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As Kid slammed his door shut and seated himself on the edge of the bed, he collapsed his hands over his face.

"What the fuck did I do? She probably hates me right now (sighs heavily) God I'm such an idiot. I don't even know why she's here anymore." He spoke into his hands trying to figure out why he said what he had said. There was a heavy knock at the door, and Kid looked up. He contemplated asking, then again he contemplated not.

'What if it's Maka? I should answer her.' He thought at first.

'What if it isn't?' his inner self argued. His inner self had a good point… he didn't feel like conversing with anyone else at this point in time. He slowly rose from the bed and grabbed a light blue button up shirt from the closet and a pair of black jeans from his drawer put them on and answered the door just as another knock hit from the other side.

"HIYA KIDDO!" Lord death exclaimed excited to see his son. Death the Kid looked him up and down, then shut the door.

"Hey now, that wasn't very son like toward your father Kiddo." Lord Death explained, reopening the door to find Kid once again sitting on the edge of his bed.

'What the hell is wrong with him?' Lord Death wondered. Kid's father took a seat next to him.

"Alright, explain what's going on." He ordered.


"Alright, just calm down and think about this. What would a cool guy do in this situation?" Soul asked himself out loud as he sat on his couch, playing the newest version on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

"I don't fucking know noob but you better start getting some fucking kill streaks going." A voice spoke through his headset.

'Fuck did I just leave my mic on….' Soul panicked.

"Hey, shut the fuck up no one's perfect. Well except me of course. YAHOOOO, no one's better than me!" Black Star's voice boomed out of the set into Soul's ears.

"Shut up Black Star and start killing people." Soul growled.

"Well you stop going into La-LA land." He answered back.

'Alright I'll have to make my move again at the Cosplay dance. Now what character should I be, gotta be someone powerful yet awesome-' Soul thought to himself as his character on screen is sniped from 3 feet away, which the shooter then proceeds to tea-bag his corpse.

"AWW FUCK! STOP TEA BAGGIN' ME ASSHOLE!" Soul yelled into his mic.

"Dammit Soul, you fucking suck." Stein spoke plainly.


"BOOM! HEADSHOT! I KILLED HIM, I KILLED HIM! Kid would be so proud!" Patty cheered.

"Ugh, you and your video games Patty. Hey wait, was that Soul's voice I heard?" Liz asked her in a curious tone. Patty smirked and shook he head in conformation. The far door creaked open behind the couch and both Patty and Liz turned to see who it was. Maka poked her head inside and looked around, after seeing no one but Liz and Patty she slid inside and quietly closed the door. This earned a curious look from both girls, Maka looked at them and waved lightly then began to slink around checking for Kid.

"What do you think that's about?" Liz asked Patty calmly.

"I don't know but I think it has something to do with the giraffes!" Patty explained. Liz just stopped thinking and stared at her sister, then shook her head and tried to ignore the comment. A door opened and closed upstairs all of a sudden and Death the Kid strolled down to the living room and approached Liz and Patty on the couch.

"Have you seen Maka? I expected her back from the pool by now, or from wherever she is…" Kid asked.

"Well, yeah I did but I'm not sure what she was doing or why." Liz answered.

"Alright well, If you see her again please let her know to text me. I really need to talk to her." Death the Kid ordered. With that, he headed threw another bottom door toward the kitchen to make something quick for him to be able to snack on.

'She's definitely mad at me. (sigh) women. They're always mad at someone.' Kid grumbled in his head while making a sandwich. Kid was sitting at the bar facing out towards the living room where Liz and Patty were, as he looked around the room everything was perfectly symmetrical and in its proper place. The swinging door behind him pushed open as Maka backed in from the other side still trying to hide. Kid tried hard not to laugh at her and continued to remain as silent as possible. Instead of saying something he silently got up and stood behind as she backed up, it was only when she hit that she turned around.

'Oh shit please dammit don't be kid…' she told herself as she turned around to see none other than Death the Kid himself.

"Well we meet again, but what is such a beautiful woman such as yourself doing sneaking around?" he asked her with a smile.

'What do I do? What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?' she panicked looking up at him, melting at the sight of his face, yet trying not to give in to that feeling. She then gave him an agitated look. Kid backed up and got on his knees and bowed.

"I'm sorry and I didn't mean it and I'm sorry. I know I'm just a piece of unsymmetrical garbage and I'm sorry I mess everything up and I don't mean too-" Kid begged in his usual symmetrical break down form. Maka's face went from mad to understanding in a few seconds. She really had no reason to be mad him, I mean it was more her fault than his… but she couldn't admit that.

"Kid it's ok, don't worry about it. It doesn't really matter anymore ok?" Maka stated. This put a change into Death the Kid as he rose to his feet and looked at her, no seemed to peer into her very soul. Could he even do that?

'It's possible I guess. He is a grim reaper after all, nothing is totally out of the picture for his power.' Maka argued with herself.

'She's so beautiful.' Was all Kid could think, as he reached his right up to her face. He placed it softly on her cheek and smiled at her.


