Lelio opened tired eyes as his cell phone went off. It wasn't Corina calling, her ringtone was currently "One-Winged Angel" from FFVII. No. The ringtone currently playing was "The Doom Song" from "Invader Zim". This meant it was someone he didn't know, or someone he didn't care about.

He decided to answer, it was a very panicked girl. She sounded as if she was scared and in tears. Lelio calmly asked "Claire is that you? What's going on?" It could only be Claire with that voice.

"Help me! He's trying to kill me! I'm near the Gentleman's Club in Bohan." She rushed the words out in panic and hung up.

Lelio grabbed his keys as he made for the apartment's door. He paused glancing down, "I should get some pants on." He mumbled to himself.

His girlfriend, Fauna, was still laying in bed. She looked up with glazed jade green eyes. "Where you going babe?" Her curled blonde hair a mess and green eyes wide awake now with curiosity. She got up covering herself in the sheets.

"A friend is in trouble. They need my help." He sighed. Lelio tucked his gun into his jacket.

"Do you really need your gun?" She asked worried about his safety as she held him in a hug, her arms like a cage around his neck.

"I don't know if I need it yet." He said kissing her forehead before exiting the apartment.

He rushed to his car. He frowned as he got into his car. Some kid must have been near it. There was a strawberry ice cream stain. His Sultan was his everyday driver and he started the engine before peeling out. He drove towards The Broker Bridge. He was going to cut through China Town, then rush through the east side of Algonquin so he could skip the tollbooth.

He pulled up to the Club and rushed around to the alley. Claire was being mugged, but she had obviously done some damage in the time it took him to get there. One thug noticed him and attacked, punching Lelio in the face. Lelio aimed a high kick, sending the thug into the wall opposite and, in the same move he pulled out his gun, taking aim. There were two more gang members. He fired, shooting one in the leg. He shot the other in the arm. They both fell to the ground cursing in pain. Obviously, they were grunts and not used to being shot. He shot them point blank in the head, and dropped his broken sunglasses.

Claire hugged him in relief. "Thank you!"

Lelio pulled her to his car, shoving her into the passenger seat. He slid across the hood of his car. Seeing his window open, he briefly considered trying Corina's signature move, but decided against going into the car through the wind. He opened the door before sliding into the seat closing the door with a slam. Claire was already buckled in. Lelio tapped the gas pedal and soon they were out of the area.

"Claire what happened?" Lelio asked breathing deep. He was just coming down from the adrenaline high.

"Well, those thugs were saying that I owed them some money, but I've never seen or heard of them before." She said catching her breath. Finally calming down from the panicked state she had been in previously.

Lelio drove her to Middle Park East, and gave her a 9MM. "Claire use it ONLY if you really need to." Lelio said carefully but caringly, his eyes showing how serious he was. She tucked the gun into her purse.

"Thank you again." She went to kiss him on cheek. Lelio not wanting to be rude but feeling uncomfortable, accepted it.

"Be more careful Claire. You should really choose another career path." With that Lelio drove off, heading home. Hopefully, no one would call him for the next twelve hours. He was extremely tired all of a sudden.

Lelio pulled into his parking space, though it was a block further than it should be, then got out of his car and closed the door of his Sultan.

He walked inside his apartment building, pausing so he could check his mail. "Bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, junk. Junk. False advertisement. Ohhhh! What's this?" Lelio opened the dark violet and thick envelope. Pulling out the envelope's contents he stared in horror. It was a miniature book. Not just any book. A mini Karma Sutra book. He opened it to the business card. Glancing at the card, and trying to ignore what the poorly drawn people were doing, He growled.

The card said:

Hi Leli!

Thought you could use some pointers. My favorite is page 15. Enjoy.


Lelio tossed the book and card in the nearest trash bin. He would shoot the bastard. Bloody midget.

He walked upstairs to his apartment. Before he reached the door, Fauna had swung the door open and glared at him. Fauna was not a happy camper. She was wearing his old track shirt and shorts. Her hair was a mess. "What the hell!" Fauna inquired with a deadly tone, angry and puzzled by his state. "Whose Blood is that?"

"Fauna I got jumped trying to help somebody, and I shot them." He said bluntly.

"You always have to be a knight in shinning armor?" She laughed. Throwing her arms around Lelio she laid a kiss on his cheek.

Lelio grinned sleepily at her. "I'm extremely tired. Want to take a nap?"

Fauna hopped on the bed, uncaring that she was still wearing his clothes. Lelio got in next to her after turning off the lights. They were soon cuddling up under a blanket, warm despite it being cold, drafty, and no working heater.

Lelio woke to the smell of bacon and fresh brewed coffee. Lelio looked at his watch. "It's Tuesday?" He paused "Hun what bay is it?" He slurred.

"Don't you mean day, babe?" Fauna giggled as she walked by and laid breakfast on a nearby T.V. dinner table.

"I said day?..." Lelio's glazed eyes drifted to the time. It was 11am. "Hun did you switch off my alarm?"

"Yes it went off at 1:15am. Did you mean for that?" Fauna asked trying not to laugh.

Lelio took a bit of food. "I have a meeting at two." His words were muffled as he tried speaking around the food.

Fauna wiped his cheek. "Babe slow down, and don't talk with your mouth full" She scolded.

"I'll be okay." Lelio assured her taking another bite then choked on said food.

"See. Now slow down. I don't want to do CPR on you with your morning breath." She joked as she walked to the sink.

"Ha ha! Yours ain't any better." He walked over dropping his plate in the sink, as his kissed her. "I should get ready to go." Lelio grabbed his towel and clothes and headed for the bathroom.

