at the gates again, an image of what lay beyond entered his mind and a voice whispered what this place really was.

At day, it is a theme park.

At night, is a world connected to newly made worlds alike and keeps on growing; new creators, new creations, a new generation for humans to see and learn from, to re-new dreams and fantasies alike, for all to enjoy.

Looking back at the person, he reached up and grasped their hand on his shoulder. He shook, gripping tighter, and managed a small smile that told many years of pain and suffering. His eyes told of a time where he faced despair, loneliness, hurt, and darkness. He had been lost. And now, he was found. The bad times were over. Now, it was time to start a new.

He only wished he could've said "Goodbye" to his, their, father.

"Thank you…Mickey." He said.

He sighed, letting go of the mouse's own hand, and turning towards the gates again. Taking a deep breath of air, he walked forward, placing his arms in front of him and pushed the gates forward.

They opened.

"Welcome home, Oswald." Mickey said as his brother stood there for a second.

It was strange, hearing those words. Like some foreign language you've never heard of. It came with mixed feelings stirring inside him. There were so many things that had happened in his life. So many experiences and people he had met. Yet, through all the harsh times, he managed to find some happiness. But, that was before the 'Accident'.

Shaking the memory away, Oswald sucked in a breath of air. Calming his nerves and relaxing. Fixating his gaze forward, Oswald was hesitant, feeling a sense of vertigo before closing his eyes, lifting his foot up.

Then, he stepped in.