"Damn he's good, then again if he wasn't he wouldn't be my rival." Soul stated as he peered through a pair of Nikon binoculars into the kitchen window. Soul watched as they talked to one another and as Kid began to move in on her.

"OH fuck no. Not in front of me." Soul growled as he launched off the tree and took off running for the house.


He stared into her eyes and moved closer to her face, removing the vacant space between her lips and his. He could see the blush reddening her face, he couldn't help but smirk.

'Is he going to- oh my god he's going to kiss me isn't he? Shit I think I forgot to brush my teeth after the snack I had… Do you think he noticed? Of course he did he notices everything… but he didn't say he did… wait why would he say he did? He wouldn't even if he did right? He wouldn't care reguardless, or at least he shouldn't… oh god I'm screwed.' Maka thought wildly trying to make sense of the situation and not have a panic attack at the same time.

'God she's pretty.' Was all Kid could think about. Just as the contact between longing lips happened, the window burst open and Soul rushed inside. He rose covered in glass and tried to look as cool as possible.

"That's enough of that." Soul proclaimed. Kid shifted just his eyes to Soul and growled loudly.

"REALLY? You have to always burst in here breaking shit. Don't you owe me enough money from the last time?" Kid asked him releasing Maka from his arms, turning to face Soul and giving him a very agrivated look. Soul put his arm behind his head in response.

"Well you see… the checks in the mail- Wait don't try to distract me. This is about Maka not your giant, comfortable, warm, satellite and video game ready house…" Soul fell silent, "God my house sucks…"

Kid just smirked in response, "Exactly, now just jump back out the window and leave Maka here with me and except that I can offer her more than you ever could."

Maka looked at Kid then at Soul. She was really enjoying- I MEAN- annoyed at the fact they were fighting over her. She smiled, she didn't know why. She then turned and walked over to the fridge and grabbed a drink and sat down again at the bar stool and watched the two boys argue back and forth over this and that.

"Well, I don't care if you do have six cars and a huge mansion and that you're the grim reaper's son." Soul growled. Kid started laughing.

"You forgot the other four houses and the other fifteen cars. By the way those are just my cars, you're not counting my father's." Kid proclaimed with a huge smile.

"I hate you."

"I know and I love it so." Kid smirked again. Soul hated this, every stand off they had was about money this and I can treat her better that, he was just sick of it. He could do all that if he wanted. He could give her all the love he had, isn't that what really mattered?

"What? Did I quiet you down finally?" Kid asked. Soul flared at this and took a step forward .

"Guess not looks like you have some fight left this time." Kid stated taking a fighting stance. Soul turned both arms into blades and took another few steps forward.

"HAHAHA! You really wanna fight me? Here? In my own house, in front of her? You must be desperate, either that or just fucking stupid." Kid threatened as he connected the first line of sanzo and his soul expanded. Soul takes a slight step backward and closes his fist.

"What's the matter can't fight me without going all super saiyan on me." Soul grinds out at Kid.

"My father always taught me if you're going to fight, it's better to go overkill than not enough." Kid reiterated. Soul gave an annoyed look at Kid then looked over to see Maka looking on with a serious face for once. Normally she was just straight up mad but this time, she was oddly interested more in what was going on than how to stop it. This gave Soul a bit more confidence in himself as this time Maka wasn't warning him off or begging him to run. Kid noticed Soul's eyes on Maka, starting to get annoyed he snapped his finger and both Liz and Patty appeared. Just as quickly as they appeared did they jump and transform together into Kid's weapons, which he held criss-crossed in his hands pointed at Soul.

"You ready to fight?" Kid growled. Soul wasn't sure wheither to continue this or not, that was until Kid winked at Maka and Soul saw Maka blush in response to it. Soul lost a bit of his better judgement at that point and rushed head on at Kid, who just as Soul lowered his scythe arm at his right shoulder, smirked wildly and dropped down low as he had in their first fight and lifted up quickly and flung Soul up into the ceiling of the mansion.

'FUCK.' Was all Soul could think, and he watched Kid smirk. The ceiling fell on top of Soul as he laid on the floor trying to get the wind back in his lungs. Kid returned to his calm, collected stance watching Soul closely as though nothing had even happened a second ago. Soul's eyes flared at how much Kid was treating this like it was something he'd done a thousand times before and was nothing new.

"You know I could do this all day?" Death the Kid mocked. Soul rose back onto his feet and this time cautiously moved closer to Kid, trying to find some kind of weakness as he started to circle him. Soul finally felt an opening and bolted toward Kid's right side. To Soul's surprise Kid didn't move even as he was hit by Soul's scythe blade arm. Soul watched the blood run over his arm and all over Kid's shirt, onto the floor. As Soul stared at the crimson pool forming on the floor a huge pressure pushed him backward.