"HOLY SHIT! THAT'S A HUGE ROACH!" Lelio yelled, which was followed by stomping noise. "OW!"

Lelio began cursing as he hopped out of the bathroom holding the injured foot.

Fauna was laughed out loud at his antics. "Babe, you okay?" She could barely get the words out.

"No..!" Lelio cried as he went back into the bathroom.

Fauna heard the shower start, she turned on her music. She heard Lelio's phone ring just over the music. She walked over to Lelio's dresser and picked it up. "Corina? Who is Corina?" She asked herself more jealous then anything. She cleared the miss call, and set the phone down. She continued to wash the dishes.

The shower stopped. "NOT AGAIN!" Lelio yelled "The bastards should pay rent!" He walked out, dressed and dripping wet hair. Muttering about roaches under his breath.

Lelio grabbed his phone and keys he walked to the door, snatching his jacket with his other hand.

Fauna jumped in front of him. "Hey hotshot, don't forget to say goodbye." She made her voice breathy.

"Alright." Lelio said, laying a kiss on her forehead. Lelio was almost a foot taller. Being 6'2, he was taller then a lot of people.

Lelio continued out of the door, he began to wonder why Corina hasn't called yet.

His landlord stopped him "You owe me rent!" slamming his clipboard in the wall.

"No, I just paid it" Lelio said slipping the rent pay in his landlords door slot.

"Ok, thanks." The landlord mumbled with anger.

Lelio walked to his car, opened the door and got in. "Oh no." He noticed a parking ticket. He got out and closed the door, immediately rushing to grab the ticket and stuff it in his pocket. He ran a hand through his hair checking the curb with his eyes.

"You got to be kidding me?" He sighed. "Its not even near the red zone!" Lelio got behind the wheel deciding to burn the ticket later where there were no witnesses.

Lelio drove to meet Corina and her uncle at the mansion. On the way he got stuck in traffic jam, which was caused by a cab that had rolled over a van. "Idiots!" Lelio backed up, and aimed for a dirt ramp that he had caught a glimpse of earlier quite glad that there were no cars behind him just yet. He ramped over the crashed cars.

"That's better!" Lelio chuckled.

Lelio finally arrived at the mansion. He spotted Corina as he got out of his car. She was dancing on the roof. "What the hell?" Lelio sighed.

"Why are you dancing up there?" Lelio asked bluntly, shouting at the top of his lungs to be heard.

"The ball room floor is being waxed!" Corina yelled over her music. "Besides, what better place to dance then the roof?" Corina went back to dancing.

Marsalis waved Lelio inside. Lelio walked to Marsalis' office a three feet behind Marsalis. "What's up?" Lelio asked after he closed the door and took a seat before Marsalis' desk.

"I want you to teach Corina how to drive." Marsalis stated calmly as he poured himself a drink.

Lelio's jaw hit the floor. What madness was Marsalis speaking. "What!" Lelio said completely shocked.

"I'll take that as yes." Marsalis handed him a key leaving Lelio no choice.

Lelio left the office ten minutes later despondent. No amount of begging had gotten him out of it. He was doomed by a moment of horrified shock.

"Wha'cha doooing?" Corina imitated the girl off "Phineas and Ferb" as she popped up beside Lelio.

Lelio fainted.

"Leli, are you alright?" Corina asked poking him with a fire poker.

Lelio swung his legs around and hopped up. "Lets go." He declared trying not to cry.

"Otay." She smiled. Corina began to hum under her breath.

Lelio got into the passenger seat of a lilac Futo GT. "Get in the driver's seat Corina." He ordered.

"You're the driver, not me." Corina said skipping around the car and getting in the passenger seat after pushing him into the driver's side uncaring that she was sitting on his back.

Lelio knew this would be difficult, but he had no idea it would be like this. He barely stopped himself from sniffing. "Your uncle wants me to teach you how to drive."

"Okay!" She cheered and slid to driver's seat. She pushed him out of the passenger seat and then slammed the door closed. It was followed by an ominous click from both doors.

Lelio was not amused. "Cor-i-na!"

Corina then buckled up. Placed the key in the ignition, turned on the radio to the CD player, turned in her sheet, and did a quick turn before speeding off.

Lelio stood there frozen. He let out a short "Meep!" There was no other way to describe the trouble he had just gotten into.

Corina drove around LC jamming to her tunes. "If I die young; bury me in satin; lay me down on a, bed of roses; sink me in a river, at dawn."

"ICE CREAM!" She swerved into the parking lot uncaring of oncoming traffic.

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" Corina sang. "Gather up your tears; keep them in your pocket…"

She parked the car smoothly and slipped out the door after turning the car off. Beep, beep.

"Yummy." Corina stared at the menu with wide slate blue eyes. She licked her lips as she moved up to the counter. "I want a chocolate waffle cone with 3 scopes and sprinkles!"

After several minutes Corina was handed her order. "Here you go, that will be $2.50." The clerk said. "By the way, you look a little young to be driving. How old are you? 13?" The clerk asked.

Corina paused and licked her lips. "I just turned 15." She slapped a credit card on the counter. How rude?

The clerk thought she was lying about her age. "I.D. Please?" The clerk asked.

Corina pulled out a small purse, and ruffled through it. "Ah, here it is." Corina handed the clerk her I.D.

The clerk rang her up. Seeing that she was telling the truth he handed the I.D. back without a word. Corina grabbed ID and her credit card. She stalked out the door, making small pleased sounds as she ate her ice cream.

Heading to her car she unlocked her car and hopped on the roof. Sitting there she happily ate her ice cream slowly. Ignoring the drips that fell from her spoon on to the car door leaving streaks behind as they trailed to the ground.

::Chapter 2 Still WIP::