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Summary: Lelio is a getaway driver at 23. His main mission. Take care of Corina DeAngelo, the niece of Marsalis DeAngelo (a mafia boss). Things are interesting from the get go. How ever things become even more exciting with the meeting of Claire.

Warnings: Language. (You should expect that. It's GTA.) Violence. (Not saying anything.) Random situations. Anything else not mentioned.

Pairings: It's GTA. You expect pairings? No Lelio or Corina though.

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Lelio Horatio

Beta by:

Apocalypse Angel Laiceica

"Get in the car Fanta!" Yelled Lelio Horatio, currently under the codename Crush.

LCPD's finest pulled up to the bank of Liberty, as a blond woman wearing sunglasses hopped over the hood of a black F620. Lelio shot the front tires of several cruisers as the woman tossed the bag of loot onto the car's floor before sliding through the window. "Drive!" She demanded.

Lelio took off at top speed uncaring of other cars.

The woman flicked on the radio, ducking to change her wig. "Jeez Crush, you act like this is our first job all over again."

"No need for sarcasm, Cor-i-na!" Lelio drew out Fanta's real name. Catching her changing into a school uniform once a bright purple wig was in place. "Rebel or punk?"

"Cosplayer." Corina Responded. "Codenames only."

Lelio chuckled, "You and anime. How did we get into this mess?" He asked as he made a sharp turn.


Marsalis walked ahead of the 23 year old male getaway driver that his men had scouted and approved of. "You don't touch her. You don't look at her. You don't even think of her." Marsalis was lecturing the young man as they stepped into a room.

"If I take my eyes of the road, we'll die" Both men paused, considering. Laughing they continued into the room. Standing there was a girl… woman… girl… How old is she?

Corina and Lelio look at each other. Corina watched him with a blank expression on her aristocratic face. Lelio thinks to himself, "She's studying me."

Corina stared, slate blue eyes unblinking. Lelio blinked once. Nerves began signaling danger signs.

Corina's wide eyes glared beneath long lashes. Lelio started to sweat, before blinking twice. Corina turned away. "OMFG! Did I fail?" He panicked in his mind.

Marsalis moved forward hugging Corina to him as he briefed them on their current mission. Lelio was still freaking out in his mind. Marsalis paused mid-sentence realizing that one of them wasn't paying attention. "Are you listening?" Lelio snaps out of it, immediately reminded of his grade school teachers lecturing him, "Yes?"

Marsalis sighed, at least his niece had been paying attention to the details, and tossed a set of keys to a Turismo at Lelio. "Here she's all yours, and drive safe. I would hate for anything to happen to Corina."

Corina tugged Lelio by his shirt, "Lets go!"

Lelio followed inspecting the keys, as they both walk outside. Lelio opens the car's door for Corina. "Thanks," Corina acknowledged his chivalrous action. She closed the door before he could even offer. Lelio raced around the car to the driver's side, hopped in only to feel something wet soak through his jeans. "ARGH!"

"What's wrong?" Corina asked, not really interested, but amused by his reaction.

"The seat is wet…" He stated. No! He did not just whine!

"Oh jeez. Well, we still have a job to do, so you're stuck with it."

"Fill me in?" Lelio slammed the door at the same time starting the car. The car's transmission grinds.

"Fuck, who drove this thing to hell and back?" Lelio cursed. Already Lelio was frustrated with his working conditions.

"My brother. We're going to a Cluckin Bell in Star Junction, wait across the street for me. You're codename will be Beryl and my codename will be Onyx."

"Codenames? Alright. However, I do have a complaint. Why does my sound more girly?" Lelio agreed. Corina smiled, reminding him of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. "'Cause, I came up with them. Besides, their gems, and can be used for healing purposes. I have a book on it somewhere."

Lelio glanced at her through his peripheral view. "Somewhere huh?"

They got within a block of the Cluckin Bell. Corina pulled out a red wig and easily fixed it on over her pinned tresses, which she had done during the ride, and a pair of brown sunglasses. Placing the sunglasses on, she turned to Lelio.

"Good idea. Changing your identity and all that." Lelio approved, a chuckle carrying over to his voice. He threw on a pair of black sunglasses that he pulled out of an inside pocket.

They pulled up to the store. Corina gracefully slid out as she popped a bubble. Lelio wondered where the gum came from before driving around the block. She patted her coat making sure her Silenced Colt .45 was safe.