'The second Sanzo line…' Soul thought as he looked at Kid's head to see his worst fear. The second line of Sanzo had been connected, doubling Kid's power yet again. It was different from before it seemed to swirl around him like some sort of aura something dangerous, Soul hesitated. Even Maka seemed to understand just how escalated the situation had become, she wasn't quite sure whether she should continue to be a spectator or get involved in the situation somehow. Death the Kid stared intently into Soul's eyes, he knew just how great the difference in their power was.

"You realize that I can easily tear you limb from limb, but because I am Grim Reaper I'm taught to protect those lives whom cannot defend themselves. (Points at Soul) if you think that I'm just going to step aside and let you take her for me your dead wrong." threatened Death the Kid. At this point the air seemed to crackle around him, it even seemed heavier. Soul wasn't quite sure how he could overcome such an opponent, but he wasn't about to just roll over and let her go.

"You seem to think that I'm intimidated by your power. What you fail to realize, is that I'm much more powerful than you think I am. What I really think is that she should have the chance to choose who she wants to be with. Be that with you or me. And somebody we don't even know. All I know is I wanted it to be her choice with the person that she cares about not forced into something like you seem to think." stated Soul. Kid stared at him then looked over to Maka, she looked back at him and lightly smiled. The intense aura surrounding him started to settle down and slowly dissipate. Whether he liked it or not Soul was right, if this fighting was ever to it end it to be her choice.

"Though I still think you're fucking retard. I do agree that it should be Maka's choice, and that she should choose whomever she wishes as long as her choice comes from her heart." proclaimed Death the Kid. He looked over to Maka and just to staring at her apologized for everything that he had done. It was all he had to do and she could understand him, it shows just how far the relationship had come just how well they understood each other. Then she looked over to soul, he stared back at her tears welling in his eyes. She understood that he was afraid of losing her to someone else, but she had already been around him for a long time and he never seem to change, no matter how much she pleaded and begged he would always stay the same. Though she could always count on him she could still only see him as her guardian not as something more. Maka looked down at the floor staring at her feet, trying to understand just what to say or how to explain. The tears began to roll down her face as she thought of all the times that she had spent with soul. Then she thought of all the new experiences that she had with death the kid. There's just so much going on in her mind she couldn't quite separate everything out, trying to do pros and cons of each person she laughed at herself for even thinking that was a viable way of choosing a person to spend the rest of your life with. Upon seeing her cheers kid began to worry he hesitated at first but then walked over to her, he grasped her chin and pointed her face at his.

"I know this is really hard for you but you're going to have to do it at some point. I'm not saying you have to make a decision now, but it must be made. Even I, a man destined to live for hundreds of years cannot wait that long for even you." stated Death the Kid. Maka began to cry even more. She knew was foolish to keep on going this way, but she didn't want to hurt anyone. She loved them both truly and deeply more than either would ever know. She stared him to death the kids up your golden eyes just as she had many a time before. She knew he meant every word he had said and was grateful to everything he had ever done for her. Soul stared at death the kid and wished him dead, if he wasn't here he wouldn't have an issue with winning Maka's heart.

"As much as I hate to admit it, he's right. As much as I love you I can't wait an eternity for you to decide what you want to do with us. If it makes it easier all just walk away right now, I will leave you then the decision will be made for you. I know I haven't been the best guy to be around and I apologize for that. But right now the best thing for you to do is listen to your heart and decide what's best for you in the end." Said soul.

"The problem is I don't know what I want, but I don't want you to just walk away. I know you guys are suffering, but you are not the only one." Maka states. Just as things seem to be coming down Liz and Patty walk through the kitchen door.

"What the hell is all this racket about?" Liz questioned.

"Liz can't you see we're kind of busy right now?" Death the kid asks. Liz looks from kid to soul then looks at Maka.

"Well if I'd known it was going to be this boring, I wouldn't have walked in here." Liz argued. Kid rolled his eyes and motioned for her to leave. She growled at his gesture but soon assured Patty out the door with her. After the two sisters had left the room, soul walked over to Maka and told her she had one week to decide.

"If you cannot decide by then I will make the choice for you and won't be able to go back on it." Soul explained. Death the kid raised an eyebrow at the notion that soul would disqualify himself for the running of Maka's heart, though he wasn't going to complain. At this point all of the power that kid had raised had now subsided and he was in his normal state.

"I'm not sure I can be the woman you want me to be." Maka blurted out. Soul looks up at her.

"You've always been the woman I wanted."

Maka's heart stopped, she wasn't quite sure how to do deal with that line or even how to respond. She opened her mouth but no words came out. She stood there stunned and watch as soul lately waived then disappeared back out the window. Death the kid also stared but soon switched back to Maka, as he did he looked down at her and lifted his hand to the side of her face.

"There is nowhere I'd rather be than by your side forever. All you have to do is give me the chance and I swear no one or nothing will ever harm you because I would give my very life to ensure your eternal happiness. Us being together might be new, but just because it's new doesn't mean it's wrong. I have the whole rest of my life to learn everything about you, if you'd give me the chance. Everything seems better when you're around, even my symmetrical disorder is under control when you're around. Most of the time I don't even think about it anymore. Maka Albarn, I love you more than any words can express." Death the kid confessed.