"S-Souji! Wha-what are you doing?"

"You were bitten on your neck, so I'm sucking out the poison. Standard procedure."

"C-couldn't you have just made some Dokudami tea?"


"It's gonna be okay, Souji. I'm here…" Chie soothed, rubbing his back comfortingly. Of all of the things she had witnessed, nothing hurt her the most than watching her boyfriend as he buried his face in her neck and shivered with fright, his courage stolen by a Shadow.


The rest of the Investigation Team was completely floored by the fact that without fail, Chie could be calmed from raging hysteria by a kiss from Souji. Confusing, to be sure, but none of them were complaining; it saved them from wasting SP on Patra skills.


"Souji, you liked dressing like a girl at the cultural festival, didn't you? Hmm, you're not saying no, so that means you did, right~?"

Unable to respond audibly, Souji sent Chie a glare that he hoped said "You're a jerk; see if I help you out the next time you get a status ailment."


Even though his girlfriend was currently chasing after him, fully intent on beating him within an inch of his life, Souji just couldn't help but think about how cute she looked when she was confused.


He was always so strong, always protecting her from danger. Now, when he was weak and near helpless, it was Chie's turn to protect him.


"Chie, here, sit with me and rest. Let the others handle it." Chie huffed, sitting with Souji, blushing a deep red when he pulled her into his lap and kissed the junction between her neck and shoulder. Maybe…maybe taking a break wouldn't be so bad.


Chie yanked her boyfriend up as gently as she could, apologizing quietly when he stumbled from the force. She felt bad for him, she really did, but this didn't mean she could resist rubbing his butt. He landed on it, so it must be sore, right?


Souji returned the favor just a few battles later, pulling her up much more gracefully and stabilizing her as the world spun around her. After some wobbly attempts at walking, Souji decided to pick her up in the bridal fashion and carry her to the sidelines. He knew she would chide him in embarrassment later, but it was worth it if he could hold her for just a bit longer.