She waltzed into the restaurant and glanced at the menu. Seeing no one at the register, Corina sniffed before making her way over. Theatre classes was worth something after all. Inserting her hand into the jacket after ordering, as if to search for her wallet, she pulled out the Silenced Colt .45 demanding the cash in a drawl. "'Ello, love. Do me a favor, won't ch'a? Fill that bag with all those lovilie green pahpers. Preferably the ones with all the pretty faces on 'em."

Lelio switched the Police Scanner on while waiting for his client to finish the job. Corina rushed out of Cluckin Bell, clutching a huge plastic bag of green papers. Hopping across the car she slid through the opened window in the car as if it was the door. Reaching back for a dark blue purse, more like a bag than a purse that Lelio had not noticed at all, Corina quickly transferred the money into the blue purse before slipping it back to its hiding place and tossing out the restaurant bag. She pulled out a white designer bag and began shuffling through it.

Police Dispatch: All Units advise., Robbery at the Star Junction Cluckin Bell. Suspect is a young female teen, red hair in color, sunglasses, 5ft 4". Speaks with drawl to her voice. Suspect is armed, and last seen entering a yellow sports car.

LCPD Officer: 23 To Dispatch, I see a yellow sports car, plate reads Alpha-1-9-Delta–Bravo-2-Charlie-7.

Lelio put the hammer down, transmission grinds, then gets it in gear. He sped off, nearly side swiping a bus, and dodged a taxi. "I HATE FUCKING TRAFFIC!" Lelio yelled loudly. Corina chuckled darkly, red hair replaced by dark blond curls, at the driver's yelling. Slate blue eyes were now forest green.

LCPD Officer: 23 To dispatch suspect nearly ran down a taxi, suspect moving at speeds of 80 plus and climbing.

Corina slipped off the jacket, her plain white tank top, and dark jeans before carefully removing brown leather gloves. She kicked the white sneakers off carelessly, which were then followed by the white socks. Bending she pulled out a designer dress from the white designer bag, at the same time handing Lelio a designer suit. Both outfits being fromPerseus. "Put it on." She ordered.

"Ok. But, what if it don't fit?" Lelio asked, not at all bothered. It was quite common in his job line.

"Just do it! Oh, and you'll want to speak more elegantly when we reach our destination." She was now putting on make up, already in her designer clothes and shoes. She had added some dark red ribbons with yellow glass butterflies to the wig. Lelio was highly impressed. Corina wore a dark red spaghetti-strapped dress. Below her well developed chest was a thin gold ribbon tied in front flowing down to her knees. The dress flowed down, fluttery, like a butterfly, revealing the pale gold silk dress sewn underneath. Her shoes were dark red high heels. The dark red straps fading to pale gold and tied in such a way that they looked like yellow butterflies as well. Ongoing theme, anyone?

Lelio set the cruise control, and asked Corina to take the wheel. Lelio removed his t-shirt tossing it aside, following Corina's out the window (socks and shoes included), sliding the jeans off. Lelio briefly mourned the pair of jeans in his mind. He slid on the charcoal grey slacks, while struggling into a blue dress shirt. A charcoal grey dress jacket was slowly tugged on, as to not tear the damn thing. He pushed his feet into already tied dress shoes. Lelio combed his hair neatly. "Alright, let me take the wheel." He stated.

Lelio grabbed the wheel and switched off the cruise control. An LCPD Buffalo hit the lights and siren behind them. "Thank god we pulled over into that alleyway a few blocks down." Lelio thought. Changing license plates could be somewhat tricky when one had no time for it. They pulled over to the side and stopped. Lelio prepared his fake license and registration.

The officer tapped the window. Lelio rolled it down in a casual but hurried way. Officer Hopkins (the name on the Officer's badge) asked, "How ya'll doing this evening?"

Lelio commented, "We're good, and yourself officer?"

"I'm good, can I see your license and registration please."

Lelio handed the Officer the papers. The Officer asked "Where ya'll heading?"

Corina Stated "Family meeting." A tremor in her voice. Slightly darkened lips trembling.

"Oh, what type?" Officer Hopkins inquired.

"A-a-a funeral." Corina burst into sobs, tears welling in her eyes and trailing down her cheeks. "She was my age. My twin. Alice was walking home from school, and… and…" Her voice broke. She buried her face into hands.

Lelio patted her shoulder. "They were planning to visit Paris for Christmas. I was going to be their chaperone. Dammit! I was looking forward to France."

Corina sobbed harder.

Officer Hopkins searched for a tissue, or something she could use. Lelio pulled one out of his jacket's pocket. "Here Ellie. I didn't mean to sound so insensitive." Corina reached blindly for the offered hanky.

Officer Hopkins leaned in, and whispered, "If you're going to a funeral, why is she wearing such a bright color?"

Corina, eyes somewhat dried, smiled weakly. "Alice always said red looked good on me. I never agreed with it. It's hideous isn't it? I knew I should of wore black!" Corina began sobbing again, faced turned away, small hiccups emerging.

The Officer immediately regretted asking. "I'm sorry for intruding onto something so personal. Red does suit you Miss Ellie."

"Come Ellie. You know she wished you to wear red to her funeral." Lelio added.

The Officer turned back to Lelio. "Well, everything checks out. Sorry for pulling you two over when you're in a hurry. My best wishes to the family."

"Thank you sir." Lelio accepted back his papers solemnly. He was dancing internally. The Officer had forgotten to actually run a background check thanks to Corina's quick thinking.

A few blocks down the road Lelio asked "What was that?"

Corina replied, "A highly paid tuition for theater classes!" Her eyes were dried of tears, no hiccups passed her lips. She was pretty with her makeup fixed and the blond wig removed. The dark red ribbons with the glass yellow butterflies were now interwoven in her natural sandy brown hair, which was pinned up in a messy fashion.

"You learned all this in one year of high school?" Lelio questioned disbelievingly. Corina nodded, humming. "So they have theater in high school?" Lelio asked.

Corina replied cheerfully. "Yup!" Her eyes were slate blue with sparkly dark red eye-shadow outlined by gold.

"Do they have theater classes else where?" Lelio questioned.

"Yeah, they do" Corina replied quickly.

"Damn shoulda went to high school!" Lelio sated with a disappointed expression.

"You didn't go to high school?" Corina asked with a shocked look.

He ducked his head slightly in shame. "I never finished seventh grade."

Corina's slate blue eyes glistened sadly. "Shame…."

Lelio pulled into a free parking space he spotted nearby. Corina transferred the money into a dark red designer purse before getting out. Lelio followed, trying not to shift nervously. It was time to party.

Patrick McReary "Packie" who helped out on a few Robberies.

Manny Escuela, who Lelio had taken some pleasure beating the pest up in middle school once or twice.

Hot Latin girl by the name Mallorie Bardas-Bellic was the last person he truly recognized as they walked into the party. She was with her fat slob of a husband, Roman Bellic. Lelio had ridden in one of Roman's Cabs and absolutely hated Roman.

Corina had met up with her uncle, and caught him up on the job in soft spoken words disguised beneath a story about funerals. Lelio decided to search for some of his old friends, maybe catch up on the grapevine news even.

Lelio decided to talk with Packie, upon the conversation he met Niko Bellic, the cousin of the fat slob. Niko had agreed that Roman was an idiot. Packie ranted about how he and Niko were very close friends, and Lelio was almost curious and thought to himself "I wonder if Niko has been this guy that is constantly on radio news all the time; he's a legend…."

Packie nudged Lelio, "You still listening?"

Lelio had lost track while pondering his thoughts. Lelio laughed good-naturedly at himself. "Oh sorry, was sidetracked by my thoughts." Niko rolled his eyes, and Packie laughed with Lelio. Ah, the times Lelio would get in trouble just by drifting off into thought. Some of the greatest times of his life, Packie mused, was spent watching Lelio running because he was too deep in thought to pay attention to anything else. Like his first girlfriend… Packie snickered at the memory.

"Marsalis wants you in you in his office," Corina whispered to Lelio, having sneaked up on him and his friends. She smiled at them politely before wandering off. Lelio nodded to Packie and Niko before following Corina at a slow pace.

He walked into the office, only to see it would be him and Marsalis together. Corina closed the door behind him. Lelio hid his nervousness behind a mask of indifference. The mask of a professional about to meet his fate. Marsalis waltzed up to Lelio and shook hands with the getaway driver. "You did good today, I'm proud. You've got a full time job as a driver!" Marsalis praised the young man.

"Thank you, Corina has impressive skills for her age and I was proud she was able to help." Lelio understated himself, being self aware of the Uncle. Also, there was no way he was going to mention that he admired her. No need for misunderstandings.

::End Flash Back::

"Did you get lost in your thoughts again?" Corina asked, not at all bothered by his driving.

Lelio smiled, somewhat embarrassed. "You really shouldn't get so lost in your head, Crush." Corina continued, not looking at him.

Lelio was still embarrassed but laughed it off, "Corina Where did your uncle want me to drop you off at?"

They were within 2 blocks of the school "Just pull in this alleyway" Corina quickly stated.

"Wait, what? Why?" Lelio said quickly, almost a blur of words. "You'd rather have me seen at school in this car?" Corina laughed mocking Lelio playfully.

"Yeah this car's armor is a dead give.." Lelio put it bluntly.

"You think?" Corina chuckled, slightly mocking in pitch.

Corina hopped out of the car turning to grab her backpack and textbook for history. "Shoot, it's already 8:00. I wonder if they'll buy having to walk because the car broke down. No, that wouldn't be possible. Ah, I rescued a kid from bullies…" Corina muttered to herself.

"Is that good or bad?" Lelio asked, questioning her about the time, amused by her mumbles.

"Not good. But, not bad. The teacher owes me a favor, so I can work this." Corina chuckled darkly. Already adjusting her look some. She unpinned a few strands of hair and casually ruffled the loose tresses. She then added a few tears to her uniform.

Lelio shifted. He knew that chuckle well. Corina's evil twin was coming out to play. "I really don't need to know. But, why are you ripping the uniform?"

Corina grinned as she carefully used her nails to add light scratches to her arms and legs. "In case I run into anyone before I make it to the classroom. Got to make it look realistic after all." She then used a knife to add a few holes to her bag, before ruffling through the bag to make it look unorganized and messy. She waved at Lelio before running out of the alley and towards her school.

Lelio, deciding he really didn't want to know, shifted gears and took off, made a sharp turn closing the door Corina left open. Lelio turned the radio on to Liberty Rock Radio station as he placed his sunglass on.

The sun had just risen and it was fairly warm considering it's near winter.

Lelio saw a pretty girl walking through Broker, she seemed almost lost. He pulled up next to her, and honked. "Hey need a ride?" He asked caringly, opening the passenger's door for her. The girl got in.

"Are you lost?" Lelio questioned her, she looked young but, in her early 20s. She seemed slim, almost shy of being healthy.

"I'm not lost." Her light hazel eyes grew. She shifted, obviously not comfortable around him. She placed her hand delicately on Lelio's leg. "Fancy looking car you have here."

"Okay. Well I'm Lelio. Do you have a place I can take you,? Home? Hotel? Family?" He asked her ignoring her flirting.

"Oh I'm Claire, and I don't have anywhere to really go." Claire said, scooting closer to Lelio.

Well, Lelio thought to himself, she's pretty good at masking her nervousness. This is obviously a new career for her. Poor choice of career though.

"You look real strong," Claire tried, making her voice sound breathy. Her eyes were closed halfway, and she watched him beneath her eyelashes.

"Thank you, you may want to buckle up." Lelio again ignoring her. Maybe someone had trained her, and it wasn't a career choice. Maybe she had no choice. You see it all the time. Like the movie, "Taken".

Lelio pulled into a better part of town, near Dukes Expressway.

"Alright Claire, nice meeting you. Please do something with yourself." He said handing her a number to call. "If you need any help or just a friend to talk to, I'm here."

Claire look at him with a smile, noticing the rolled up twenty dollar bills. "Thank you." Relief coated her words. So, she had been just as uncomfortable as him with the situation.

"Claire be careful, please do something with yourself?" He asked her caringly.

Lelio hated seeing people sell their bodies, his mother was the reason behind that, she was killed by her pimp, when he was 11.

"Lelio thank you.. Not many people tried to help me, or anyone who needs it. This city is full of assholes… Again thank you." She thanked him kissing his forehead before exiting the car.

Lelio drove off after she was out of sight. He stopped at Brucie's Auto Shop, to pick up a new toy. "Brucie, stop working out!" Lelio yelled, the man was clearly hopped up on steroids.

"Lelio! How's the F620 treating you?" Brucie knew that Lelio could care for the car on his own after all Lelio had worked on cars with his cousins growing up.

"Lelio you're going to love this!" Brucie shouted, ignoring the fact that they were in the same room, waving for Lelio to follow him.

"If you're going to be like your orange midget of brother, please keep it in your pants!." Lelio was being a smartass, knowing Brucie was the better of the two. He followed Brucie without much complaint otherwise.

"NO!" Brucie yelled defensively "It's that toy you wanted."

"Oh you mean the Spike Strips, that deploy from the trunk?" Lelio commented not having to second guess.

"Yes that." Brucie sighed. Sometimes he wondered about Lelio's sense of humor. Seriously, would it hurt the kid to pretend to be excited just once?

After a few hours, Lelio decided to leave. He had gotten what he needed and some food too on the way home.

Lelio drove to his house in Hove Beach. He hated it, however it was home.

::Chapter 1 Finished::

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